NRA & Pro-Gun New Hampshire Receive Death Threats Over ‘Christie Watch’

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NRA & Pro-Gun New Hampshire Receive Death Threats Over ‘Christie Watch’
Pro-Gun New Hampshire
Pro-Gun New Hampshire

Concord, NH –-(  As we wrote in the August 3 update to the article “Tell this potential Republican candidate for President that New Hampshire voters are watching him!,” our notice about New Jersey Governor (and potential presidential candidate) Chris Christie has “gone viral,” generating major news reports on state (New Jersey), national, and even international (Reuters) news sites.

The article urged voters in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation Republican presidential primary election to see if Christie vetoes New Jersey gun control legislation.

Unfortunately, some people do not like to see their anti-gun agenda challenged.

So much so, Pro-Gun New Hampshire received profanity-laced complaints and even death threats.

Here are two such actual messages sent through the PGNH website, exactly as received (except for redacted obscenity):

—– Original Message —–
From: <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2013 7:34 PM
Subject: [Message to Pro-Gun New Hampshire] “Christie”

jck f sent a message using the contact form at

As  resident of NJ who happens to be for reasonable gun control I’m curious
who the f*** [The actual message used the full word] you people think you are to be
interfering in the NJ governor’s race with your threats/
—– Original Message —–

From: <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, August 04, 2013 12:16 PM
Subject: [Message to Pro-Gun New Hampshire] “Sam Cohen”

[This message was addressed to Sam Cohen, Pro-Gun New Hampshire (PGNH) Executive Vice President and CEO, because he was briefly interviewed for, and quoted in, the Reuters article.]

Howard Cohen sent a message using the contact form at

As a registered Democrat, and certainly not an avid supporter of Chris Christie, I abhor his [sic – he means “Sam Cohen’s”] threat to the NJ governor about his possible stance on gun control. When viewing all the daily gun violence in this country and mocking all the gun rights advocates who see any sort of gun control as a threat to their second amendment rights, I can only hope that Mr. Cohen, and he shares my last name, has a personal tragedy involving guns. Then perhaps he will somewhat modify his positions. The Second Amendment is outdated, irrelevant and sorely in need of repeal. Nobody back in the 1700’s could have possibly envisioned the type of weaponry, size of our population and composition of our current society when they drafted that legislation. Their main purpose was to prevent government anarchy and unlawful impingement on civil rights and property seizure. If you actually feel that this is still a viable threat, you should be transported to a psychiatric facility to deal with your  paranoia. I strongly feel that the only way all you self righteous gun advocates might alter your perceptions is in the presence of a personal tragedy involving a gun event. I sincerely wish that some deranged individual would take a legal assault weapon and shoot up the office and personnel of the NRA. They exert too much power in our country and require extermination. That’s all I can say MR. COHEN. [Emphasis added] 


These were two examples of the kind of negative correspondence we have been getting, mainly from New Jersey based anti gun supporters.  Be assured, though, that there have been many, many more messages and calls expressing support.

[Editor’s note: Sam Cohen has written a separate article, expanding on this report with his personal commentary.]

About Pro-Gun New Hampshire
Pro-Gun New Hampshire is a statewide organization of legislators, other public officials, and private citizens pledged to support and defend Second Amendment and sportsmen’s rights within the state of New Hampshire. Our focus is on influencing state legislation through the personal relationships, honorable reputations, and mature conduct of our leadership and members. Visit:

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Stupid bastards, when obozo’s boys come kicking your doors in, you will wish you had something to defend yourself, instead of riding handcuffed to the nears fema camp with the gas chambers!! imho

Free mericn

The real danger in America is run away devilcrat government officials who feel that the law is only an inconvenience to be circumvented .it does not apply to them from the worst tyrant,dictator wanna-be Obama to every last one of them with their anti America agenda and communist plan for America we must be wary of this pestilence they propagate.


Yeah, by all means let’s havehem repeal the second amendment (heh heh heh).

This is probably just a faint shadow of what will happen next.


I like how the email addresses of the two knuckleheads is still visible.


So you people who don’t believe in guns, are afraid of them, and don’t know how to use one if you had it, are going to threaten people who have guns,and are very good at using them. What are you going to do, throw a sponge at us? That wont come out well.

miguel a alvarado

folks, come and take my gun, big mouth, we the people shall not be scared off by punks in Government, you New Jersey politicians etc,will not win, not just the NRA who follows 2nd amendment, but more then half of the population also follows it, so, shut the _heck_____off u bigets and gun haters of the world..amen,,,miguel