Open Letter to Governor Christie – Veto Gun Control Bills

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Trenton, NJ –-( Dear Governor Christie:

PLEASE VETO the gun control bills that the NJ Senate is planning to pass this Monday.

These bills represent the biggest rush to judgement ever put together by a legislative body.

If you allow these things to go through you will get worse press than what Cuomo got in NY for their rushed mess. You will look like a bigger fool than Nancy Pelosi as you will have approved something without fully knowing what is in the bills. These things are written with contradictions in them and violate our rights.

Just take a look at the new requirements for Firearms ID’s and purchase permits. There is language in there that you must have an ID card and a pistol purchase permit to purchase ammunition, why would you need a permit to buy a handgun to only purchase ammunition – it makes no sense.

Further, placing a firearms endorsement on a driver’s license will be a total disaster. While Sweeney claims it will be encoded and only appropriate people will be able to read it we all know that is non-sense in this day and age where 12 year olds can crack almost any technology. What this means is we will likely see massive discrimination by employers when it comes to hiring. Do you want to be the governor that signs a bill creating discrimination against people just because they own a gun, I think not. This bill will likely cause police to illegally search every car in a traffic stop claiming they have probable cause because the license indicates that a firearm may possibly be in the trunk.

These proposed laws are bad for New Jersey and bad for you if you decide to seek a higher office.

These bills only harass legal gun owners while doing nothing to stop violence or crime in this state. Your goal should be to go after the criminals that use guns against us, not go after gun owners that are the most lawful members of society. Remember that everyone that has an FID card already has undergone criminal and mental evaluations and has their fingerprints on file – how does clamping down on us stop crime? That is right, it does not.

I urge you to veto all these bills and direct the Senate and Assembly to enact “common sense” laws that restricts the rights of criminals and gang members and does something to go after them rather than trample the rights of honest citizens of this state. Also please have the courage to tell them to institute a law to make NJ a shall issue concealed carry state. Contrary to what democrats claim, guns in the hands of legal citizens prevent crime and isn’t that what you want? Don’t you want to prevent rape, murder and other acts of violence, if so let us carry to protect ourselves in this state. Crime will go down once criminals realize their potential victims have the means to fight back.

Thanks for your consideration on this important matter.

Sincerely, Howard Scho