Is Colorado Senator Michael Bennet Anti-Gun? Appears So!

Is Colorado Senator Michael Bennet Anti-Gun? Appears So!

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( I would like to tell you he isn’t, but there’s no getting around the evidence. But more on that shortly.

Sometimes people make the mistake of believing that simply because a politician says “I’m pro-gun” it means he or she will vote for freedom once elected to office.

I hope you don’t make that mistake.

You see, the United States Senate is only one or two votes away from taking away your right to keep and bear arms.

It is extremely dangerous for gun owners to take politician’s word, especially during an election season. Even the smallest mistake in trust could have disastrous consequences.

Consider this: We have the most anti-gun administration in years. The last time we had executives this radical, the Brady Bill was shoved down our throats, banning an entire class of semi-automatic hunting and sporting rifles and stripping rights from gun owners.

In other words, it is absolutely critical for gun owners to know where every candidate stands on liberty, especially in the U.S. Senate.

That’s why we sent surveys to candidates in the Colorado Senate race, asking specific questions about their stance on your right to keep and bear arms.

The results may surprise you.

First, the good news:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck answered the National Association for Gun Rights’ 2010 Federal Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun.

Ken Buck has a specific plan to oppose all gun legislation and protect your rights.

But now for some bad news:

Democrat Senator Michael Bennet refused to answer our survey.

Unfortunately, when a candidate ignores our survey, it means they will vote for gun control legislation if elected. It means they are hiding their views.

But that’s not all.

Senator Bennet actually has a voting record, and it’s not good.

Bennet has routinely voted for gun control.

In fact, Senator Bennet has voted:

  • to confirm the most anti-gun Attorney General in American history;
  • to confirm two of the most anti-gun Supreme Court nominees ever offered;
  • to confirm a new anti-gun “Regulatory Czar”.

…And the list goes on.

Bennet’s record is one of supporting gun control — even when the stakes are high — and opposing pro-gun reforms.

That’s why it is vital in this election to make your voice heard.

Nothing gets my blood boiling more than politicians who believe in compromising your rights for the sake of advancing their own careers, especially when those rights are guaranteed by our Constitution.

Now we need to make sure that these politicians know whose rights they are protecting and standing up for.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call Senator Bennet’s office and tell him to apologize for his anti-gun voting record. Demand that he answer the survey from the National Association of Gun Rights and pledge that he will stand up against anti-gun legislation in the future.
  2. Thank Republican candidate Ken Buck for his staunch support of the Second Amendment and for pledging to fight against efforts to curb those rights.

There’s no question about it, the upcoming election is an historic one that will greatly affect the direction our great country is headed, more so than at any time in our lifetime.

With so much at stake, I am going above and beyond to make sure that every person in Colorado who cares about the Second Amendment knows exactly where their candidates stand.

But even more important, contact Senator Bennet to demand he answer some hard questions about his views on the Second Amendment.

Act fast. There’s not a moment to lose.

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

P.S. Make Senator Bennet apologize for his anti-gun voting record.

Contact his office and demand he answer the National Association for Gun Rights survey and pledge to stand up against anti-gunners in Washington.

And while you’re at it, thank Ken Buck for not compromising and for answering his Candidate Survey 100% in favor of supporting your right to keep and bear arms.

The National Association for Gun Rights was founded in 2001 to serve as a grassroots gun rights group focusing on building state-level gun rights groups and lobbying for pro-gun federal legislation. Brown has been a gun lobbyist for more than 17 years. Visit:

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