Bank of America Refusing Businesses that Support the 2nd Amendment

Bank of America is refusing to do business with Firearms related manufacturers.

Bank of America - Bank of Hoplophobia
Bank of America - Bank of Hoplophobia
McMillan Rifles

Phoenix, Arizona –-( McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing and McMillan Group International have been collectively banking with Bank of America for 12 years.

Today Mr. Ray Fox, Senior Vice President, Market Manager, Business Banking, Global Commercial Banking came to my office. He scheduled the meeting as an “account analysis” meeting in order to evaluate the two lines of credit we have with them. He spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories.

At this point I interrupted him and asked “Can I possibly save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer want my business.”

“That is correct” he says.

I replied “That is okay, we will move our accounts as soon as possible. We can find a 2nd Amendment friendly bank that will be glad to have our business. You won’t mind if I tell the NRA, SCI and everyone I know that BofA is not firearms industry friendly?”

“You have to do what you must” he said.

“So you are telling me this is a politically motivated decision, is that right?”

Mr Fox confirmed that it was. At which point I told him that the meeting was over and there was nothing let for him to say.

I think it is import for all Americans who believe in and support our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms to know when a business does not support these rights. What you do with that knowledge is up to you. When I don’t agree with a business’s political position I can not in good conscience support them.

We will soon no longer be accepting Bank of America credit cards as payment for our products.

Kelly D McMillan
Director of Operations
McMillan Group International, LLC

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About McMillan:
McMillan Group International, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is the corporate parent for a family of firearms companies committed to excellence in the firearms industry. Companies include McMillan Firearms Manufacturing (formerly “McBros”), a manufacturer of the McMillan tactical and hunting rifles; McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, a leading manufacturer of premium custom fiberglass stocks for hunting, competition, tactical and OEM markets; and McMillan Machine Company, a contract manufacturer of precision machined parts.

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    1. Have a car loan w Bank of America through the car dealership. Husband is so angry over this that he called our Saving and Loan and inquired about taking a loan out with them to pay off BoA.They said “come on down” Another tip .Rate with S%L is 2.99,we are paying 3.84.
      Thank you BoA for alerting us to this inequity. We do however have good credit. Check out S&L’s where ever you are.I love ours and do not know why we were so dumb as to let the dealership process this loan with this bank who appears to be a money launderer for liberls.

    2. I, too, have a BoA account… until Monday morning. Our business in Bradenton will also no longer be accepting their credit cards or checks for payment. Thank you for the heads-up.

    3. Mr. McMillan, we (PulseO2DA) applaud you for what you are doing, but the sad fact of the matter is that BofA will simply go back the the government with hat in hand to get more funding from the extorted U.S. Tax payers…

      You see, BofA has already received $20 billion in the federal bailout from the U.S. government through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) on January 16, 2009, along with a guarantee of $118 billion in potential losses at the company. This was in addition to the $25 billion given to them in the Fall of 2008 through TARP.

      I would be willing to bet if your company were hurting for cash, the federal government wouldn’t feel the inclination to i.) return the funds it has already extorted from you and your business so you could stay afloat, ii.) give you a tax holiday so you could stay afloat, iii.) nor would they declare you “too big to fail” and give you a bailout.

      No, They would simply let you go under… because you aren’t padding their pockets enough (if at all) via lobbyists, your just a common businessman providing employment and tax revenue.

    4. We too will shut out bofa account. Plus all my family members, and several business also. Let’s make them file for bankruptcy America

    5. I live in Boston. Every member of my family has had a BOA account for years. Most of us have BOA credit cards too. That ends now. They apparently feel they are too big to fail. I’m willing to bet that there are a heck of a lot more gun owners than there are BOA customers. It’s time we all got together and put BOA out of business.

    6. I’m passing this along to all my gun owning friends, and ask that they do the same, and have their friends to do so also. Should be at least 2-3 hundred folks. Thank You McMillian for letting us know about this.

    7. Stupis is as stupid does and you can’t fix stupid! I’ll be ending my personal and business relationships with BOA!

    8. My wife and I had past issues with Bank of America as the mortage holder on our home loan and the constant battle with them over their incorrect monthly statements, their threats of forclosure, their intrest rates, their verbal harrasment with the phone calls to my wifes employment. Their rudeness and stupidity was endless and unbelievable. Our loan was sold out of their oversite and they sent us a notice telling us we were liable for the cost of the transfer of the accountWe assured them that it was their idea, their problem. We have not heard from them in 6 months.

