Chris Cox on Richard Mourdock’s Win in the Indiana Senate Primary Election

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Chris Cox on Richard Mourdock’s Win in the Indiana Senate Primary Election

Charlotte, NC –-( Thanks to your votes, Richard Mourdock has won the Republican primary election for U.S. Senate in Indiana defeating 36-year incumbent, Sen. Richard Lugar.

Since the 1990s, Sen. Lugar has become notorious for his zealous support of gun control schemes and his fervent anti-gun positions.

Your NRA was fully vested in this race with a comprehensive campaign that encompassed thousands of radio and television ads in the months before today’s primary election.

This effort also included 600,000 web ads. The media campaign was also supplemented by concentrated advocacy and a get-out-the-vote phone and mail program. All in all, nearly 500,000 phone calls were made and nearly 700,000 pieces of mail were sent in this remarkable victory for freedom.

Together we made a difference in this race. But, as always, what mattered most in this race was your vote.

Thanks to Indiana gun owners, one of the most anti-gun Senators will no longer be in the U.S. Senate. You can find more information at:


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Wild Bill

Wow! That is the ticked send those old corrupt elitist $OBs packing! We the People win in the primaries, and in the caucuses. Send in a whole new Congress! And thank you NRA!