Sig Sauer Lone Star P226 Pistol

Sig Sauer Lone Star P226 Pistol
Sig Sauer Lone Star P226 Pistol

Winter Park, FL — -( RSR Group, Inc. is proud to partner with SIG SAUER to distribute the exclusive Lone Star P226 pistol to dealers.

With this unique new P226 model, SIG offers a tip of the hat to the spirit of Texas independence while staying true to the SIG SAUER brand.

The Lone Star P226 features a laser engraved outline of the state of Texas on top of the slide, near the rear sights. Another upgrade to the Lone Star P226 is the rosewood grips, complete with a lone star carved into each side. A subtle, but unique feature of the Lone Star P226 is the serial number. All Lone Star P226 serial numbers will begin with the letters TX to set this limited edition series apart from the standard model.

“I think SIG SAUER is the perfect manufacturer to help quench a Texas-sized thirst for firearms,” said Bill Silver, SIG SAUER’s longtime Vice President of Commercial Sales, as he announced the creation of the Lone Star Series P226 Pistol. “Considering the Texas Rangers currently use the P226 in the field, the Lone Star Series P226 is a perfect fit for Texans.”

The P226 is also currently in use by the U.S. Navy SEALs, Federal agents and numerous other state law enforcement agencies.

Currently, the Lone Star P226 will be offered in 9MM, with other models and calibers on the horizon. The Lone Star P226 also includes features that are standard on P226 series pistols, such as a Nitron finished slide, black anodized frame, 15-round magazine capacity in 9MM, accessory rail, single and double action operation, and 4.4” barrel.

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Juan Gonzalez

Sweet looking gun, as a Texan this firearm is a good add to a collection.


Sig Sauer P226 is a nice accurate firearm.I always wondered why The U.S. Navy SEALS used a firearm in 9mm.Okay yes the armed forces use the Beretta M9 in 9mm.Though The SEALS could use any caliber.Also they can use a JHP round unlike the U.S. armed forces that have to use the 124 gr. FMJ NATO.Ball ammo in the 9mm is not very effective thats why I use JHP.If I could use only ball ammo,FMJ,than give me the .45 acp 230 FMJ.Its a big bullet and will stop better than 9mm ball ammo,FMJ.If I was a SEAL I would want… Read more »