    9. I am sure everybody on here has looked into this thoroughly enough to understand the situation. This misspelled article has to be 100% accurate……….ha

    10. I canceled my BofA credit card several years ago when decided that it would be a good idea to give home loans to illegal aliens. They asked me about why and I told them I could not support a company that will support illegals but not true Americans. Once again they are going the way of political nonsense and could care less about the real America. Why don’t they take America out of there name.

    11. Do what I just did: Copy the link to this story, place it in an email, then send it to all your contacts with a message to close their accounts with B of A immediately, making sure they tell the individual at the bank why they choose to bank elsewhere.

    12. I’m with you all, 100%. Never banked with BOA, bu5 have worked with many companies who have and have heard a lot of negative feedback regarding their dealings. I will not deal with BOA…

    13. Opened account(s) with Bank of America in 1962….back in the day when tellers knew their customer’s names, branches open from 10:00am ’til 3:00pm Monday through Friday and branch managers stuck around for at least one year and dealt with customers on a relationship basis.

      Often I’d call Russ Bledsoe (manager at the Los Alamitos, CA branch for at least five years) and ask for a ninety-day note for a specified amount. He’d reply in the positive and tell me to be at the branch before three and it would be ready. He never let me down.

      That style of banking is history and my accounts with the bank are also history….I’m not a gun waver, but choosing not to do biz with honest citizens because the suits don’t agree with a constitutional provision pisses me off! They won’t miss my biz and they won’t go out of biz because a couple thousand citizens choose to close their accounts. Pity!

      They are too friggin’ big anyway….I’m going with a credit union or small community bank….perhaps Farmers and Merchants Bank in Long Beach.

      Just sayin’

    14. I am going to make last payment, and cancell my bass pro card. Also will no longer do business with any boa company.

    15. Thanks to all these people the Americans are making good stands in what we believe…As for BOA American people Need more colt 45 at home so that we don’t need Banking any more ..Join a Credit unoin

    16. BofA thinks they are bigger than the Constitution they are too big for me and to think the tax payers helped them out when they needed it. I have a mortgage and a credit card whith them I guess I should have said had.

    17. The Tarper bank has had that rule since 1987.
      They also have Forced Arbitration for their
      account holders, thus taking away your due
      process. There are very few banks(less than 2%)without the anti constitutional abusive
      weasal wording.
      Add that to recent US Supreme courts allowing
      corporations to donate(purchase) politicians.
      Add that to the full judicial(prosecutors,too)
      Full immunity from Any wrong doing like no
      warrant arrests,no bail, false evidence.
      Congress can repeal these abusive laws/decisions—but notice they won’t because
      the groupie Demo and Repub groupies vote em
      back in .

    18. I have been a loyal customer with Bank of America since before 1974. I have multiple accounts with them and an equity loan. I will first be talking with my branch manager. Then I a going to point out why they are losing money, then I am going to pull my accounts. Any of you guys know which banks in Washington State are 2nd amendment friendly?

    19. I am a pro 2nd amendment individual as most of you who have commented on this article. I will say that the ignorance of some peoples’ comments on here is amazing; you truly support the anti 2nd amendment individuals argument that some people definitely should not own a gun. The “Bank of America anti-2A Stance confirmed” comment is one of the worst. Did you know that Bank of America was one of the first Banks to pay back the TARP funds and in the process paid an additional 5 billion, yes with a “B”, additional in dividends and warrants. So, the true question is what the hell has the government done with the money it earned on tax payers funds that it lent out-spent it and grows deeper in debt daily. Before you rattle your mouth of folks, learn the facts so you don’t appear to be the reason there should be gun control.

    20. It’s amazing that this uproar didn’t come up when BoA was busy raping our economy and in turn our country. They say one thing about not doing business with a gun company and all of the sudden people want to make them hurt.

      We’ll their getting the last laugh as they walk off with billions of dollars of our tax money.

    21. I have a mortgage with BOA only because it was purchased through a mortgage broker. As soon as I can swing a re-finance I will leave BOA in the dust. I have heard but have not been able to confirm, 1/3 of BOA is owned by none other than Saudi Arabia. Makes alot of sense why they do not support the 2nd amendment.

    22. Is b of a owned by muslims? Why in the hell would they push viable business away? B of L would be a more descriptive name!

    23. Bank of America is betting that the vast majority of Americans support thier actions. They are against gun makers (owners? very probably), and for illegal aliens. Two little things I will do is tell every one about this and do no business with them.

    24. I don’t have an account or credit card from B of A(sses). I almost wish I did so I could close them and tell them why. However, a heads up to Wells Fargo, I will be asking them about their corporate opinion about the 2nd Amendment.

