Obama Stumps for Gun Control While Stockman Bills Would Repeal ‘Gun Free Zones’

Stockman bills would repeal “gun free zones”

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- President Barack Hussein Obama is picking a fight with gun owners once again.

As reported by The Blaze on Tuesday: One day after a deadly middle school shooting in Nevada, President Barack Obama “remains committed” to pushing for stricter gun control laws and will “keep at it,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday.

This was the second conspicuous shooting in two months — although the shooting this week did not garner nearly the amount of press that the Navy Yard shooting did in September.

Regardless, the Nevada incident was truly tragic — especially given the fact that Congress has done nothing to let teachers come to the defense of students. The Blaze reports:

Police say a 12-year-old boy at Sparks Middle School near Reno, Nev., shot and injured two classmates and killed math teacher Mike Landsberry, a former Marine who served in Afghanistan and who had been trying to talk the shooter out of harming others. The 12-year-old boy also killed himself.

Okay, what’s wrong with this picture? Can you spot all the ridiculous scenarios that are presented in just that one sentence alone?

This story raises several serious questions:

  1. * Why is a former Marine like teacher Mike Landsberry “trying to talk” the shooter out harming others? Why can’t he have a gun?
  2. * Why shouldn’t a Marine, who has been trained in weaponry, be able to protect himself and his students? Why can’t he have a gun?
  3. * Moreover, why does Congress continue to ignore the 80% of police officers who favor “arming teachers and/or school administrators” who volunteer to carry at their schools? Why wasn’t Landsberry allowed to be armed?
  4. * Finally, why isn’t Nevada following the example of its neighbors — in Utah and Idaho — which are arming teachers at schools?

While several schools in Idaho are now in the process of implementing this policy, Utah has been doing this for several years.

Thankfully, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has an answer to this insanity — the kind of craziness that keeps our teachers unprotected at schools, or for that matter, that keeps our servicemen unprotected when they are at work.

That’s why Rep. Stockman has introduced:

  1. * HR 35, which would repeal the gun ban that keeps teachers and school administrators defenseless. The bill would thus protect heroes like Assistant Principal Joel Myrick who have actually used a gun to stop a school shooter.
  2. * And HR 3199, which would repeal the ban that keeps servicemen defenseless on military bases.

With ObamaCare “glitches” giving the President headaches, don’t be surprised if he tries to shift the debate at some point after the next shooting.

It’s time to start pushing back — proactively!

ACTION: Click here to urge your Representatives to cosponsor HR 35 and HR 3199. Let them know you don’t want to ban guns; you want to ban gun free zones!

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Mr. Williams. Why do people prefer guns for defense…a burglar doesn’t deserve to be shot. Answer: The only way anyone can tell of the person is a burglar as opposed to a rapest or murderer is to see what he did while he was inside of your house. By then it is too late to make a choice of which method of defense you prefer. You are dead or worse!

Tired of Communism in the US

Ladies and Gentlemen, Time is getting very short. Obama is about to draw a new “red line” on our freedom to keep and bear arms. I believe the Bible says, “They make laws to do EVIL.” And the Supreme Court has said, “An UN-constitutional law is no law at all.” We had all better be thinking about the GRAVITY of what we will be forced to do when they come knocking on OUR door. WE did not make this choice. THEY did, just like the thief who breaks in our house. We didn’t make the choice to have to defend… Read more »


The ENTIRE problem is that democrat numbnut’s have NO common sense. Thus NO workable solution to ANY problem.

Eric Haulenbeek

Obama thinks his shining face and clap-trap rhetoric can move mountains. Maybe it could have once… some time ago, but his midas touch has turned to shiit! Everything with his name on it loses, and most people are starting to catch on to that. I can’t wait until this boob and his family get shuffled back to Chicago… where they belong!


David Williams: What article did you read and reply to? There was no thief in it or any of the other referenced shootings.


#GunFree Zones = #FreeFire Zones

Be armed. Be trained. Have a plan.


“President Barack Hussein Obama is picking a fight with gun owners once again.” Not exactly true. He is again moving toward greater disarmament of US citizens so that later there will not be a fight.

