Gun Rights Lawsuit Dumptrunk is Backing Up to Madison Police & Chief

Gun Owners Fight Back – Lawsuit Dumptrunk is Backing Up to Madison Police & Chief Fundraiser for Wisconsin Carry Lawsuit.

Madison, Wisconsin –-( Please  donate to Wisconsin Carry, Inc's efforts in bringing suits against the City of Madison, Madison Police, Police Chief, and anyone else culpable (ICarry is making assumptions as to whom the defendants may be).

This is for the 5 men arrested for open carrying, minding their own business. They were NOT staging anything or trying to get arrested. Some of these men are known to us personally, and we know their intentions were nothing more than to meet with one another, share a meal and conversation, and be able to exercise their fundamental right to bear arms. These open carry meet-ups are happening everywhere, and this one was no different.

Someone called the police to inquire as to whether or not what they were doing (simply openly carrying pistols) is legal. Instead of informing the caller that it is, and asking the caller if anything else seems out of place, Madison PD sent 8 officers there to harass, intimidate, and violate many rights of the citizens.

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has tried to solve this diplomatically, but Madison Police Chief Noble Wray has simply declared all-out war by charging all 5 men with disorderly conduct, despite the Wisconsin Attorney General stating that open carry is not disorderly conduct and should not be prosecuted!

Separately and privately, to no one else's knowledge, contacted Madison Police Chief Wray. We had a good conversation with him, and tried our best to make progress to deescalate this situation and get the police and law-abiding gun owners back on the same page. Chief Wray failed to mention his decision to charge all 5 men with disorderly conduct. Needless to say, we are very disappointed by this reaction of his, and we look forward to the day in court everyone will have.

We are calling on the entire country – particularly the grassroots gun rights groups like Wisconsin Carry and who really make the difference these days for support in this. Wisconsin is a most pivotal piece in the countrywide Right to Carry movement. Wisconsin is one of only 2 states left with completely concealed carry prohibition. As such, Open Carry has grown into a sensational movement unlike anywhere else in the nation.

All attempts will be made to transform Wisconsin into a state where law-abiding can choose which method to carry – open or concealed – based on what suits their needs and personal preferences. All attempts will be made to see this choice be a real right – no permit or license required – like Alaska, Vermont, and now Arizona.

Wisconsin can go from red to green on the Right to Carry map in one sure step after the upcoming election. has witnessed countless open carry events – picnics, litter pickups, food drives, rallies, and simple casual get-togethers. These events are very spontaneous – anyone can decide to start one somewhere and people from nearby show up. Through these events, patriotic supporters of the right to bear arms have gotten to know one another, shared personal experiences, shared knowledge and education, comradery, and hopes.

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has taken the lead to promote the safe and lawful exercise of rights for self-defense, educating the public, and staunch defense of open carry in Wisconsin. Through numerous lawsuits challenging things like the unconstitutional “gun-free school zones” relic law in Wisconsin, to blatant violations of an individual's rights, they have proven themselves to be an organization of action – not of words or politics. considers Wisconsin Carry, Inc. to be one of the finest firearms rights organizations in the country. We consider ourselves blessed to work in the same state as them, assist them when possible, and simply share the Wisconsin Open Carry experience with them.

Please help us take the Wisconsin example beyond the border to the many states that need carry law reform. The right to carry is sweeping the nation, and the adamant defense of that right by organizations like Wisconsin Carry is creating the possibility for countrywide recognition of the fundamental right of peaceable citizens to bear arms – no questions asked.

Please help raise $5,000 for Wisconsin Carry's lawsuit and injunction against the City of Madison today. It will make a difference for all states!

(You can view the live, to-the-second status of the fundraiser on the left side of the homepage. You can list your name if you create an account, or choose to be anonymous if you donate!)

About:, a website devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin – the only two states without it.

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