    25. I too have credit cards and bank account(checking and savings)with B/A. I have decided to close all of my accounts ASAP. If they don’t support the 2nd amendment, they are worthy of my business.

    26. If you want to let BofA know how you feel…as they and the media seem to be trying to ignore our response call or write the CEO – Brian Moynihan –
      [email protected]

    27. In the early 60`s I had a account at B of A. After many errors and other discrepancies including posting one of my account deposits in another persons account and having to pay for a bounced check that was not my fault (fee then was $5.00) I promptly closed my account and went to another Bank and have not had any problem with the 3 banks that I have done business with since that time. In my opinion BOA should be considered DOA for anyone that currently has a account or anyone that is considering doing business with them.

    28. I’ve had a BofA card for over 25 years. It is now in 8 pieces scattered over a number of trash recepticals. Thank you for the information about BofA and the 2nd Amendment.

    29. Someone ought to put up a facebook page about this craziness really get the message out there. BoA is a big portion of the financial problem in the country and would like everyone to be indentured to the bank and armed people are hard to make into indentured servants.. I don’t have a BoA account because I’ve thought for years they were the epitomy of corporate greed and slimeballs but salute all of you who along with me will boycott BoA..

    30. I will never do business with this anti AMERICAN company. They also let all the illegals get credit cards with no S.S. no. but not legal citizens. I haven’t forgotten that stupid business deal either.

    31. i enjoy owning and purchasing as many weapons as i fill i want and will not be told or be intimidated by banks that try to have anything with not supporting our rights to bear arms, was in the service for 9 years and the one thing that i learned is how communism is trying to control our lives and some banks seem to be helping them by controling gun distributors.

    32. I just transferred the small balance I had with Bank Of America to a much better less interest account with Discover. Bank of America and Barack Ovomit belong together. I will watch for the things both B of A and Barack Ovomit have coming their way in November. If we all vote like our lives and our freedom depends on it, we can still save our once great country for our children and grandchildren. The fools that want to take our guns away are simply insecure and very afraid of what they have done to the good people of the United States. Please support and contribute to the NRA. God Bless America.

    33. I have never had a BOA Credit Card or any dealings with them. After seeing their decision to provide CCards to Illegal Aliens that have no SS# a few years back, I thought the reaction they had from the public would have wised them up when people cancelled their CCards by the thousands; but apparently they’re as indifferent now as they were then. The earlier comment said it best: You can’t fix stupid. This unAmerican view should recoil so much that they are forced to ask for another handout. We can see if a more conservative congress is stupid enough to grant them one again.

    34. I am a financial advisor and will be talking to my clients who own BOA stock and bonds ” the apple may look good from the outside, but if it is rotten to the core throw it out” I was not aware of BOA’s Socialist agenda until a friend sent me this email, I plan to forward this email to as many people as possible

    35. I bank with USAA which started as an Insurance company for military officers. They have expanded to include full service banking plus insurance for enlisted ranks and non-military members. I do not know for certain but I would guess that they do not have a policy like BofA. I am certain that they have a few thousand members who are supporters of the 2nd amendment.

    36. I used to be a vendor with BoA back in the days when they did business like Americans do. My company’s BoA revenue would sometime top $500k per year on facilities and constuction services. In 1992, they changed their entire approach to shaking hands.. meaning that they would only shake hands with someone who had political dollars tucked into their palm.. dollars which could be slipped quietly into other palms of their choosing.. an inner circle of those with the same mentality. Not only was I so inclined to no longer be their customer, by the end of any outstanding contracts in 1993 I made sure that they were no longer MY customer. That, folks, is how bad Bank of America is on both sides of the counter.. front side AND back side. In the past 20 years I have gone to great lengths to make sure that there is an absolute ZERO connection, in any manner what-so-ever, between my company and Bank of America. I don’t want their stench to rub off on me to the point where my other clientele may smell it. Frankly, I don’t even like to drive past the place.

    37. Does anyone know if this is actually true? If it is, what would be BOA’s motivation for this? Certainly is not a smart business tactic so I am suspicious of this atricle. Logic, common sense tell me it is a hoax.

    38. This is not true! Don’t fall for this left wing gimmick. The Occupy state of mind is to attack from within. BOA works with many firearms companies and this was a misunderstanding that was dealt with.

    39. I hope the people that object to BoA’s actions will be numerous and active enough to see if BoA is too big to fail. Let’s try. Take your business somewhere else and tell BoA why.

