Hunters, Shooters Plan to Keep Spending

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Hunters, Shooters Plan to Keep Spending

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. –-( While pundits may still be arguing over how much of an economic recovery the United States has experienced since the recent recession, companies that make and sell shooting and hunting products have been fortunate to enjoy a steady stream of business.

For 2014, outside of firearms, things don’t look like they are going to slow down either. According to a recent poll, the majority of shooters and hunters expect to spend as much on shooting and hunting equipment as they did last year.

Considering accessories and shooting supplies, of those sportsmen surveyed, nearly 52 percent reported they plan to spend at least the same amount as they did last year, while 20 percent anticipate spending slightly more and almost 10 percent expect to spend “significantly more” in 2014. Less than seven percent expect to spend “significantly less” than they did a year ago.

Key product categories surveyed shooters and hunters expect to purchase in the next 12 months are:

  • 74 %   Ammunition
  • 40 %   Gun cleaning supplies
  • 38 %   Handguns
  • 37 %   Hunting apparel
  • 35 %   Targets
  • 32 %   Miscellaneous Hunting Gear (stands, feeders, calls, etc.)

Bowhunting gear and optics are also anticipated to be purchased by more than 20 percent of those surveyed.

“Recreational shooters and hunters are passionate about their sports. These survey results show that regardless of economic times, most sportsmen will continue to set aside dollars to purchase the gear they need to keep hunting and shooting,” says Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the surveys at, and

“While firearm sales are declining compared to recent historic highs, sales currently remain well above long term averages. Between 20-38% of active participants express interest in buying new shotguns, rifles or handguns, respectively.”

To help continually improve, protect and advance hunting, shooting and other outdoor recreation, all sportsmen and sportswomen are encouraged to participate in the bi-monthly surveys at, and/or Every other month, participants who complete the surveys are entered into a drawing for one of five $100 gift certificates to the sporting goods retailer of their choice.

About, and Launched in 2006,, and help the outdoor equipment industry, government fisheries and wildlife officials and conservation organizations track consumer activities and expenditure trends. Survey results are scientifically analyzed to reflect the attitudes and habits of anglers and hunters across the United States. Follow them on Facebook at and or on Twitter at!/AnglerSurvey and!/HunterSurvey.

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Bob Tippens

I shoot Skeet, Trap, 5 Stand and Sporting Clays in 12 ga every week. 4 to 6 boxes per day and on some days more. I must buy reloading components: primers, powder, wads, shot and reuse existing casings until worn out; to meet my shooting schedule.
The most important products are powder and primers which are of equal importance.
The Remington expansion is essential to continuation of my present practice.
Thanks for your work.
I like to buy in bulk, if available.
Available is the KEY word.
Thanks for your efforts.
Contact me regarding orders/sales.