55 COLORADO Sheriffs Sue State Over Bad Gun Laws

Colorado Sheriffs Will Not Enforce State Gun Control Laws If Enacted
Colorado Sheriffs Will Not Enforce State Gun Control Laws If Enacted
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

Colorado –-(Ammoland.com)- There was an Oath Keepers meeting last week in Colorado, and Tim Norton, our authorized chapter coordinator in the Denver area, had asked my help in expediting a shipment of Oath Keepers brochures and DVDs, which he received just hours before the meeting. Tim is retired U.S. Air Force and is honoring his Oath by organizing Oath Keepers members and activities in central Colorado. Tim’s meeting last week was about the Colorado Sheriffs and their problem with new Colorado gun laws.

This afternoon, Friday, May 17, 2013,  Fifty-four (54) Colorado Sheriffs had their lawsuit against the State of Colorado filed in court today. (Update: Just this afternoon, another Sheriff has joined, making the total now at 55 – see below.)

Here is a link to the video of the press conference, sent in to me by Tim Norton:


In Oath Keepers’ Colorado forum, Colorado member “loydering” furnished the following link for positive press coverage:


At the Colorado Peak Politics site link we learn that there now are 55 Sheriffs on board with the lawsuit, with today’s joining by Sheriff Rodney Johnson of Grand County, Colorado. Here is the listing from the Colorado Peak Politics site –

  • JOHN B. COOKE, Sheriff of Weld County, Colorado;
  • TERRY MAKETA, Sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado;
  • JUSTIN SMITH, Sheriff of Larimer County, Colorado;
  • DAVID A. WEAVER, Sheriff of Douglas County, Colorado;
  • BRUCE W. HARTMAN, Sheriff of Gilpin County, Colorado;
  • KEN PUTNAM, Sheriff of Cheyenne County, Colorado;
  • DENNIS SPRUELL, Sheriff of Montezuma County, Colorado;
  • TIM JANTZ, Sheriff of Moffat County, Colorado;
  • JERRY MARTIN, Sheriff of Dolores County, Colorado;
  • MIKE ENSMINGER, Sheriff of Teller County, Colorado;
  • SHAYNE HEAP, Sheriff of Elbert County, Colorado;
  • CHAD DAY, Sheriff of Yuma County, Colorado;
  • FRED D. MCKEE, Sheriff of Delta County, Colorado;
  • LOU VALLARIO, Sheriff of Garfield County, Colorado;
  • FRED HOSSELKUS, Sheriff of Mineral County, Colorado;
  • BRETT L. POWELL, Sheriff of Logan County, Colorado;
  • JAMES FAULL, Sheriff of Prowers County, Colorado;
  • LARRY KUNTZ, Sheriff of Washington County, Colorado;
  • BRIAN E. NORTON, Sheriff of Rio Grande County, Colorado;
  • DUKE SCHIRARD, Sheriff of La Plata County, Colorado;
  • JIM BEICKER, Sheriff of Fremont County, Colorado;
  • RONALD BRUCE, Sheriff of Hinsdale County, Colorado;
  • CHRIS S. JOHNSON, Sheriff of Otero County, Colorado;
  • FRED JOBE, Sheriff of Custer County, Colorado;
  • DONALD KRUEGER, Sheriff of Clear Creek County, Colorado;
  • JAMES CRONE, Sheriff of Morgan County, Colorado;
  • SI WOODRUFF, Sheriff of Rio Blanco County, Colorado;
  • TOM RIDNOUR, Sheriff of Kit Carson County, Colorado;
  • TOM NESTOR, Sheriff of Lincoln County, Colorado;
  • STAN HILKEY, Sheriff of Mesa County, Colorado;
  • FORREST FRAZEE, Sheriff of Kiowa County, Colorado;
  • RICK DUNLAP, Sheriff of Montrose County, Colorado;
  • TED B. MINK, Sheriff of Jefferson County, Colorado;
  • DAVE STONG, Sheriff of Alamosa County, Colorado;
  • FRED WEGENER, Sheriff of Park County, Colorado;
  • BRUCE NEWMAN, Sheriff of Huerfano County, Colorado;
  • RANDY PECK, Sheriff of Sedgwick County, Colorado;
  • DOMINIC MATTIVI, JR., Sheriff of Ouray County, Colorado;
  • JOHN MINOR, Sheriff of Summit County, Colorado;
  • SCOTT FISCHER, Sheriff of Jackson County, Colorado;
  • PETER GONZALEZ, Sheriff of Archuleta County, Colorado;
  • RICK BESECKER, Sheriff of Gunnison County, Colorado;
  • CHARLES “ROB” URBACH , Sheriff of Phillips County, Colorado;
  • ROD FENSKE, Sheriff of Lake County, Colorado;
  • GRAYSON ROBINSON, Sheriff of Arapahoe County, Colorado;
  • DAVID D. CAMPBELL, Sheriff of Baca County, Colorado;
  • MIKE NORRIS, Sheriff of Saguache County, Colorado;
  • AMOS MEDINA, Sheriff of Costilla County, Colorado;
  • MILES CLARK, Sheriff of Crowley County, Colorado;
  • DAVID ENCINIAS, Sheriff of Bent County, Colorado;
  • SUE KURTZ, Sheriff of San Juan County, Colorado;
  • JAMES (JIM) CASIAS, Sheriff of Las Animas County, Colorado;
  • GARRETT WIGGINS, Sheriff of Routt County, Colorado;
  • DOUGLAS N. DARR , Sheriff of Adams County, Colorado;
  • RODNEY JOHNSON, Sheriff of Grand County.

Here is the link for the pdf of the filing: http://www.i2i.org/files/file/54-sheriffs-complaint.pdf

Oath Keepers everywhere are pleased by this kind of patriotism displayed by County Sheriffs. Our message of fidelity to the Oath is certainly gaining good traction all across America as governmental corruption is exposed on all levels of government (with the most hideous corruption emanating from the General government in WDC).

Thank God for real American Sheriffs!

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Betty Blanco

Please join the ARKANSAS VALLEY TEA PARTY in their section in the Arkansas Valley Fair Parade FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2013.

Please gather at 9:30 AM, 919 Emerson, Rocky Ford (See Map)Look for Gadsden Flags, Tea Party Flags, and guns!!!
(We will load elderly/disabled on the trailer at 8:30 AM at Washington School.) Parade starts at 10AM

Restore Colorado’s 2nd Amendment. Bring your Rifles and holstered handguns! (Follow Westcliffe protocol please)

It is Time to STAND UP. Celebrate and Defend our Constitution. Use it or Lose it!


These law enforcement agencies know that “unconstitutional laws” drafted by liberal scum ain’t laws at all,..but personal agendas to undermine the country.I really like how across the country people are telling this gun-grabbing trash to go to hell.After all this is said and done the NRA and the 2’nd amendment will be stronger than ever.HBH