NYC Councilman Constantinides Doesn’t Trust Gun Control? I’m So Confused…

by David Cole

NYC Councilman Costa Constantinides admits gun control laws don't work?  (Official NYC Council Photo by William Alatriste)
NYC Councilman Costa Constantinides admits gun control laws don’t work? (Official NYC Council Photo by William Alatriste)

New York, NY –-( There’s a story making the rounds that New York City Councilman Costa Constantinides has introduced a new bill which would make the New York gun offender registry public, and allow city residents to sign up for an email alert if a Registered Gun Offender moves into the neighborhood.

But what I don’t understand is why such a law would be necessary? You see, all residents of New York city must be granted a permit to simply possess a firearm of any type…and I can’t imagine that the city is in the habit of issuing permits to those who are ‘Registered Gun Offenders’ in the state of New York.

So what is the need to notify anyone that there’s a ‘Registered Gun Offender’ in the neighborhood?  If existing New York gun control laws worked, those would be the least likely people in the neighborhood to have a gun, right?

I know!  Maybe it is so that the neighbors of the ‘Registered Gun Offender’will feel better, knowing that there is at least one person in their neighborhood who doesn’t have a gun!

I mean, if Councilman Constantinides is concerned that a Registered Gun Offender might still be a risk to commit a crime with a gun…that would be like admitting gun control laws don’t work.

Which is it?  I’m so confused…


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Gun prohibition, not gun control!!!


Sounds to me like the Councilman had an epiphany. No matter what the laws say, criminals break them!

Mike the Limey

The only reason for this is in an attempt to conflate “registered gun offenders” with registered sex offenders & thus by association liken law abiding firearms owners to potential child rapists.
These scumbag politicians are following the latest ploy in their book of tricks: Try to make firearms ownership in some way dirty or disgusting in the eyes of the non gun owning voter.


Tex , New yorkers with common sense left, a tax ridden cesspool of welfare and socialism in the 90’s. I made $2 less per hour and took home $120 a week more from tax differences.
But the best part is Alaska enforces the right of the individual to bear arms. Not bare like NY. Of course except in Westhampton where I got a topless ticket.


Don’t try to find any common sense in them idiot new yorkers Tony and Vinny !

pantera vazquez

Why would anyone-outside of the proponent see or try to find logic in another NY gun rule/law/prohibition?