VCDL Virginia Legislative Update 2/26/12

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Covington, VA –-( Action Item: email the Governor to sign repeal of One Handgun a Month

If you would like to have your voice heard on repealing the One Handgun a Month law, you can send a message to Governor McDonnell.

For the subject put: Please SIGN HB 940 and SB 323!

For the message: Please SIGN HB 940 and SB 323 to repeal the One Handgun a Month law. This law has done nothing but burden law-abiding gun owners.

Bad bills killed in subcommittee last Friday
On Friday morning two more anti-gun bills were killed:

SB 224, Senator Herring, would have made it easier for the federal government to take away someone’s gun rights forever for a single conviction of *misdemeanor* domestic violence. An Administration (Governor Bob McDonnell) representative, the anti-gun Association for Chiefs of Police, and the Virginia State Police spoke in favor of the bill, saying it would be easier for the State Police to determine if a person convicted under Virginia’s misdemeanor domestic violence law qualified to have their gun rights terminated by the federal government. The State Police said that such persons would be delayed longer than usual while the State Police determined their status.

I spoke against the bill, saying I was glad that it was hard or impossible for the State Police to determine if a person should lose their gun rights for a misdemeanor and that it would be worth the wait at a gun show to keep misdemeanants from being disarmed for life. I said that Virginia did not need to bring its laws into compliance with what I consider to be an unconstitutional federal law. I also pointed out that it’s not like Virginia isn’t tough on domestic violence offenders – a second charge within 20 years will move from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Boy, if looks could kill I’d be six feet under. The Administration representative was NOT happy with me.

The subcommittee voted to carry the bill over to next year by a 4 to 1 vote! It will end up in the Crime Commission for study and, I hope, won’t rear its ugly head again for a year or two.

SB 389, Senator Marsden, would have made it a criminal offense to carry a BB gun on K-12 school property. Schools can already prevent students from doing so by policy. One claim for needing the law was that MS-13 was telling their members to carry BB guns on school property because it was legal. When I spoke against the bill I said, “Yeah – if it is made illegal I’m sure MS-13 members will comply with the law.”

The bill died by a 4 to 1 margin.

Delegate Gilbert led the charge on killing those bills and we thank him. Also voting to kill both bills were Delegates Webert, Fariss, and Wright.

Bills we are still watching in the General Assembly
Here are the bills that are still under consideration in the House and Senate:

  • HB 375, Delegate Pogge, allows employees of local government to store firearms in their private vehicles while at work. We are awaiting the House to accept the Senate’s changes and pass the bill, which would then send it on its way to the Governor’s desk.
  • SB 663, Senator Smith, allows a CHP holder to use his CHP as identification for purposes of voting. Should be voted on in the House soon. We expect it to pass handily.
  • HB 48, Delegate Bell, and SB 4, Senator Stuart, are both Castle Doctrine bills. We continue to strongly oppose these two bills as the risk outweighs the benefit as they currently stand. Virginia common law is very good and there is no need to rush. VCDL is working on vetting a more comprehensive bill over the summer. Both bills are both currently stalled.

Antis pressure Governor McDonnell to veto the One Handgun a Month repeal
Desperate antis are trying everything they can think of to get Governor McDonnell to veto the repeal of One Handgun a Month.

You know, hard as I try, I can’t figure out the antis. They want Virginia Tech to be gun-free, just like it was on that terrible day in 2007. We all saw how well THAT worked out.

They want all private sales to go through a background check. Cho went through a background check TWICE. We all saw how well THAT worked out.

They want the One Handgun a Month rationing to stay. Cho waited the full month required by law to get his second gun. We all saw how well THAT worked out. The antis just can’t get enough of things that don’t work.

Now they are asking Governor McDonnell to veto the repeal of One Handgun a Month. That would anger his base, while leaving a bunch of people, who would never vote for him under any circumstances, happy.

Yeah – that’s gonna happen.

Christina Nuckols is pleading/daring ex-Governor Wilder to play the race card to pressure Governor McDonnell into vetoing the repeal of One Handgun a Month! A new low, even for the anti-gun Roanoke Times.

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