Elected Officials Question New Jersey State Police Firearms Permitting Delays

New Jersey State Police Colonel Rick Fuentes
New Jersey State Police Colonel Rick Fuentes questioned on extensive and unnecessary firearms permitting delays.
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- I was able to obtain a copy of this letter signed by the Constitutionally correct representatives of New Jersey Legislative District 24.

Senator Oroho, Assemblywoman McHose and Assemblyman Space all signed the attached letter requesting the assistance of the Superintendent of the NJSP, Colonel Rick Fuentes.

This letter is significant in that it is the first time we are aware of that our representatives have made a formal request for the system for processing firearms applications to be investigated.

Please refer to the attached documents.

Thank you,

Frank Jack Fiamingo
President – NJ2AS

LD-24 Letter to New Jersey State Police Col Fuentes Regarding Firearms Permits

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.com

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I had the same issue with the delay going over 30 days and Kearny PD stated that the Hudson county is dragging its feet. Then when I came in to pick up my FID and the handgun permit, the officer told me that he had to take a photo of me as it was KPD policy for all the handgun permits. THIS is a direct violation of NJ statute as it states the localities cannot deviate from the specified procedures. Chief of KPD informed me via email that the photo was voluntary (I wasn’t told of that at the moment)… Read more »


I found that sending 2c58 to the chief and detectives with the 30day statue highlighted and your statement that you will sue the town and pd.helps it worked for me in paramus

Bob Shell

If the peoples republic of New jersey dumped their draconian gun laws they wouldn’t have these problems. Since like Chicage all of the politicions are on the take I doubt that any positive changes will come about anytime soon


Any excuse will do for liberals, we all know that because they don’t have any brains to really figure any thing out.

The Carpathian

Yes, they are taking longer than statuatory limits to process applications. THEY DON’T CARE BECAUSE THEIR MASTERS GIVE THEM TREATS WHEN THEY STALL AND KEEP EVIL GUNS FROM THE UNWASHED MASS OF “CIVILIANS.” It’s time to sue the police for causing the delay. You need to sue the police in general, the named officer in charge of the program, and everybody who comes in contact with the application. Even better would be a criminal complaint with the officers and leaders named as conspirators to deny your rights and privileges according to statute. GET AGGRESSIVE. Refuse to be dismissed by the… Read more »

Ed Messinger

This isn’t just a State Police problem. It appears that most local departments take far longer than the statutory 30 days to process FID cards and Pistol Purchase Permits. It’s about time someone questioned these practices.