Gun Law Critic, James Kaleda, Targeted By NJ State Police – ARRESTED

Arrested and Awaiting Extradition from PA, for clerical error on gun permit application.
By Dan Roberts

James Kaleda
James Kaleda
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Last week I broke the story of well known and outspoken NJ Gun Law Critic, James Kaleda, being targeted by the New Jersey State Police over claims that he provided false information on a NJ Non Resident Firearms I.D. Card Application.

At that time I promised that I would be following the story closely and update readers as things developed.

Well, they have. Early last week James advised, via Social Media, that Police Officers from Pennsylvania were at his home and he was being taken into custody on an arrest warrant issued by the NJ State Police for the charge of providing false information on a NJ Non Resident Firearms I.D. Card Application.

An offense that is treated as a third degree felony in New Jersey,  punishable by up to five years in State Prison if convicted.

Mr Kaleda was detained and is currently being held in the Northampton County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania. An extradition hearing was held on Friday March 7th 2014, when extradition was waived. Mr Kaleda now awaits NJ State Police Authorities to have him transferred to NJ before he can go before a NJ Judge to post bail. A process which the State apparently has up to ninety days to complete.

Mr Kaleda has retained noted NJ Firearms Law Expert and Attorney, Evan Nappen, for his defense. Mr Nappen has stated he plans to mount a vigorous defense of his client on the charges.

Obviously this situation has raised significant concerns and alarms for the over 1 million Citizens of NJ who own firearms and could easily find themselves in a similar situation.

Pro Second Amendment Social Media sites have engaged in extensive discussions and no small amount of speculation about this unprecedented action on the part of the State and the reasons behind it. Supporters of Mr Kaleda have repeatedly asked for more detailed and specific information. Particularly as to what the charge of allegedly false information was based on, that brought about this action. While understandable, no further information will be released by Mr Kaleda or his Attorney beyond that which is already public knowledge. To do otherwise would serve no purpose than to be a detriment to Mr Kaleda’s possible defense to the charges.

As I mentioned in my previous article about Mr Kaleda, numerous sources in a position to know such things, have told me that this situation reeks of retribution against Mr Kaleda. Most likely stemming from his embarrassment of Assemblyman Donald Norcross at a Committee Hearing last year. As well as a means to prevent Mr Kaleda from attending & testifying against A2006, the proposal to limit magazine capacity to ten rounds.

In fact, a high up source, formally, within the ranks of the NJ State Police contacted me and insisted on remaining anonymous for concerns over just such retribution against him. Then told me that the handling of such a paperwork issues, including issuing a Warrant, is going to such incredible lengths that it would have been “Highly Unusual”. Lending further legitimacy to the theory that the charges proffered against Mr Kaleda have significantly more to do with his vocal and outspoken public criticism of NJ Gun Laws & Legislators. Rather than with any legitimate criminal offense warranting such an over the top response.

While an alarming claim by any means, it is not unheard of in NJ, particularly when it comes to gun laws. Witness the case of veteran, and Sussex County Law Enforcement Officer Thomas Cassidy who after having served with honor & distinction in both the Military & Law Enforcement Community, was railroaded by Anti Gun Officials & Judges.

Or in the infamous case of Brian Aitken, the Mt Laurel man who was sentenced to seven years in State Prison by an Anti Gun Judge, who refused to instruct the jury on the exemptions to NJ’s ban on the transportation of firearms.

Or the more recent case of Jersey City resident Keith Pantaleon, the man who was locked up for over a month on fabricated charges, after police entered his apartment with absolutely no authority, warrant or probable cause.

These case are just the most well known and high profile ones. There are almost certainly hundreds, if not thousands, possibly even tens of thousands, of similar cases as these that no one ever hears of.

This goes far beyond simply a zealous enforcement of NJ’s ridiculously strict gun laws, and has squarely entered the territory of the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin, where the use of the Police and the law to suppress, imprison and punish people for political reasons, was the norm.

The persecution of gun owners by the State of NJ, both residents & non residents alike has gone on relatively quietly, behind the scenes and rarely acknowledged outside the State. Except in the most high profile cases, that are impossible to ignore, such as Aitkins & Pantaleon, which gain National attention for their egregious nature and then are forgotten in the 24/7/365 news cycle.

It is long past time for an unrelenting independent investigation of all three branches of NJ Government. All three have at various times, both actively and passively, conspired to participate in such persecution and cover up.

Bull Connors, himself, would be hard pressed to match the bigotry and blatant abuse of power on display in NJ when it comes to harassing gun owners. And it must stop!


Editors Note: Please support James Kaleda’s legal defense fund at

About Dan Roberts Dan Roberts is a grassroots supporter of gun rights that has chosen AmmoLand Shooting Sports News as the perfect outlet for his frank, ‘Jersey Attitude’ filled articles on Guns and Gun Owner Rights.As a resident of the oppressive state of New Jersey he is well placed to be able to discuss the abuses of government against our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms as he writes from deep behind NJ’s Anti-Gun iron curtain. Read more from Dan Roberts or email him at [email protected] You can also find him on Facebook:

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patriot in tn

Moved out of jersey last month no patriots just a fuckload of whinners …form militias have them fear you! Like the other 10 states legally funding them….stop fucking whinning

Tn. Patriot

You are right about Chris Christie. He will never get my vote. He runs an anti-gun state and shows zero support for the second amendment. I do not trust him to stand up for our Constitution.


