Presidential Race Heats Up – Where Do They Stand on the Second Amendment

Presidential Race Heats Up – Where Do They Stand on the Second Amendment

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( With the Iowa straw poll concluding over the weekend, the 2012 presidential race is in full swing.

The Republican field is taking shape, with one governor dropping out (Tim Pawlenty) and another jumping in (Rick Perry).

But one question that remains for gun owners is where do the candidates stand on gun control issues?

Even after the debate on Friday, and throughout all the speeches over the past week, most candidates have not even mentioned the Second Amendment.

Whoever is elected president will have a tremendous impact on your right to keep and bear arms, perhaps even more than usual.

What’s at stake in 2012?
The next president will be faced with a UN Arms Trade Treaty that could impact the rights of every American gun owner. Will he or she urge the Senate to ratify such a treaty, or toss it into the Oval Office wastebasket?

What if the Congress passes a new ban on semi-automatic firearms, or so-called large capacity magazines, or legislation to put gun shows out of business? Will the new president break out the veto pen, or sign such bills into law?

Will the next president sign or veto legislation to repeal the anti-gun ObamaCare—which could lead to the disarming of hundreds of thousands of gun owners based on the opinions of doctors?

And what about the burgeoning scandal known as Project Gunrunner? Can gun owners be assured that the person elected president in 2012 will hold the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) accountable for any wrongdoing?

All of these questions and more are asked by Gun Owners of America in our 2012 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire.

The questionnaire was sent to the candidates, but you know that many politicians would prefer not to put their Second Amendment views on record. So we are asking our members to contact any (or all) of the candidates listed below and urge them to complete the GOA questionnaire.

We have compiled a list of Republican candidates without regard to where they finished in recent polls. Included are links to their webforms, phone numbers (if available) and also a sample letter you can cut-and-paste or use as talking points.

And after you’ve contacted the candidates, please consider helping GOA to reach out to as many gun rights supporters as possible. The 2012 elections promise to be the most expensive in history, and GOA will be making sure the voices of gun owners are heard above the din.

Republican candidate list, in alphabetical order:

  • Michele Bachmann
  • Herman Cain
  • Newt Gingrich
    (678) 973-2409
  • Jon Huntsman
    (407) 674-2727
  • Gary Johnson
  • Thaddeus McCotter
    Email: [email protected]
  • Ron Paul
  • Rick Perry
  • Rick Santorum (No web form; you can leave a comment FB)

Pre-written letter:

Dear Candidate,

Gun Owners of America has announced its survey of presidential candidates.

I am extremely interested in your views on issues such as:

The UN Arms Trade Treaty
A ban on semi-automatic firearms
A so-called large capacity magazine ban
Closing down gun shows
Project Gunrunner

I encourage you to complete and return to GOA the candidate survey as soon as possible. I will be looking forward to the results.



Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585
FAX: 703-321-8408

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit:

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Mike Jackson

I disagree on a few issues with the GOA but overall the GOA does an awesome job. The GOA does an excellent job of getting their message out in a concise, logical manner. The NRA seemed to be drifting towards the left till the GOA really started making some inroads. The GOA IMHO pulled the NRA hard right and on the correct path. – NRA & GOA Life Member

J. Stalin

Our foreign policy MUST revolve around Israel, the folks that bombed and torpedoed the USS Liberty killing 34 American sailors, the folks that bombed USIA libraries in the celebrated Levon Affair and who used Jonathon Pollard to obtain information that was of use ONLY by the USSR against America?



Elect Ron Paul and you will need your guns. Have you looked at his foreign policies? Israel will fall, and radical Islam will have free reign. The U.S.A. cannot exist in a vacuum.Does anyone doubt that Iran will use a nuke if they develop one? Ron Paul does. He has his good traits, but as a president, he scares the crud out of me. So do his myopic followers. Please, for the sake of our country, take off the blinders.


Mike is correct ……. endorse Ron Paul.


Why hasn't GOA endorsed Ron Paul. Talk is cheap Larry Pratt. Endorse Ron Paul now.


With Ron Paul, you don't even have to question it. He is the strongest constitutional in the race. None of them know, love, or follow the constitution closer than him.