New York Peace Officer On Commitment And Oath

Keep My Oath of Office
New York Peace Officer On Commitment And Oath
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

Hilham, TN –-( This letter, from a Saratoga County, New York, Deputy Sheriff speaks of honor, commitment, and respecting any Oath you take.

It was sent to Glenn Maine, one of our State leaders.

It is placed here with the author's permission. What would you say to your children about how to live?

I think Deputy David Jones said some important things to his children.


I am not one who seeks or intentionally brings attention to myself. I am one who participates, but does so from the rear of the crowd. My articulation skills are lacking, and in a crowd, I will often pronounce a word with error or stutter through a phrase. I have known the Sheriff of Fulton County for some time now. I call Tom Lorey a friend. I understand and agree with his philosophy and I'm motivated by his passion. I, if allowed, would like to stand next to Sheriff Lorey and do whatever I can to assist in the completion of this mission.

I will stand in the shadows no more.

I am an Army veteran and have been a police officer for nearly 24 years. I have taken all my oaths freely and accepted the responsibility of an oath as a promise to those that I serve. In today's society, it seems that an oath is now nothing more than a ceremony of useless words and phrases which no longer are binding to those who have repeated them. Our Government was formed as a representative government for the people and by the people. Our elected representatives should mirror the beliefs and morality of the people they served. If a representative wanders from those beliefs, they feared the vote of the people. Now it seems the government no longer fears the people. Our government has become a government by the government and for the government. Special interest, and money, bribes if you will, tell many of representatives how they will vote and the will of the people are ignored.

Elected politicians and appointed government figures have been knowingly and intentionally violating law whenever it suits them to push a political agenda. Never let a good crisis go to waste, even when they are told by a majority of the people they represent that their agenda is not wanted. Yet, they will call one of our citizens, who have committed no crime on Tuesday, who is compliance with the laws and openly accepts personal responsibility, a criminal on Wednesday for being in compliance with Tuesday's law, only because someone rewrote the definition of a term. Now that the executive branch of our federal government has made the Congress powerless through Executive Order and they believe that there is no need for any type of a spending plan to exist, is there any possible way to hold these politicians accountable since those in Congress appear to be in no hurry or have little to provide except wonderful sounding press releases that never have an action attached to them.

I have been thinking about this for some time and from my recent experiences I believe that I must start with our young citizens. Recently I attended a function at the local High School. My daughter was being inducted into the National Honor Society. The auditorium was full of families and school officials. At the beginning of the ceremony everyone was asked to stand for the National Anthem. I stood, clicked my heels and placed my hand over my heart. I was in horror to see the number of adults who stood but considered it a hassle and did nothing else. I looked up and onto the stage and saw my daughter standing with her hand over her heart and smiling while looking at our Nation's flag. While some students also had their hand over their heart, I was amazed by the number of students who were standing, but talking to the student next to them, chewing gum or fidgeting around. The High School Principal, who is the leader of the school and the primary role model for these students, was standing front and center of the stage and had her hands behind her back. For a moment I said to myself, “What is wrong with me, I am the one who is out of touch, doesn't this matter anymore and what has happened to our children?” If I had acted the way some of these young adults were acting when I was their age, I would have been punished by my parents for embarrassing them in public. Citizenship is no longer taught properly in our homes or our schools if it is taught at all. It has become the responsibility of those who still believe that this is the greatest country in the world and it is because of an old piece of paper written a long time ago that makes it that way, to teach this to our young people. I am dedicating myself at this time to help teach our young people the true meanings of our forefathers; I just don't know how to accomplish this.

Both of my boys as well as I, are Eagle Scouts. I have taught citizenship, national history and flag etiquette to scouts for many years. This is great, except scouting only reaches a small percentage of our male youth. Part of an Eagle Scout ceremony is called the “Challenge”. It is given to a new Eagle Scout by an Eagle Scout and I had the pleasure, honor and responsibility to challenge my sons. I told them that as of this day, they are marked men to everyone who knows them. That minimal effort and turning away from a situation is not acceptable and to never compromise on their personal beliefs and morals. I then led my sons and every Eagle Scout in that room in the Eagle Scout Oath. This Oath as well as many others ends with, “On my sacred honor.” Meaningless words? I think not.

