Political Action Needed On Guns in Virgina

Political Action Needed On Guns in Virgina

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-(Ammoland.com)- As I sat in the Senate gallery last Thursday I watched an amazing thing.

Even Democrats rose to protest their anti-gun Dem Party boss Senator Richard Saslaw’s outrageous decision to send all controversial legislation to a Senate sub-committee to die without a full Senate recorded floor vote and generally not even a committee vote.

This growing frustration at Saslaw’s brazen willingness to trash Senate tradition and policy may give us an opening.

After meeting with a few conservative Republican Senators to plan strategy I now need you to start pressuring your Senators to force recorded floor votes.

Until the February 8th crossover date, the day the Senate can only hear House bills to the end of the session in March, our only focus is the Castle Doctrine bill.

After February 8th, we will need to focus on Constitutional Carry, Gun Owners Due Process, and Firearms 10th Amendment Freedom Act.

But right now if you do not know who your Senator is click the following link and find out.

ACTION: Please send them the message below. Then call them and email them AND KEEP DOING IT ONCE A DAY UNTIL THEY give a decisive answer.

If they say “NO”, don’t take “NO” for an answer. Argue back that they have a duty to do the right thing.

Even if Senator Obenshain is not your Senator, please send him the message also.

You see, Senator Mark Obenshain wants to be your Lt. Governor in 2013 and will be VERY receptive to your effort to find out of he is a leader or just another party hack looking to move up.

Obenshain’s email is [email protected] and his phone number is 804 698 7526 Obenshain is our best shot at getting this done, but he is sitting on the fence trying to guage the political winds.

If he thinks his state-wide election effort will be in jeopardy if he sits on the side lines, he will have motivation to lead.

Below is the message:


Dear Senator NAME HERE

Gun owners need leaders in Richmond, not followers.

It is outrageous that one anti-gun Senator, Richard Saslaw, will not allow a full Senate floor vote on the Castle Doctrine Bill.

It is beyond contempt for the voters. How can we hold you accountable if you won’t even vote on the bill.

Please move to suspend the rules on the Senate floor and then move to discharge the Castle Doctrine Bill to provide a full Senate floor recorded vote.

A vote “NO” on suspending the rules, will be viewed as a vote to kill Castle Doctrine at election time.



For Liberty,
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC
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