Gun Owners Win Solid Victory in 2010 Election

Gun Owners Win Solid Victory in 2010 Election
Election Post Mortem – Three Incumbents Defeated – One Race Undecided

Virginia Shooting Sports Association
Virginia Shooting Sports Association

Virginia – -( Virginia gun owners elected three pro-gun challengers to replace three pro-gun incumbents. There is one last race to be decided – the 11th Congressional District.

Here is the breakdown:

  • 2nd Congressional District
    Scott Rigell defeated one term incumbent Glenn Nye. This race was a wash for gun owners as both candidates received “A” ratings from the NRA-PVF.
  • 5th Congressional District
    State Senator Robert Hurt defeated one term incumbent Tom Perriello. This is another flip of an “A” rated candidate for an “A” rated candidate.
  • 9th Congressional District
    House of Delegates Majority Leader Morgan Griffith defeated 14 term incumbent Rick Boucher in what may have been the biggest change last night – one that foreshadowed how big the night would be for the GOP. Delegate Griffith has been a go-to guy for VSSA and other gun rights groups while he has been in the General Assembly. His leadership on the issue will be greatly missed at the Assembly but he will make an excellent congressman.
  • 11th Congressional District
    The race between challenger and “A” rated Keith Fimian and incumbent “F” rated Gerry Connolly has yet to be decided. With 166 of 168 precincts counted, Connolly holds a 487 vote lead. This one is likely headed for a re-count. More proof that every vote counts. National Returns Impact on Gun Rights

Dave Kopel was doing analysis as the returns came in last night and the results are big for gun owners. Of the Senate races decided (there are some like the Colorado and Washington Senate races that are too close to call) gun rights supporters are a +6.

In the House of Representatives, gun owners picked up an additional 18.75 supporters of the right to keep and bear arms (the partial number is based on Kopel’s rating scale that takes into account the increase from say a “C” rated incumbent to an “A” rated replacement) .

While gun owners may have a differing view on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when it comes to other issues, he is undoubtedly a better choice for that position than Senator Chuck Schumer or Senator Richard Durbin. One of these two would have likely won the Majority Leader position had Reid lost last night. With the increase in numbers in the Senate, we may well have the magic number of 60 votes to move initiatives like national reciprocity or other pro-rights legislation.

The Virginia Shooting Sports Association (VSSA) was originally founded as the Virginia State Rifle and Revolver Association in 1938. VSSA is the official state association of the National Rifle Association. VSSA is also closely affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), Virginia Outdoor Sports Information Network (VOSIN), National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Virginia Gun Collectors Association, and the Virginia Wildlife Federation (VWF). Visit:

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Mike in Vegas

Excellent news! Now, we must keep pushing all the way through 2012.