My wife and I have tried, and believe we have accomplished, to teach our children their National heritage and what the meaning of our forefather's written words actually mean. We have taught our children not to lie. We have taught our children not to steal or cheat or associate with those who do. We have taught our children that morality counts and that there is right and wrong as well as good and evil. The saying in our home is, “Do what you know to be right”, when our children leave our home unaccompanied by an adult. We are all hypocrites in one way or another but we have taught and shown our children that after we are gone, we will only be remembered for our character.

Our country is changing at a rapid pace; it seems to be out of control. I do not know how much longer my law enforcement career will last, as I will not violate my oaths because some elected or appointed official does not possess the courage, morality, integrity or guts to say “no” to laws and directives that violate the Constitution of the United States of America. I am asking all of you who read these words not to stand at the rear of the crowd anymore. Let's all stand together at the front of the crowd with Sheriff Tom Lorey.


Respectfully submitted,

David P. Jones

Deputy Sheriff Saratoga County


Note from Elias Alias, editor: The letter above, written by Deputy Jones, stands as an individual example of the character and honor held by the Deputies of Saratoga County, New York. That Sheriff's Department has written its own statement opposing New York's Redcoat Governor Cuomo's S.A.F.E. Act, which was hastily rushed through the State legislature and forged into law in a very despicable skirting of normal legislative processes. Please also read the official Sheriff's Department letter of condemnation:

Oath Keepers salutes the whole Sheriff's Department of Saratoga County, New York for honoring their Oath to the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of New York.

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution. Visit:

  • 5 thoughts on “New York Peace Officer On Commitment And Oath

    1. Having lived in Saratoga county for a large part of my adult life, a tear came to my eyes after reading this. This man is a true patriot, he tells it like it is. I can only hope that other LEO’s can see the truth in this mans statements. Thank you Sheriff for being the man you are, we are all very proud of you.

    2. Sir
      you are the enemy of every progressivly rotting libturd, spineless political hack and liberty hating globalist. I respect you for standing true to your beliefs and values. There are millions of us standing in the shadows with these same beliefs ready and willing to do what is necessary at a moments notice. Millions of good people will never accept these phony laws that violate the Constitution. As far as me personally I consider anything concerning infringement on the 2A is asswipe paper.

    3. I am a 66 year-old USMC Viet Nam veteran and, like many other citizens, I am consistently appalled at the ignorance of respect normally rendered to the flag at parades and public events, and I wonder where their training or enculturation has been deficient. When the National Anthem is played, I see little awareness that males must remove their hats and place their right hand over their heart. At parades, when the flag is carried past us by a color guard, it is customary to respectfully stand at attention and render respect to the flag, yet I see a deteriorating awareness of this and those who do respond appropriately are typically veterans and those with law enforcement experience. I see school custodians raise and lower the flag on school properties with no awareness of how it should be done, or how the flag should be folded. Fewer citizens seem to know the words to the National Anthem, though many seem thoroughly familiar with the lyrics to popular music.
      I am disappointed when I hear college graduates discuss issues rooted in history with no understanding where these historic events occurred or what their significance may have been.
      With frequent demonstration that our citizens seem to have forgotten how to respond to the responsibilities of citizenship, is their little wonder than our society seems to demonstrate a pronounced deterioration of social awareness and common courtesies? Apparently, patriotism is an anachronistic concept.
      How sad that so much of what we have striven for and secured over time as cherished freedoms and respected traditions seems to have been lost on so very many. How pathetic that so many of our neighbors have no idea how to conduct themselves at public events!
      When the rights we have fought for slip through our fingers because we no longer grasp their importance, we have only ourselves to blame. Every democracy seems to get the government it deserves. I am watching the process of change in my country, and it saddens me. I sense a complacency, a “fast-food” mentality, and a self-serving, convenience-oriented, materialistic attitude that indicates a decline in what has been great and noble.
      When we marvel that society seems to have forgotten what made it great, to whom shall we turn to ask, “Why weren’t they informed?” As parents, as educators, as citizens, we share the responsibility to teach and to model the behaviors we want to see in our young men and women. How did so many of us fail to do that?
      We have permitted the mention of God to be eliminated from our schools, and yet we lament the withering principles we see in our society? When a person is threatened or a child is bullied, why is it “someone else’s job” to assist or respond to it?
      I am grateful to Deputy Sheriff David P. Jones and many men and women like him who have given much of themselves to keep their oaths, to uphold the law, to model the behaviors that deserve respect.
      Edward J. Palumbo
      Tualatin, Oregon

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