Behind the Scenes Obama Continues Pushing UN Gun Control Treaty

Behind the Scenes Obama Continues Pushing UN Gun Control Treaty
Voters can stop this global tyranny by electing an Obama-proof Congress.

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( In late September, several dozen UN representatives met at the University of Massachusetts in Boston to further discuss their plans for global gun control.

While our President may have a history of being absent for important events –-missing over 300 votes while in the U.S. Senate, dissing important dignitaries who visit our country, etc. – he was sure to have his administration represented at this meeting.

The final report for the Boston Symposium on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is posted online and states that:

“In the end, we seek to achieve an ATT that will establish the highest possible common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms, including small arms and light weapons, in order to contribute effectively towards peace and stability. This Symposium has brought us one step closer to achieving that goal.”

So, they are one step closer to their goal. What are there goals for our firearms?

Apart from using generic phrases like “highest possible common international standards” (aka, gun controls), the gun banners are very careful not to publicly post specific anti-gun proposals that would excite the American public against them.

But Paul Gallant and Joanne Eisen, who have attended these UN meetings, spell out what the proposed ATT will really entail.

Writing together with another noted firearms author of the Independence Institute, Dave Kopel, they say that an Arms Trade Treaty would impose:

  • Microstamping on firearms, thus increasing the cost of each gun by about $200;
  • Registration of all firearms, which is often a prelude to gun confiscation;
  • Restrictions on gun sales, especially private transfers (thus, no more gun shows as we know them);
  • Embargoes on firearms and materials (such as nickel and tungsten) that would limit access to many of the firearms which are sold in this country.

I’ll never submit to any stinkin’ gun control laws! You might think: “I don’t care what the UN imposes on us, I will never comply with their gun controls.”

Oh really? So, you’ll never buy a new gun from a gun dealer? Because if you do — and that gun has been manufactured according to UN treaty standards — then the microstamping technology on that gun will cost you a couple hundred dollars extra.

Not only that, the signature impressions that the firing pin leaves on your spent cartridge cases will be registered with the government under your name.

No problem, you say, you’re not a criminal — so who cares if the signature from your firing pin is registered with the government.

Well, do you ever take your guns to a shooting range and leave your spent brass? According to Kopel, criminals could easily implicate innocent gun owners by going to gun ranges, collecting the empty casings and dumping them at crime scenes. Moreover, the common practice of selling or giving away once-fired brass could disappear overnight.

Do you still think that a UN treaty won’t affect you? The “master minds” at the UN plan to register every firearms sale that passes through a gun dealer and to cut off (make illegal) any private sale that you might attempt as a means of circumventing their controls.

But we can beat this travesty by electing an Obama-proof Senate this November!

Even if the President signs the Arms Trade Treaty — and he most certainly will when it’s completed — we can strangle this hideous creature in its cradle if he can’t get two-thirds of all the Senators to support him.

Help GOA stop UN gun control

That’s why GOA is here, fighting to make sure he can’t impose a UN gun ban on every American citizen.

GOA has published its 2010 Voter Guide which is available at the GOA website.

And the GOA Political Victory Fund has helped pushed several pro-gun candidates over the hump in their primaries and into the lead for the general election. You can go to the GOA-PVF site to get more details on these races.

This is crunch time. We are less than two weeks away from one of the most important elections in our lifetimes.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul

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Jason Hilbun

Well, our constitution was set by our forefathers to protect us from this exact controlling government. They knew that eventually power would corrupt the weak-minded people who seem to funnel into our political system. The constitution states that if our government turns against the people or puts the agenda of congress before the well being of Americas citizens, we should do away with our government and form a new one. Clear as day. Everyone wants to stand on their constitutional rights. How many even know what the constitution says? How many real Americans have read this document since leaving elementary… Read more »


All I can say is that most gun owners I know will not give up their firearms or ammo stashes. They can restrict new purchases all they want but I would like to see them come and try and take the existing guns away. It would bring all this nonsense to a head.