And Chris Christie wants to be the next president? He will just try to make the whole country (as does B.O.) into another N.J. and then a total 3rd world nation.

Tanning Victim

He should be fighting this every step of the way, not waiving extradition. Make it as slow and expensive as possible. People should petition the PA governor to refuse to sign the paperwork.

NJ Gestapo

Brady Campaigner – The NJ State Police have determined that you have exceeded the maximum number of words allowed in the exercise of your “free” speech. We will be visiting your home and place of work in order to arrest you and hold you indefinitely until we decide what to do with you. You have also used what we consider to be “assault” words by saying “this guy deserves the full five years,” thus, you will be charged with a “hate” crime, as well. Don’t worry about the broken door and the 30 heavily armed SWAT Team members as they… Read more »

Brady Campaigner

I am so excited to hear that my state is finally starting to enforce its gun laws. This guy deserves the full five years for breaking our gun laws.

Casual Observer

The NJ Staat Polezi are a bunch of Nazis. Always have been, always will be. They have been in bed with the BATFE for decades. There are a few that are decent individuals, but most are authoritarian Nazis. They have been severely harassing collectors for as long as I can remember. The best thing anyone productive can do is leave NJ. My best wish for NJ is that the politicians, public servants, and welfare recipients all get stuck with each other. Will be fun to watch and see which group of rats gets kicked out of the sinking ship next.


The truth of the Second Amendment. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. By “well regulated” they mean regulation firearms, military grade. By “free state” they are not inferring that the states governing body needs protection from itself, but that the people have the right to protect themselves from a tyrannical governing body. By “keep & bear arms” they mean on our persons or stored at our convenience. Not subject to surrender or nullification on their doorstep. The “right of… Read more »



Bob Shell

typical New jersey curruption. PA went along how sad


@Must Have Hammer: Who appointed you the comment police? One does not have to be a writer for a publication to recognize poor grammar and encourage anyone to better himself. Grow up.


Haynes vs US. 1968 Haynes, a convicted felon attempted to buy a gun by lying on the forms. They wanted to give him 5 years. SCOTUS said A person cannot be forced to give up his 5th amendment priviledge. He won.


Why the automatic assumption that the author is also the Editor ? Always puzzled me


This sounds a lot like what is done in Hawaii. If he “commits suicide” in jail or disappears after being released, we might just have a match. Wait, did they “find out” he was a meth and heroin addicted and dealing child molester and tell his family, employer and neighbors first? Can’t forget to do that. Maybe they would go easier on him and just call him a terrorist for mentioning the right to bear arms or referencing the U.S. Constitution.


Who do you write for? Oops…
For which publication do you write?


Dan, great article in terms of the subject & content but you really need to edit more carefully. There are too many typos & grammatical mistakes. You’re playing in the big leagues, you’ve got to get it right. Regardless, I’m going to share on social media because of the importance of the issue.

Now we see why we can’t have “common sense” gun control. Once you empower the govt the genie is out of the bottle & out of control.

D. Murphy

Christie is nothing but a statist. All if America will be like NJ if he is president. Likely worse if we get Hillary.

Fed Up

Where is Gov. Christie in all this? Why isn’t he weighing in, directing his AG to make sure Citizen’s rights are respected, etc?

If Christie thinks conservative voters are going to vote for him when he refuses to speak in support of our rights, he’s dreaming.


It is an act of terrorism to disarm or to conspire to disarm the American people. Any entity or groups of entities who want to disarm and or are conspiring to disarm the American people are obviously radical terrorists and enemies of the United States of America. It is a matter of national security these radical terrorists and enemies of the United States of America are immediately identified and neutralized. Learn how to neutralize radical terrorists and enemies of the United States of America by visiting today.


No more “shopping trips” to New Jersey and no more summer vacations at the Jersey shore. Boycott New Jersey and we’ll all see who’s “Stronger the Storm”?


@ Chris Brooks – I literally have no idea what you are referring to when you state “you would’t be caught dead in PA”. The state has full reciprocity agreements for firearm licensing and you can get a permit to carry a concealed weapon by simply filling out a short application. You cannot be turned down for a carry permit unless you a re a felon. Also the state of PA ranks in the top 5 states for prosecutors passing on charges in self defense shootings.

Chris Brooks

I sorry this is happening to Mr. Kaleda but his story highlights the risks of living in or doing business in the northeastern US. We need to let these radical statist controlled states run though their life cycle. They can only hemorrhage population, corporations and the revenue they generate for so long before being forced to step aside and let competent people start rebuilding. I wouldn’t be caught dead in NJ or PA for that matter. It’s just too risky. The system in these states is too far gone to be reasoned with. This poor man may spend a long… Read more »


Obvious harassment. Unfortunately this will not be publicized like it should.


…and the Pennsylvania police are just rolling along with this clear case of harassment and targeting of a political enemy. Shame on you PA.