Bullet Button Provides Hassle Free Experience When Shooting at the Range

AR-15 Bullet Button
AR-15 Bullet Button

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- There’s good news for California AR-15 rifle owners—now there’s a convenient new tool that allows them to enjoy a hassle-free experience on the range while remaining in compliance with California gun laws.

According to California gun law, any AR-15 with evil features such as, such as a pistol grip, flash suppressor, vertical foregrip, flare, collapsible or folding stock, thumbhole stock, or bayonet, must have a fixed magazine.

This causes a slow down for gun enthusiasts in the process of reloading the weapon. The Mag Magnet allows the gun owner to have a detachable magazine to reload the gun and then safely store the Mag Magnet on the docking station away from the rifle to comply with California laws.

The Mag Magnet tool is a polymer button that magnetically attaches to the Bullet Button, serving as a temporary, easily removable. It comes in a variety of colors along with a docking station to store the Mag Magnet at all times.

The Mag Magnet is available for purchase through the website and can be purchased in large or small quantities.

About Mag Magnet, Inc.

Mag Magnet, Inc. is a San Diego-based corporation focused on providing California AR owners with a hassle-free experience when shooting on the range. www.ar-magmagnet.com

Mag Magnet

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Just came across your website. I am familiar with this hardware, but I wanted to let readers know that it does break the assualt rifle laws in california.

Here is a link to a pretty good write up about it:

As you can see it is an old thread…from 2009. Nothing has changed as far as I know. If anything things have gotten more stringent out here.

If someone knows something different I'd be very interested.