Iowa Gun Owners Election Alert

Iowa Gun Owners Election Alert
There is much to update you on in the fight for our gun rights in light of the upcoming elections.

Iowa Gun Owners
Iowa Gun Owners

Iowa--( It is the final day until the election, and Iowa Gun Owners continue highlighting various state level campaigns and informing you as to who supports gun rights, who is opposing your gun rights, and who refuses to go on the record.

Members of Iowa Gun Owners should be receiving detailed information in the mail regarding the candidates in their House and Senate districts.

But for those who are not members, these articles will assist you in learning more about the results of our survey program.

Please feel free to forward these updates to your friends, family, and shooting buddies so that everyone will know who’s pro-gun and who is not.

Read the article below for the fourth round of candidates we are highlighting.

In this update we will focus on the SW part of the state – specifically on contested races.

The 2010 Gun Rights Candidate Survey consists of 8 simple questions that poll candidates on REAL Right-to-Carry, the repeal of Iowa’s permit-to-purchase, a true Stand-your-Ground bill, opposition to banning semi-auto weapons, support of the Firearms Freedom Act, and more.

If a candidate won’t put their beliefs on paper then you and I have every reason to expect an aggressive anti-gun vote to be cast by that candidate if elected.

In House District 99 (Council Bluffs area)

Mary Ann Hanusa is running in this race as a pro-gun candidate. Hanusa has answered the Gun Rights Candidate Survey with all pro-gun responses. She has publicly committed herself to supporting the REAL Right-to-Carry bill.

Kurt Hubler is running against Hanusa and refused to complete this survey. He won’t even pledge lukewarm support for your gun rights. You can contact Hubler at (402)812-8455.

In House District 100 (Council Bluffs area)

Mark Brandenburg is the clear champion for gun rights in this race. IGO has spoken to Mark multiple times and he is solid on this issue. What’s more, Mark promised to sponsor all IGO legislation. A fantastic response.

Opposing Brandenburg is incumbent Paul Shomshor. Shomsor voted against the REAL Right-to-Carry bill and he refuses to complete the survey. That’s about all you need to know about his views on the 2nd Amendment. You can reach Shomshor at (712)325-0638.

In House District 51 (Carroll and Auburn area)

Daniel Dirkx is running to replace retiring Rod Roberts. Dirks handily won a 3 way primary in June and is trying to win the general election right now. Dirkx and his campaign team met with Iowa Gun Owners early on in the election cycle and we can say without a doubt that Dirkx is extremely pro-gun. Of course he completed our survey 100% and promised to sponsor legislation if elected.

Opposing Daniel is Dan Muhlbauer. Muhlbauer refused to answer our survey. This is sad, since this part of the state is very rural and extremely pro-gun in general. Worse, Muhlbauer is stating publicly that he doesn’t own any firearms. Clearly he doesn’t understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment. You can reach him at (712) 653-2838.

In House District 59. (The Clive/Urbandale area.)

We forgot to mention this race yesterday. Chris Hagenow is running in this race. Hagenow has been a friend of IGO for the past two years since winning in 2008. Hagenow serves on the Public Safety Committee where he has helped us run amendments. Hagenow supported REAL Right-to-Carry from the Floor and has returned a perfect survey to us.

Andrew McDowell is running against Hagenow. McDowell has refused to complete the IGO candidate survey and won’t even return our calls. You can reach him at (515)238-1299.

There are a few other candidates that we are going to mention in the Western Iowa region even though they are not being opposed this election cycle.

In House District 55 (portions of Ida, Woodbury, and Crawford county)

Jason Schultz is the candidate in this race. Jason has been a close friend to Iowa Gun Owners for the past two years since his ’08 election. Schultz ran a bill for us on the Floor last session and moved to suspend the rules when anti-gun Speaker of the House Pat Murphy refused to allow our bill to come to the Floor. Schultz fought hard for us and we appreciate it.

In House District 4 (Lyon and Sioux Co.)

Dwayne Alons is running unopposed in this race. Alons was a true hero for gun rights last year. Alons fought for your gun rights in committee and on the Floor. When other compromised “pro-gun” politicians began to betray you and IGO, Alons went toe to toe for us. Possessing an unflappable personality, Alons’s support for the 2nd Amendment is deep.

That’s all for today’s update. Next we will focus on some of the remaining races that we’ve not yet had a chance to discuss as well as the Governor’s race.

If you want to help Iowa Gun Owners spread the word to 1000’s of gun rights activists in the State, and to help us ensure a pro-gun majority in the House next legislative session, please go to our website located at

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