Disappointment In California Governor Brown’s Signing Of Open Carry Handgun Ban

OpenCarry.org Disappointed In California Governor Brown’s Signing Of Open Carry Handgun Ban


Sacramento, California –-(Ammoland.com)-  OpenCarry.Org Predicts that result will be widespread open carry of long guns in California’s urban areas.

“It’s disappointing that Governor Brown has signed AB 144. The new law forces citizens to open carry long guns in urban public places where holstered handguns are now the norm in California and 42 other states.

AB 144 also adds even further complexity to California’s already convoluted gun laws that confuse citizens and law enforcement officers alike.

But on the bright side, banning handgun open carry undermines the constitutionality of California’s discretionary concealed handgun permit scheme.”

Mike Stollenwerk
Co-founder, OpenCarry.org

OpenCarry.org was founded in 2004 by Virginia gun-rights activists John Pierce and Mike Stollenwerk and has served to ignite the “Open Carry Movement” that is sweeping the country. In addition to being an invaluable legal resource for gun owners, the site has quickly grown to be a social networking portal for thousands of American gun owners. Visit: www.OpenCarry.org

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9 years ago

I agree with 100%,Mr.Charles Nichols!The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!Why do LEO'S have such a problem everywhere in this country including CA?They do remmember the oath they swore by don't they?The words to that oath?Thats PERJURY OF THE OATH!that also includes everyone including the GOVERNOR,LT GOVERNOR,AG and CHP!

Eliot Loney
Eliot Loney(@Eliot Loney)
10 years ago

Governor Brown should be thrown out of office, or forcefully removed from his position for the safety of the people and the state. How can citizens defend themselves when their elected officials remove their rights of defense? I hope governor Brown comes face to face with an armed criminal and figures out he was wrong in removing our right of protection.

If you don`t like what I have to say on the subject, get back in line and keep following the other lemmings over the cliff.

Charles Nichols
10 years ago

In the Heller decision the US Supreme Court stated that states may ban concealed carry. Open Carry was the right enunciated by the court.

Making it a crime to openly carry a handgun, loaded or unloaded, does NOT make for a stronger legal challenge to California's concealed carry laws.

Anyone who thinks is does has a profound and dangerous ignorance of how our Federal Courts work.