Black Gun Owners Slam Funny or Die’s Racisit ‘Black NRA’ Joke

Racist Sarah Silverman
Black Gun Owners Slam Funny or Die’s Racisit ‘Black NRA’ Joke

USA –-( In case you missed it, last week Funny or Die produced a video in which comedian Sarah Silverman, among others, facetiously advocated for a black NRA.

It wasn’t funny, but racist and ignorant.

But don’t think the black, gun-owning community let this one slide. NRA commentator Colion Noir and PJTV’s AlfonZo Rachel both took their turn condemning the ‘black NRA’ video—and they’re well worth watching.

“Everyone in this video is guilty of promoting the idea that all young black men are criminals to be feared, because God forbid the Second Amendment apply to everyone, that would mean even young black men can own guns, too, and obviously that should scared every white person in America to vouch for gun control,”

Noir says. “Are there white people who don’t want black people to own guns? Yes, and their names are Mayor Bloomberg and Dianne Feinstein…last I checked, the NRA advocated gun rights for everyone.”

And AlfonZo Rachel’s:

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    1. Every responsible American should have and know how to use at least ONE handgun , rifle and shotgun ( more is preferable ) regardless of race creed or color . My black American friends and neighbors deserve the same amount of self-protection capabilities as all other Americans . I am NOT racist , but I DESPISE black demonrats and progressives just as much as those of all other races , creeds and color . Zo and Colin , along with Allen West and Lloyd Marcus and Star Parker are all black Americans I would like to be personal friends with , there are others of course but I don’t want to type names all day . All right , Dr. Ben Carson , Herman Cain , Mia Love ,Etc: Etc : Etc :

    2. I don’t see anything in the NRA that says whites only. Hell, they would take Bloomberg’s money, if he would send it to them. I would too. Everyone’s money is good and the same color to the NRA. No sense in running off and trying to start a black NRA. Plus using the name NRA in another organization would be lawsuit city. The biggest problem with blacks are, the good ones are mad dog anti-gun, deathly afraid of them, and usually both. Probably at least 95% of blacks who “own” guns are gang bangers. But somehow, blacks see taking away guns from the good guys as a good thing to do. They forget that gang bangers kill people and laugh at gun laws. It’s not going to effect them, except keep them safe to continue to kill people. Blacks just don’t get this. Get cradle to the grave government protection out of your hard heads.

    3. I personaly dont think Sarah it s funny comedian but she ishot as hell.
      I dont agree with this! Their are law abiding blacks around just like whites! Though in Chicago, DC, Detroit,LA! NYC! Good luck finding any!
      But to say most young blacks cant own guns isnt true! the black on black crime is definitly true and is not assressed in this country but SWEPT UNDER THE RUG by the NAACP! Al Sharpton &Jessie Jackson!.
      blacks are subject to upbringing just like all other races!! Their are whites , brown, yellow,red who cant own guns straight from age 18 because of how they were raised!!
      The modern liberals are poisoning our young people! All you have to do is turn on the tv!! Or play a video game to see the crap! That wasnt their in the80s or early 90s!!
      Its pathetic! The lack of Morals n Values not being taught kids!!
      Look at the recent DC shooting!! Wacko raised under liberal junk times!

    4. I don’t agree with the video of a proposed Black NRA. I don’t care either !
      When the remarks are made of racist on young blacks. Being criminals.
      The percentage is considerable higher for young black males than any other race. when you have Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson promoteing race baiters. That is where the race issue continues to cause the Blacks problems. Until you realize these fools are playing you as a sucker to make a living. It will only get worse ! King was the only true American who address the race issue in a civil way.

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