Barnes Expands its 300 AAC Blackout Bullet Offerings for 2014

Barnes 300 AAC Blackout Bullets
Barnes 300 AAC Blackout Bullets
Barnes Bullets
Barnes Bullets

Mona, UT –-( As the industry’s leading supplier of 300 AAC Blackout ammunition and bullets for reloaders, Barnes Bullets, LLC (“Barnes”) is proud to announce a new 120 grain offering in addition to the current 110 grain TAC-TX in VOR-TX Ammunition and component lines.

The new products will be made available in February, 2014.

Features of the 120 grain TAC-TX include a specially designed profile that ensures flawless magazine-length loading in AR rifles, a boattail base to increase the ballistic coefficient and the proven solid-copper construction pioneered by Barnes that ensures consistent terminal performance through barriers and thick skinned game – making it an excellent choice for big game hunting as well as defense initiatives.

About Barnes Bullets, LLC
Barnes has led the industry in bullet technology and innovation since the 1930’s. With the introduction of Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition in 2010, the company continues to move forward and expand its vast lineup of top quality, performance-based products that give shooters a decided advantage in the field and on the range. Visit for more information. Follow Barnes! FacebookBlog

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I guess I’ll have to buy hornady and Sierra bullets of this cal & weight, what a shame. I’ve been searching for these since the announcement. Now I know why I can’t find them. Why bother to make am announcement.


120 grain 300 Blackout bullet from Barnes will not be offered as a component for reloading for at least a couple years. This information was obtained from a conversation I had with technical support. I got to admit it left a foul taste in my mouth since this move is so not like Barnes. I’m sure this decision is more likely to be coming from Freedom Group executives then the Barnes family. If you want this round or bullet you’ll have to obtain it through the Vor-tx line.

Eric Taylor

Although you guys have bullets for the 300 blackout, do you have the reloading info , for the 300 blackout, integrated , into Barnes’s new reloading manual? Thanks.