If we are not careful we are going to lose our rights as free Americans. The XXXXX want us unarmed so it will be easey to take over. They want even have to fire a single shot if it goes the way they are headed. To many people think that if you do nothing then it will go away. Bull S"it; wake up people and get the XXXX out of our country. If they want that patch of sand so be it, draw a line in the sand and if they stick there head out, then take it off. I… Read more »

T Brown

Now, if we send U.S. troops around the world, to fight for our "Freedom", they say, then I guess the citizens of these United States will fight for our Constutitional & Bill of Rights right here at home, if some of the Inbreds try to take it away. I can't see why this would not be the best place to start, if it should come to some kind of U.N. take over, though treaties of some sort, or???? I find it funny how our leaders say, we must fight in other countries to defend our freedoms at home, then they… Read more »


Get this stupid son of a bitch out of there before he totally wipes out America.. What a frigging idiot.


Why don't a FEW OF YOU read the Heller bill, @ pg 53 of the PDF, the NEW definition of "ARMS" the decision heralds. Relevant section begins "then as now…" This re-defines "ARMS" to conform with the UN Global Arms control, eliminating from protection any military design, manufacture, copy of or design derived from a military firearm of any age. NRA, GOA, et all ignoring this, they're all either completely stupid, or brought long ago into line. Any one still remember the long battle for control of the NRA and who won? You still don't understand? You will. Obama's global… Read more »


Are they going to register my teeth too? Because I will tear their throats out with my teeth if it comes down to that. But I doubt it because their enforcers are afraid of small children, the elderly, the disabled and wee little doggies. I can smell the stains in their underwear.

Adam W

Where did the $200 cost estimate come from? The manufacturer of the microstamping technology estimates less then $8. It might not be that low but it doesn't look like it'll be near $200. Plus, if it's going to be required for every new gun in the world the price is going to drop because the technique is going to have to be perfected and mass produced. You can inform but you may not mislead.

The Watcher

I wish everyone would wake up! Nothing, I say nothing will change what is coming, except divine intervention from God or a bloody revolution and overthrow of this tyrannical government…in all likely hood, it will take both. Do not be fooled in to thinking voting, protesting or writing the "elected" leaders will ever change a thing. We have all been fooled by the false "left/right paradigm". Remember this quote from Norman Thomas… "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day, America will… Read more »

T Brown

Over history, people in different countries get into power and start ruling like tyrants. Louis XVI of France, Mussolini of italy, "Nicolae Ceausescu of Romaina and Saddam Hussein of Iraq all ended up being executed, by the people. Just because they thought they were Gods or something. Like leaders say, we go by the Rule of Law, but not the supreme Law of the Land, like our U.S. Constutition and Bill of Rights. The elected Citizens of the U.S.A. are in power because WE ALlOW them to be there. It seems as if they become INBRED's while in power, like… Read more »


Treaties are illegal unless ratified thru the congress. the senate and president have no legal authoriity to initiate or pass these illegal is the duty of all patriots to stand up and oppose tyranny of which these treaties compel=unjust and unlawful restrictions upon the soveriegn. the sovereign being:WE THE PEOPLE. give me liberty or i will water the tree of liberty with the blood from the slain tyrants.


(iii) The President enjoys no greater power to impose “martial law” by combining with the Senate “to make Treaties” [Article II, § 2, cl. 2]. For, as noted above, “Treaties” cannot set aside or suspend the Constitution. <<<<<<<<

So screw the U.N. and any commie in the U.S who tries to suspend our rights.


Tyrants can't move forward with an armed population in thier way.

Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler. All have one common thread:civilian disarmament then genocide.

DDS -- NRA Life Memb

Something I haven't seen for sale anywhere yet but would like to purchase is a standard 100 yard high power rifle target with the UN logo superimposed over the bull. These would come in very handy when we have "Blue Helmet Day" at the range. Come on, you American entrepreneurs, there's some money to be made here!