    40. BofA received 45B of the peoples money. I guess they worry the middleman (Obama’s) won’t keep backing them. He keeps forgetting that he’s wasted far more of OUR means and finite resources on bad and semi-illegal liberal and unconstitutional influence. The dollar has a lot less purchasing power. The banks are intimidating the people as per the admin’s agenda.

    41. I think that all have forgotten that BofA is actually Nations Bank, you know the company that was caught practicing debits before credits. This company only renamed itself because it was caught, they have NEVER been an upstanding company and never will. I would so love to see this company go to bankruptcy. They are crooks and their opinion should not guide our future.

    42. Screw bank of non-America pocket lining greed I will pass this on to all I know that bank there, My aunt who does have alot of money in there system, But also own a gun for protection she will pull her money and move it when she see this. good luck BofA

    43. haha I go on bank of america site they offer military banking online and Financial Solutions WTF let me guess The soldiers that give there lives for us would be happy to fight with sticks or maybe just a baseball bat who runs that bank put that SOB on the front line with a stick and tell him get the bad guy Hey when he is done he can show us how to invest our money, BofA needs to get out of banking giving loans to boader jumping scums bailouts who would ever want them to hold there money so they can give it to a unamerican so they can have a new car, house, and we have to pay for it!

    44. These bozos at BOA don’t pay too much attention…anyone remember First Interstate AKA
      “Worst Interstate”? They self destructed…almost like these dummies…I’m closing my substantial accounts with BOA today!!

    45. In other words they don’t support the Constitution of the United States of America. I guess their “america” in their name is for South America, not the United States. I pulled my account from them after they began issueing credit cards to illegal immigrants who aren’t required to show a SSN to obtain one, but require US citizens to do so. They should change their name to Bank of the Socialists.

    46. Cancelled my CC with BoA when they started issuing illegal aliens credit cards without a SS# a few years back.

    47. My mother recently passed away from a rather unpleasant fight with lung cancer. As a result, her pension stopped and her husband recieves a final one time payment from social security. They had a home mortgage with BOA, as well as a credit card and a checking account. Her mortgage was an auto debit to her checking acct., which was insufficiently funded due to the loss of her pension/social security. They had overdraft protection to cover the shortfall…BOA charged it to their credit card. These people are immoral crooks. Shame on them.

    48. I have a Bank of America Visa as a Outdoor Rewards card issued by BASS PRO SHOP in California. I hope BASS PRO SHOPS are aware of what is going on. I am cancelling my card as of today !!

    49. Received notice in the mail that BoA is ending their affiliation with Ducks Unlimited. Last night I ended my affiliation with BoA.

    50. Fortunately I do not use either of the companies and will no longer buy from anyone that accepts their cards or lines of credit.
      Sick and tired of left wingers and those that support them. I vote only for Americans with moral values which leaves out all of the news makers of the day residing in D.C.

    51. Hate to pile on, but the B of A guy mentioned in the story, Mr. Fox, is a complete douche-bag. Pompous, arrogant, horse’s ass. Bet that conversation was a blood pressure raiser for Kelly McMillan.

    52. I’ll be closing my AAA Visa account. This is the only kind of action these social engineering S.O.B.s understand.

    53. There is only one way they will ever take away the 2 small guns I’ve had for over 78 years for my own protection… and that is OVER MY COLD DEAD BODY!!!! Goodbye to my AAA BoA credit card.

    54. It’s not that they refuse to do business with me because I do firmly support the 2nd amendment … it’s that I REFUSE to do business with THEM! Plenty of fish in the sea. Usually, local smaller ones are better

    55. B of A also owns Merrill Lynch. Suggest people take a look at them and condsider moving investments from to more reliable ones that serve customers better.

    56. Patriots need to put their $ into pools to fund the companies and efforts that align with our beliefs and ideals. Time for one of us to start “The Patriot Bank”. I’d put all my $ there

    57. BoA serves illegal aliens willingly because it serves the left wing agenda of creating more people dependent on the government and consequently more dumb voters to vote for thse stupid left wing policies. BoA runs off good solid independent productive American companies with good solid American values because they will vote the other way, follow the Constitution and be less likely to give them another bail-out. With one they will be required to provide good service be courteous and have good Banking practices to make money, with the other they will only have to suck up to the left………very interesting! Which way is easiest? Which way is least American? Which way is most PROGRESSIVE and SOCIALISTIC?
      I quit them years ago, just like I quit Progressive Ins. Co.

