Wisconsin’s First CCW Self Defense Case

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Wisconsin’s First CCW Self Defense Case

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)- A Milwaukee man will not face any charges after shooting a robbery suspect at a Milwaukee grocery store after an armed robber began waving a shotgun around, according to reports.

In fact, despite the Aldi’s store being posted against concealed carry, Milwaukee County’s district attorney praised his actions and no charges have been filed.

Nazir Al-Mujaahid told 12 News that when he saw a man holding up a sawed-off shotgun threatening a cashier in Aldi’s, he felt justified in drawing and shooting his concealed carry handgun.

Al-Mujaahid said he’d only had his permit a short time before the incident took place.

“There was a gentleman behind him. I nodded him to get out of the way. Thank God he saw and got out of the way, and that’s when I had to fire at the gentleman,” Al-Mujaahid said.

He fired six or seven times and made it clear Friday that he stands by his actions.

“The guy dropped the shotgun, dropped the bag of money, and people were safe. That’s the most important thing, and I’m not suffering any consequences for practice my constitutional right,” Al-Mujaahid said in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story.

Reaction to the self-defense shooting was positive.

“Now this is why we needed conceal carry and now have it,” wrote Bob Wateski at wisconsingunowners.org. “It could have been a dead store clerk or some other person if not for this man having his pistol on him and willing to use it to protect another.”

According to one witness, Aldi’s reacted by moving the weapons prohibited signs but failed to remove them.

“That Aldi is in my neighbourhood,” wrote one commenter. “They posted the no guns sign again but this time in the inside door. Not outside where it would be most observed initially.

“Guess the next time a shooting happens, collateral damage must take place before common sense takes place.”

The Journal story reports that Al- Mujaahid did not see the no-CCW sign when he entered the store.

“The surveillance video showed he acted reasonably and in a controlled manner,” District Attorney Chisholm said in the Journal story. “He disrupted an act that potentially exposed himself and others to death or great bodily harm. And under the unique facts and circumstances of this case, it would not be appropriate to charge him with any potential crimes or ordinance violations.”

From Grocery Shopper to Advocate

After being overwhelmed with support over his actions, Al- Mujaahid is spreading the word about concealed carry through a new website he’s launched at ccwadvocates.com.

The site talks about his experience and challenges users to discuss their self-defense plans.

He told 620 WTMJ that, “I think of having to draw my weapon. I think of the cashier. I think of the robber getting agitated, waving his gun around,” said Al-Mujaahid.

Meanwhile, the two robbers involved in the Aldi’s holdup have been arrested. Both had a history of violent crime and armed robberies in the area.

Editor’s Note: Late-breaking… Al- Mujaahid has filed a lawsuit against the Milwaukee PD for the return of his weapon, which he says police have no reason to hold. Stay tuned for further details.

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