Movement on the U.N. Gun Ban

Movement on the U.N. Gun Ban
Mexican President and Chicago Mayor call for end of U.S. Sovereignty.

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( A storm of liberal anti-gun opinion is swelling to force international anti-gun policies on American citizens as NAGR continues the fight to protect the Second Amendment from international gun grabbers.

Recently we reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration are pushing for Senate ratification of the United Nations’ “Small Arms Treaty.” The National Association for Gun Rights has taken the lead on stopping this end-run around the Constitution by contacting millions of Americans about this impending threat to their liberties, and working with principled leaders in Washington, D.C. to build a bulwark against the treaty.

NAGR has been the lead organization in opposition to the Small Arms Treaty, conducting high-level meetings with Congressional leaders and delivering hundreds of thousands of signed petitions to members of the U.S. House and Senate, demanding the United States oppose this treaty.

Recently, NAGR Executive Director Dudley Brown met with U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) to lay out strategic plans to defeat this threat to our constitutional liberties. United Nations working groups are meeting this summer to outline the language of the  next “Small Arms Treaty” which is virtually assured to include extensive bans on handguns, semi-automatic rifles and rifle ammunition. The U.N. is planning to vote on the Small Arms Treaty in 2012, and international and local liberals are lining up in support of selling American sovereignty to buy international favor.

In order to prepare the ground work for a treaty that is sure to be a full scale attack on our right to keep and bear arms, national and international gun banners have begun the siren call of international safety over American rights.

These internationalists have the gall to stand before Congress and demand that the United States disregard the Constitution for the good of global society. Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressed a joint session of Congress and demanded that U.S. lawmakers ban so-called “assault rifles” to stop crime in Mexico. President Calderon is powerless to stop the ruthless drug cartels that are destroying his country, yet he is demanding that the U.S. ban your semi-automatic hunting rifles.

Calderon went on to use the well of the U.S. House of Representatives to blame the rampant violence in Mexico on the 2004 repeal of the Clinton/Feinstein assault weapons ban.

While it may seem unlikely that a renewal of the 1994 assault weapon ban would be passed by the full Congress, ratification of the UN gun ban would only take a majority of U.S. Senators to pass. This is why NAGR has placed the UN Gun Ban as its highest priority for 2010.

Not long before Calderon’s outrageous comments before Congress, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley joined the chorus to subjugate American interests to the whim of international favor.

In the face of the Supreme Court overturning Chicago’s handgun ban and after being rebuffed by the high court in his $433 million lawsuit against gun manufacturers, Daley wants the World Court to supersede U.S. law in firearms cases.

In April, Daley convinced dozens of mayors, including Mexico City’s, to join him in petitioning the World Court to overturn U.S. regulations protecting firearms and firearms manufacturers.

Gun banners like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama know the American people don’t support European-style gun bans. They’re hoping to subvert the American people and the electoral process by using international agreements like the UN Small Arms Treaty to achieve their anti-gun ends.

The staff and members of NAGR are continuing to stand against this international arms seizure attempt. To find out the latest, subscribe to AmmoLand Shooting Sports News for the latest news.

The National Association for Gun Rights was founded in 2001 to serve as a grassroots gun rights group focusing on building state-level gun rights groups and lobbying for pro-gun federal legislation. Brown has been a gun lobbyist for more than 17 years. Visit:

Editorial Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed above do not necessarily reflect those of the staff, AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, or other sponsors and partners. See the Editorial-Review Process for more details.
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Tom C

Doesn’t it make you feel very warm a comfortable that ignorant third world countries are now telling us what to do. These people don’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of. It is obvious we have been casterated by not appearing at the polls on election day. WHY NOT, dem voting illegals do. We better grow ourselves another set real quick or we will see a lot more of this stuff where trash tells what to do and we keep sending them money. We need a clearing of do nothings in Washington, meaning… Read more »


correction….. two thirds majority of the Senate is REQUIRED to ratify any international treaty…. and sixty six point six percent is two-thirds. Though I'd dearly love to see at least one senator chopped into three pieces, that means a vote of SIXTY SEVEN is required.. not likely but possible.

SO— remember NO vember, coming quickly to a ballot box near YOU. And your neighbours.

dont miss

We have a socialist president elected by a lot of people that didnt know what they voted for.They breed and live amoung us.Obama has tried his best to destory this country and has made great head way in doing so because we have also elected a no BALLS CONGRESS that refuses to do anything in opposition to obama. Why in the hell do they allow him to appoint supreme court judges and use executive privliges to appoint whoever he wants? Like I said a NO BALLS CONGRESS, But ELECTION IS COMING IN NOVEMBER-GO VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT.


How is it that people like these idiots are still breathing? How in the hell does Calderon even get to speak on American soil about things he knows not of? Has this country finally lost its back bone? I guess so, given the turn of events that We have witnessed in the past several decades. Molon Labe!


The only cure for treasonous bastards is a tall tree and a short rope.

B. Lee Pemberton

Only someone who is insane would ever endorse the lunacy of allowing the rapists, robbers, thugs and murderers of the United Nations to dictate to the American people! Hillary Clinton, Obama, Mayor Daley, Mayor Bloomberg(NY) and anyone who agrees with them should be prosecuted for treason aganst America!


tipping point

Robert Slaughter

NAGR said "…ratification of the UN gun ban would only take a majority of U.S. Senators to pass."

This is factually /incorrect/. Ratification of a treaty requires a TWO-THIRDS vote of the Senate. That's 66 votes in favor. That's even larger than the 'supermajority' the Democrats now have.

In my opinion, even in the current political climate that would be a huge uphill battle, as even a simple majority is now becoming difficult as moderate Democrats seek to distance themselves from the (insane?) party leadership.