C K Johnson

I guess he needs to give more guns to AlQueada. And the drug lords of FAST AND FURIOUS. Remember we cling to our guns and religion. SO STAND YOUR GROUND


betta: No one in their right mind would want to shoot a 12 yr. old. But you need to put things in perspective. You wouldn’t shoot a 12 yr. old that started the trouble, but are willing to let other innocent 12 yr. olds be killed just so you can be seen as a kinder and gentler kind of guy. You’re an idiot. If that was one of your kids that got shot, would you still feel the same way?


We have a strong stand your ground law in our home state. David Williams has obviously drank the cool aid. To have to take a life is a very serious thing. But, I will never give an intruder the benefit of the doubt. I doubt if the intruder would give me the same benefit.


Oh come on. Why was he talking to him? Because it was a 12 year old!! I don’t think I could fire on a 12 year old…even if it meant me getting shot.

Ross Richard Blankert

Thieves are not what folks are worried about. Crazy people who think it is okay to shoot up schools is what we are talking about. In addition Thieves should be shot. Maybe they will stop stealing especially if they are dead. If you plan on stealing you should have some apprehension about doing it and armed citizens is what would cause that.

Mountain Man

Brings several questions to mind. 1)Where in the hell did this kid get the firearm? 2)Are the so called police going to do an investigation as to the where, how, who provided him with it, and will they go after him? 3)What provoked him bad enough to do something like this? 4)Was it bullying or continued torment? 5)If it was, then why weren’t the parents involved? And to David W. What kind of a statement is that? If you had someone break into your residence I bet you will welcome them with a handshake and a cup of coffee or… Read more »


David Williams: You apparently don’t have a grasp of reality so let me help you. When a person breaks into my home, I know one thing instantly: That his values are different from mine and because of that, I have the right to assume that his motive might very well be to rape or kill a member of my household. Even if he told me that he was only there to rob me, why should I or any sane person trust him? Therefore, I will use whatever force is necessary to eliminate the threat. If that means firing into center… Read more »

John Galt

How many times does a thief need to be punished before he finds the error of his ways? I doubt a thief will make you his last victim. A “death penalty” of a thief would discourage other thieves. Yes there are thugs, crooks, robbers, second story men, etc. so maybe you should think that there’s a reason why it’s called a crime wave when several burglaries happen in your neighborhood Mr. Williams.

TSgt B

The headline should have read: President Barack Obama SHOULD BE COMMITTED for insanely attempting to continue what has been shown without doubt to be a failed strategy regarding “gun control”.

TSgt B

David Williams: Until the CRIMINALS stop carrying guns (was that a pig I just saw fly by?) every law-abiding citizen has every RIGHT to be as well, or better, armed. Your asinine statement proves that either you are incredibly ignorant, mentally challenged, unbelievably stupid, a damned fool, or an evil dictatorial tyrant bent on controlling those whom which you disagree. Or a combination of all of the above.

We’ve had decades of “gun control”, and the only result is a lot of good people killed because they could not defend themselves or others. How’s the unicorn?

Jay W

David Williams, even in a fairly anti-gun state like Illinois, castle doctrine law states that you can use deadly force to defend against someone who breaks in.


i hope david .w dosnt speak that nonsense openly to everyone he meets , i’m sure that someone with less then good intentions would love to brows the contents of his home if they knew they might get in trouble and might be punished.

Kim Bertle

David Williams says “A thief does not deserve to be shot dead, they deserve punishment but not the death penalty.”

The thief has a choice:
► Be a law-abiding citizen
► Break into my house

If they are in my house, I get to decide how I protect myself and my family.

Ben VanDortrecht

David Williams,

How do we not know that this theif is not armed? I am not willing to take that chance, and risk any harm to my family.

Concerned Verteran

I’m 50 years old. I served 12 years. I returned to college a little over a year ago. After talking to some of my classmates who are also veterans I found out that I’m not the only one who is armed with a concealed weapon despite the law. I know it’s dangerous for me if I get caught but the alternative is worse. BTW, of the 30 or so students in my class there are 4 of us who are carrying. I think that vets with permits should be allowed to carry at schools. Just my two cents.

David Williams

I do not understand why guns are the preferred option for some people. You need to depend on something else. A thief does not deserve to be shot dead, they deserve punishment but not the death penalty.