    58. Banks have been allowed to rob and steal assets for years. Maybe the NRA, SCI and other organizations who believe in America should start their own S&L’s not only would they have ready access to new customers and profits they would make would help fund American’s who believe in the Constitution the way it was written and get rid of the laws that are in direct conflict with what our forefathers stood and died for. Our Patriots who serve our country today that defend our right to bear arms should have companies that stand up for AMERICA! After all those companies and BANKS sure BANK on them to protect their rights and FREEDOM! Many come home in a box, crippled, and some homeless as the banks have foreclosed on them while they served. There many Reserve Guardsmen return from and find their jobs are gone too! It’s time to WAKE UP AMERICA!

    59. BOA is anti guns I left them several years ago
      there are many other good banks that will welcome your gun related biz. also let it be known for the record Pay Pal and E_bay are also anti guns even antique Guns .Boycott
      them and tell all your friends.
      ron in clearwater florida the Gun State

    60. McMillan produces stocks and specialized rifles for police SWAT units and stocks for the US military (the M25 and M40 sniper rifles use McMillian stocks), so BOA’s efforts affect more than just gun owners. In other words, not only is BOA anti-Second Amendment, but by default it is now anti-US military.

    61. Bank of America should change their name to The Bank from HELL.. I bought a Scottsdale home from them in a short sale…It was hell. I moved the mortgage away from them because of that. NOW IM glad I did.

    62. I think I will wait and see whether any of this is true. Much like the NRA is doing, right now all we are getting is one side of the story, and yet the sheep are following the shepherd blindly.

    63. Is the bank with the guys riding on the stagecoach, purportedly with guns to keep us and our assests safe also a liberal looting bank?
      Just wondering!

    64. Isn’t Wells Fargo the stagecoach?

      Sometimes it is really hard to tell if you have a B of A card? Once in a while I will get something from B of A about a card of mine but the card says nowhere that it is a B of A account.

      I will look closely at the cards I have and at any accounts I may apply for in the future. I would hate to apply for a store card to find that it is a B of A.

    65. There are a number of comments here about Basspro credit cards being BofA cards. Why is BofA doing business with Basspro and not Mcmillan? Basspro sells guns and shooting equipment. They probably would sell you a Mcmillan stock if you wanted one.


    67. It’s just one more reason to understand that the election this fall is so very important. This attack on law abiding citizens is only going to get worse through the current political administrations manipulation, coersion, and threats as they persue their socialist/communist/Marxist approach to government.

    68. No boa account-will never have one. It’s good to hear so many are fed up with our govt bailing out companies that failed but will not lift a finger for the people and businesses that make our country work. We have a chance to change that this fall. If we fail we will all be wearing turbans.

    69. I don’t do business with BOA since they screwed my daughter (student account)and nephew (checking/debit account). They are a sleazy outfit!

    70. I do a lot of business with B of A, or should I say I did I just closed my Corp Account after reading this. the maneger at the bank asked why, when I told him he had nothing more to say. thank you for the information on B of A.

    71. BOA has proceeded downhill dramatically all while ripping off it’s customers. BOA obviously no good, too many f’in fees. BTW, countered pair of thugs who prepared to rob me at a BOA ATM. Had another criminal that wanted to do something with a weapon at a BOA branch. WTF?

    72. BRAVO! to all of the above who still believe in AMERICA and the CONSTITUTION. Saying goodbye to BoA is what MUST to be done now. Hurt them in the pocketbook is the only thing they understand.

    73. I own a small Real Estate Brokerage in AZ (45 employees) and I’m disgusted that Bank of America would profile a business in this way. I have multiple accounts, personal and business, with Bank of America for more than 15 years. I will be closing all accounts with Bank of America immediately!

    74. Ever dollar one or a company rceives from the government one is forever under the command of the government. If you receive $100.00 or 10 million te governemnt has you in their grips!! Lesson DO NOT TAKE any amount of momey from the us government.

    75. So BofA doesn’t want to do business with gun fans. OK. Looks like there are plenty of folks here who are happy to oblige. Good for them.

      I believe I’ll pay off the balance on this BofA credit card of mine and then find some other card to replace it.

    76. I wonder what BofA will do when they get robbed at gunpoint? Throw all of those cancelled credit cards at the robbers?

    77. Fortunately I don’t have any accounts with BOA however it would be good to know if there are any other banks that support their position. If that list is available I suggest posting it so supporters of the second amendment know their options when it comes to financial decisions.

    78. Bank of America has a lot of shortcomings. And one thing we should keep in mind is that the bank is not in the best financial condition. Therefore, it is being run de facto by the federal government. Some of the decisions the bank makes may be because of its being overseen so closely and so strictly by the federal government which can, if it chooses to do so, make life complicated for the bank and its managers . . to include closing the bank. BofA is certainly acting like a pussy with your account. I, too, will close out my accounts with BofA.

