Samco Global Arms Completes Setup of the New AKKAR-USA Service Center

AKKAR Shotguns
AKKAR Shotguns

Samco Global Arms has Completed Setup of the New AKKAR-USA Service Center


Miami, Florida –-( Samco Global Arms, Inc., U.S. importer for shotguns made by Akkar Silah Sanayi, Ltd., recently completed the setup and staffing for the new AKKAR-USA product service center.

Service technician training and spare parts inventories will be completed and in place by late winter. For legal reasons, the AKKAR-USA service center can only service the AKKAR shotguns imported by SAMCO.

The first 2011 shipment of AKKAR shotguns was released to the Distributor trade in late July and early August, 2011. AKKAR-USA now has (9) Distributors in place representing (19) distribution centers.

AKKAR may be a new name in the USA, however, AKKAR manufactured over & under, semi-auto and pump shotguns are well known with over 300,000 shotguns having been sold in the USA under the CHARLES DALY brand name from 1999 to 2009.

SAMCO GLOBAL ARMS, INC. will sell service parts for the CHARLES DALY shotguns imported by K.B.I., Inc., that were manufactured by AKKAR, but cannot make any physical service repairs to CHARLES DALY shotguns for legal reasons.

Submit parts/service inquires and/or parts orders, to: EMAIL: [email protected]; or, address to: AKKAR® Parts/Service – PO Box 527323 – Miami, FL 33152-7323; or, phone AKKAR Parts/Service at (305) 593-9782.

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anyone know where to find parts?


and phone has been disconnected

Dave in Fairfax

This article is 10 YEARS old.


i have contacted [email protected] to find parts for my shotgun and i guess no one checking the email. need parts gun bad


I am looking for a Charles Daly flied kbi 12ga semi-auto firing pin or a few??

moni ozgilik

Hey Guys
I am here to reset akkar-usa service and parts.
please contact me for any inquiries you or someone you know may have regarding any akkar produced shotguns sold in the States.
moni ozgilik


Looking for Akkar 300cy 28GA Barrel. Anyone know where I might find one or who I might contact? I have the 22″ barrel, just looking for a longer one. Thanks

Terry Boatwright

I am looking for bolt recoil pad for Charles Daly semi-auto 12 ga. part # according to Numrich is: 1193310A.
Please advise on availability and price.



I am looking for a complete bolt carrier group W/O relief cut, for a 12ga semi-auto 3.5″ maxi mag. Numrich part number 1200700A.


I am looking for a “bolt recoil pad” for a Charles Daly 3in Akkar Turkey part no. 1193310A.
I would appreciate it if you can locate several of these or does anyone have an idea on making a replacement part?

jeff rhoden

need a bolt recoil pad for a charled daly 12 ga 3 1/2 inch shotgun, keeps breaking bolts and bolt handles. Would be nice to get replies ive posted for 2 yrs looking for a nylon part for my shotgun ?


looking for charles daly 12 gauge semi auto locking block

Ted Bradford

Picked up a Akkar 28Gau pump as a teaching platform for young shooters. So far so good. Question – What replacement chokes does it take?

jeff rhoden

need a bolt recoil pad for a charled daly 12 ga 3 1/2 inch shotgun, keeps breaking bolts and bolt handles !

jeff rhoden

charles daly auto 12 ga 3 1/2 breaking bolts and bolt handles, where can I get a bolt recoil pad?


Wanting to know if there was ever a slug barrel for a Charles Daly 20 ga.semi auto youth model ? I’M STILL IN HOPES OF GETTING ONE? Any help would be great. Thanks

Daniel Molz-Gunsmith

need extractor, extractor plunger, extractor spring and extractor pin for Charles daly field semi auto gas operated shotgun. would appreciate any help I can get.


Hi I need a bolt recoil pad and a bolt handle with round post for a Charles Daly 12g shoots 3″ the serial# 1193310A let me know if you have and the price with shipping thanks.

Thomas Asberry

I am looking for forearm for Charles Daly model 600 28ga plastic
Thank you


Need interceptor latch ( Parts list # 14 ) for Charles Daly KBI 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun. thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Robert


Looking for forearm for Charles Daly 20 ga field.


looking for bolt recoil pad for CHARLES DALY 12ga 3in auto shotgun . send price with shipping .thanks tim


Did you ever find a bolt recoil pad for your Charles daly? I’m looking for one too


I am also looking for one has anyone had luck?

Wayne Steele

Looking for cylinder or skeet chokes for my new Akkar 28 gauge semi-auto shotgun

greg Smith

looking for part #13 Action release button and part#14 action release button spring for a model 600 20 gauge semi auto akkar thanks

keith berry

Looking for an extractor for a Charles daly kbi 12ga semi auto. 3inch

Donald Curtiss

Where can I find a pistol grip for my Akkar 300 Home Defense 20 gage shotgun? Thank you.

bob sroka

Looking for locking block for C.D. 3 inch field.Thanks

shane wyatt

Do you have parts for the old charles daleys semi auto

Charles Wm Giles iii md

I’m looking for O/U barrel oF any available choke design for 12ga Charles Daly shotgun. My barrel was lost in gunsmith shop fire, I was compensated for the full price of the fire arm. The shotgun was a family heirloom, would like to find a barrel. [email protected]

Leon Myers

I am looking for a Samco Akkar 12 ga barrel from 19 – 21 inches. Do you sell them or import them or can you get them?