Wisconsin Carry: Most Honest News Reporting Of Milwaukee’s Crime Problem To Date

Wisconsin Carry
Wisconsin Carry

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)- Over the past months, Milwaukee’s spike in violent crime has resulted in Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett holding a series of press conferences where they try to off-load accountability for the city’s problems on others.

Ed Flynn suggests that Wisconsin’s concealed carry law has LOOPHOLES that are to blame for the spike in violence.

Through our media opportunities, we have suggested that Mayor Barrett and Chief Ed Flynn need look no further than the Milwaukee County DA’s office and Milwaukee County Judges who are plea-bargaining violent offenses down to misdemeanors and failing to use the sentencing remedies available to them to keep violent criminals off the streets.

Many in the Milwaukee media market refuse to shine a light on this aspect of the problem. Last week, CBS 58 out of Milwaukee aired the most unbiased and honest reporting of this issue to date. I encourage you to view this piece, which validates Wisconsin Carry’s contention that there are already PLENTY of legal remedies in place for DA’s and Judges to deal with crime if they choose:


For those interested, I covered this topic and others (including Wisconsin Carry’s position on the Appleton AR-15 “open carry” situation of 2 weeks ago) on Well Armed Radio, LIVE this past Sunday night.

Late last week we (Wisconsin Carry) received a few emails leveraging harsh criticism on us for refusing to condemn the open carry of rifles. I address some of the “hate” mail we received from people who call themselves “pro gun” during my program Sunday night. Wisconsin Carry’s position discussion starts at about the 39 minute mark of the show. The discussion of the above news story from CBS 58 starts at the 133 minute mark. You can listen to the broadcast archived show here:


All past shows are archived at the following link: www.blogtalkradio.com/wellarmedradio

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