    79. as soon as we can we will change banks too..if they don’t like the second amenment let them go to a country where they have know rights at all,see how long they stay….

    80. Beware of AARP ALSO!!!

      I banked with BOA until 1997. Even back then they started charging outrageous fees and I took my money out pronto. When you leave a bank for any reason, always tell them why. When BOA looses 100,000 customers because of being anit- gun, they will think long and hard about their gun grabbing policy. Also, I have refused to join AARP for years because of their policy of donating so much of each person’s money for the anti-gun movement. Most people don’t know this. I have told them I would never join until they quit this. They said it was their policy and they were not going to change it. I’ll be damned if I am going to let them donate part of my money, to them, for the anti-gun lobby.

    81. Fast & Furious- Government Anti-Gun Scheme!!!

      My hat is off to all you people who have rallied around this. Also, the president’s claim of executive privilege, has a hidden agenda. The government wanted those guns to cross the Mexican border and kill people, so they could push the UN Small Arms Treaty to “keep small arms from crossing national borders.” It our government and Obama cared do much about this, when the gun dealers called and told the ATF what was going on, they would have stopped it, instead of tell them to sell the guns to these people. Hidden in the UN Small Arms Treaty is the ground work to remove all guns from the possession of all American citizens. Make no mistake, the gun grabber are furiously at work, behind closed doors, to remove all small arms from the US. That is why, if you send an email to your congressmen, Democratic or Republican, and question them about it, they will not answer. I know, because I have tried to get answers from both parties and Obama. None have answered my emails.

    82. Question: I believe I read where other companies such as PayPal, eBay and more have the same policy. Can/will someone list all the Companies that are against the 2nd Amendment?
      I stopped BOA and AARP earlier!
      Thank You,

    83. Dump my BOA Mortgage as soon as could. Nothing but headaches with my VA loans. These are the bums that gave credit cards to those without Social Security numbers, just encouraging illegal activity. Anyone looking for a loan may request that it not be “sold to BOA”

    84. Closed out my BOA accounts. They have done everything to coax me back to using them but I will either do without or talk to the good 2nd Amendment supporting folks at my credit union. Also refused to renew membership in AARP. They don’t support our older folks – just try to fleece them out of their hard-earned money.

    85. James (James Pagonis on September 7, 2012) you dolt, did you read the Snopes article to which you referred? It is clearly marked “Undetermined.” The quote from the BofA infobabe is very misleading. There can be a big difference between “policy” and “customary practice” (look up “redlining”.) While BofA may have no FORMAL policies regarding their doing business with the firearms industry, the management could still have a sub rosa prohibition against such dealings. The spin-babe engages in further deception with her reference to a deal involving Freedom Group Inc., which involves “BofA Merrill”, which is the investments group not the banking group. Nice try.

    86. BTW, James, did it cross your mind to question why the BofA infobabe could NOT comment on the bank’s relationship with McMillan Group? Maybe the truth would embarrass the bank? Isn’t it interesting that BofA has not denied this claim? Just remember, “keeping an open mind” does not mean letting your brain fall out of your head.

    87. Tim (Tim on May 2, 2012) you speak with such authority – and such confusion. First you say the story is not true, then you say it was a misunderstanding that was dealt with. Which was it? If it was a misunderstanding, what was the nature of the misunderstanding, and how was it resolved? More importantly, what is the source of your information? In the five months that have passed since this story was first posted here, BofA has not refuted it, nor has Kelly McMillan retracted his statements. Seems pretty solid to me. Let’s keep this story circulating.

    88. I have done my benking with BOA for many years and have millions in this bank I will withdraw my money as soon as I can make arrangements F__k BOA they will never get anymore business from me,

    89. Although I don’t have a account with BoA or a CC with them I do have a big mouth and every one I know will be informed of this. These big bastards will learn and if we all get out to vote that s.o.b we have in there now out they won’t be able to go back to Ovomits redistribution well and pretty soon they’ll spin around a few times as they go down the crapper with him

    90. It surprises me they were not smart enough and knowledgeable enough to dump Bank of America long ago. BOFA has long since proven to be shysters in the financial world and often un-American. They were one of the first and most blatant in screwing home owners who were having problems meeting their mortgage payments. They were caught foreclosing on thousands of them without just cause. Maybe in the future McMillan will pay more attention to those with whom they BANK ON.
      I am sure McMillan will find other banks willing and read to take up the slack.

    91. BOA has been doing this for years. I am so glad to see that AMericans are waking up! Here we come and we “Americans” are a force to reckon with!

