Gun Control Bills to be Introduced In The Minnesota Senate Thursday

Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance

Minnesota –-( After the humiliating defeat of every bit of gun control proposed last session, you’d think that the gun grabbers would learn.

Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.

We need you to make your voice heard at the State Capitol, this Thursday.

Are you coming to the Capitol on Thursday? Help us out and let us know by clicking here: I’m coming!

On Thursday, a Senate committee will hear two bills — six hours apart — that would infringe on the rights of Minnesota gun owners.

Gun Confiscation Court Orders

Civil rights opponent Ron Latz, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced SF2639, a bill that would create de facto confiscation of firearms from persons accused of domestic violence.

THE BILL WILL BE HEARD THURSDAY EVENING, March 20 2014, at 6 p.m. in Room 15 of the Capitol.

While GOCRA has no love for wife-beaters, this bill goes far beyond protecting victims, and would impose a back-door theft of personal property through exorbitant fees.

Capitol Carry Traps

Based on the flawed recommendations of lame duck Lieutenant Governor Prettner Solon’s capitol safety advisory committee, and steamrolled by lame duck Representative Michael Paymar, SF2690 would impose additional red tape hoops to jump through, and “gotcha” felonies for permit holders visiting the State Capitol Complex.

THE BILL WILL BE HEARD THURSDAY, March 20 2014, at noon in Room 15 of the Capitol.

Bad information leads to bad policy, and the information presented by the Department of Public Safety at those committee meetings this summer was terrible: the DPS spokesman had no idea that the DPS managed the permit holder database!

This bill would create a trap for harmless permit holders whose meaningless, duplicative, unused notifications “expired.” A visit to any capitol-area building — even the Minnesota History Center –– after this false “expiration” would turn a permit holder into a felon.

Disturbingly, SF2690 was introduced by A-rated Senator David Tomassoni. We believe, at this point, that he was handed the bill by his caucus leadership, and doesn’t fully understand its meaninglessness to public safety, nor its the legal trap it would create for law-abiding permit holders.

Between now and the hearings, we’ll be gathering support at the Capitol to challenge these bills — either by changing them to respect our rights, or killing them outright.

We need you there to remind your representatives who they work for!
Are you coming to the Capitol on Thursday? Help us out and let us know by clicking here: I’m coming!

Thank you for your support!

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