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USA –-( A criminal protection zone is a slang term used to describe a place where law-abiding citizens are prohibited from carrying a firearm for personal protection. (aka Gun Free Zone)

Throughout history, we have seen over and over that laws do nothing more than punishing criminals. Laws are not to prevent crime, but there to set forth punishments for committing crimes.

No moral man needs laws to tell him how to act. His conscience leads him through life telling him the difference between right and wrong.

The Problem
While I was planning my vacation I started browsing the Internet looking for attractions to visit while I was away. I would then look to see if the attraction prohibited firearms. In my search, I had zero luck finding this information. There is no place on the internet to search for places that prohibit concealed carry.

The Solution
Being the entrepreneur that I am I took a bold leap. I decided to add another project to my already running over plate. I created to solve this issue. is a place for everyone to submit the businesses and establishments in their area that prohibit concealed carry. I hope to make this site a national directory and the go-to source for new concealed carriers and travelers across the United States.

But I Need Your Help
I have a big call of action for you today. I want to make Criminal Protection Zone a great resource. Unfortunately I have a limited means of finding these locations outside of my home state. I need your help in finding these locations and putting them on the site.

I have made it very easy for you to assist. Simply go to the Register page at and create your free account. The go to the Submit Location page and submit the criminal protection zones (places prohibiting concealed carry) in your area. Please be sure to include all useful information. There is a place to select the state and enter the city. In the description you can include things like an address or nearby businesses.

With your assistance we can quickly establish an online directory available to all. We may also be able to shine some light on these corporations protecting criminals and encouraging bad-guys to unleash their wrath on innocent people.

About Criminal Protection Zone

Please share this post and with your friends and family. The more that know the better off we all are.

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Everything is out lawyed in CA!


What is wrong with you. Haven't you heard of Mayor Blumberg and NYC or all of CA and Senator "Frankenstein?"

Bob Moore

1. Actually you need to put EVERY CINEMARK theater nationwide (which will include the one in Aurora). That individual theater was just following a company-wide policy.

2. Since California is a may-issue state and the county sheriff is the one who decides whether permits will be issued or not, several counties in CA must be put onto your list.

Kenneth Waggoner

You definitely need to put the movie theater in Aurora on there.


Just include New Jersey. THE WHOLE STATE! Unless you're politicly connected there is no CCW here!