    92. So what BOA is one of the too big to fail and mortgage scam partners. Everybody should switch over to a credit union and tell the zionist banking filth to take a long walk on a short pier like Iceland did.

    93. Just-dropped BofA and went to Wells Fargo. 25 years of banking with BofA and I had no idea. I’m an American and proud of it. I do not even own a gun, but I do not believe a bank should have a opinion at all – owe wait, is not this one of the banks in President Obomas pocket? Wow, now the US government is really reaching to far. I’m purchasing a 1911 & ar15 today –

    94. If home buyers stipulate that BoA is not to have the opportunity to finance your loan at point of purchase or future it might restrict their sales. However this needs to be reviewed by Fox News and the Romney Groups to put pressure on the Government to change the law to avoid ongoing bank bailouts.

    95. Today is the first I have heard of this. I have a credit card with BoA. I printed this article so I can include it with the letter closing my account. I will also include my NRA Life membership number.

    96. In 1971 I opened an account with B of A…..6 Months later I closed it due to their immoral procedures, I swore never to do business with them ever again…still holds true today.

    97. I never have done business with Bank of America ans now i never will!!. I will pass the word on about this nonsense.

    98. Whats with all the fear? Do you think guns in the hands of people that don’t really know how to use them is a good idea?

    99. Great “heads up”, thanks. Will also pass the word.
      Out of curiosity, wonder why we haven’t heard about Husein’s campaign paying back the 14 MILLION they loaned them…..

    100. I have no BOA card,and if I had it would be gone. Maybe BOA thinks the government war on all firearm issues, including manufacturing, makes for a crummy investment? This could have more far reaching effects than we think?

    101. bank of america,wells fargo,chase which is jpmorgan beware people . get your money into credit unions get out of the banks . dont say i didnt warn you . when your money disappears from your bank dont say i didnt warn you.

    102. I have banked with Bank of America for over 15 years and they have screwed my accounts so badly that I should have left years ago. This is the last straw. Come Friday I am out of there! My husband has used our Credit Union for years and has encouraged me to leave BOA for years. Should have listened!

    103. It’s hilarious that you will refuse payment because of the bank it’s coming from.
      Clearly businesses in the USA aren’t as hard done by as we hear.

    104. They may deny 2nd amendment rights to their customers, but they embrace the 2nd amendment for themselves.

      A hypocritical U.S. corporation? Whooda thunk it?

    105. Bank of America was caught stealing monies of millions in Housing Defaults and Bailed Out by the Federal Obama Failures continues to Date/?Charging higher rates to lower incomes should be a violation of law and immoral and very bad business practices?Feds should fine and stop all home loans and no Goverment Business or Employee Pensions Plans!

    106. Somehow I’m not surprised. If any organization would jump on the wrong band wagon it would be Bank of America. They should be forced to change their name for they are certainly UN-AMERICAN.
      I too will encourage all I know with B of A accounts to change to another institution.

    107. I am closing ALL of my B of A accounts ASAP. I’m no millionaire but, my funds are considerable enough that when I opened the account, the manager was called out of his office and was stammering when he looked and the amount of the deposit. Can’t wait to see the look on his face when I withdraw every penny, which will be over twice what I put in.

    108. I support your stance, we have to stand for our principles which I have done on other issues for years. I do not use my old dentist because of his ultra- enviromental beliefs. I am a conservationist, always have been, served in many local, and state positions in Conservation organizations, but when an environmentalist tells me I can’t use my land the way it is zoned because they don’t want me to, well that was to much especially after the lawsuits they filed to stop me.
      This is not a new problem and it has many tentacles. I sent Wal Mart my letter last night “suspending” my 14K in annual spending there. BoA is next. Thanks for the Heads Up. SC is a good 2nd Amend. state. Don’t Tread on Me was a S.C. Revolutionary designed flag by the Gadsden family in Chas. We still mean it too.Pro 2nd all the way.

    109. “When I don’t agree with a business’s political position I can not in good conscience support them.” That’s what BoA just told YOU wasn’t it?

    110. I think BOA is gotten to big, Now they are telling the American people who support the right to keep and bear arms is not for them. So I guess BOA is not for us either. We should stop doing business with them as well. Hurt them real hard. In the pocket book as we say. To Hell with BOA


    112. Just received my new “Bank of America” credit card in the mail. My first transaction was to put it to good use by cutting it up and deposting in the trash can. They need to rename the company to the “Bank of Liberals.” The company has to be the “Bank of Unamerica.”

    113. To Lucy above-sweetie your in denial what is apparent everywhere-our money went to all the fatcats beginning with 1st bush in the savings and loan scandal-wake up-BofA and Obama have nuzzled each other for years. they’ll own you as a slave if you keep hiding u head in the sand-i’m dumping my account and telling all my gang.

    114. I don’t do business with BofA because as I recall, they actively supported the Nazi’s and the confiscation of Jewish assets during WWII.

    115. Bank of America has been the leader in foreclosures in America. They bought out Countrywide and proceeded to swamp US home owners with forclosure notices. In some cases they actualy refused to accept mortage payments from owners – then put them into foreclosure.
      These Presidents anti-gun agenda is striking every facet of our lives – whats next?

    116. I have used their card for years. Hundreds of thousands have been run through this card. It was my favorite. I am sending it to B of A’s head man. By way of fire. Here is your card back SATAN.

    117. If you have an account with BOA find a new bank.

      Oh, and BOA, you should also STOP funding abortion clinics while you’re at it. They’ve killed more babies than guns.

    118. I withdrew all cash except 5.00 as to cause BofA to continue costly admin process. I also closed my checking account. Bank of America theirs an oxymoron ( emphasis on MORON).

    119. I have a Bank of America account and a credit card…but tomorrow that is going to change. I am going down to Prosperity Bank. I talked to them and they were appalled at Bank of America’s actions. Goodby Buttheads of America@@@

    120. Dollar votes ftw. When my parent had illness bofahole harassed mercilessly re: late bills. When I bought a house their trading desk reneged on a verbal agreement. When my identity stolen by an employee they refused to share findings of investigation. Karma ya fascists.

    121. Passing on the word and actively opposing any business with the BOA for any reason. There are many other banks and credit unions who are interested in business and not P.C. BS.

    122. Prior military or have military relatives…USAA all the way. Most military friendly bank around and cheapest everything (insurance, loans, etc). They even refund any charge incurred by using other banks ATM’s, as they assume most of their customers are service members around the world.

    123. Calling all Bank of America customers,,, cancel your accounts now!! Tell Bank of America you want a real bank that believes in the right of the people, not the right of the banksters!!!

    124. Banks like BoA are the reason this country is in such depression. They ripped off homeowners, cheat to steal foreclosed homes, bait and switch on bank fees, and punish 2nd amendment supporting businesses. All Americans need to “Boycott all Banks” and switch to your local credit unions. This includes credit cards accounts, checking accounts, car loans, merchant credit card processing, and home loans.

    125. I dropped these clowns years ago due to errors and mistakes. I worked for a company who had a payroll account with boa. I would go in and cash my bonus checks to keep my other POS bank-Wells Fargo-(they also suck) from holding funds for several days. Boa would charge me like a fee for cashing the checks because I did not have an account with them. They would offer to waive the fee if I opened an account with them. I would smile and say NO WAY. When they asked why I would tell them exactly what I thought of them in a calm, composed manner-worth the price of the fee. Beware of people claiming to be 2A supporters posting negative comments toward the others as being ignorant because of a misspelled word or negative remarks about the bank because of their views. 9 times out of 10 these people are libs and gun hating morons attempting to disrupt the flow of the thread concerning the subject. Seems that I just recently heard that Rhom Emanuel-world class slime ball and mayor of Chicago along Michael Bloomberg were applying pressure for boa to cut ties with S&W and Ruger. One of the Texas Senators extended a welcome to these gun companies and indicated that there were banks in Texas dying to do business with them. I would think that Texas has some 2A friendly banks based on that exchange. perhaps they have branches in other states as well?

    126. Baxter credit union in Vernon hills illinois told me they didn’t want my business because it was “weapons related”, I’m a gunsmith.

    127. I just learnt the news about BOA,I will be closing all my accounts with them as of 5/4/13,and hope many more will follow.

    128. I’ve been with BoA for 10 years, through 2 moves and 2 states. There have been ups and downs throughout that time. As an elderly (77) woman, living alone, I felt the need of some dependable protection and took a Concealed Handgun class in North Carolina. I passed the course handily, but due to reduced finances, have been unable to purchase my weapon of choice. Since I was a rape victim at the age of 49, I am sensitive to the need for trained protection. If BoA thinks they can deprive me of such by this stupid action, they have another think coming!! This, on top of the stupidity of providing illegals with credit cards decided me… I’m outta BoA as soon as I find a 2nd Amendment friendly bank. Any chance of publishing a list of GOOD banks????? Sincerely and Hopefully,

    129. Credit unions are always a good alternative to banks. They work for the people who own shares in them. And they almost always have lower interest rates on loans.

      It’s time for Bank of America to feel the heat, so they’ll see the light.

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