They Promised Us Peace If We Gave Up Our Guns

By Rob Morse

They Promised Us Peace if we Gave up Our Guns
Rob Morse
Rob Morse

Southern California –-(

They promised us peace if we would accept a little regulation.  We barely paid attention, but we said “Sure, that sounds good.  Where do I sign?”

They promised that armed assault would stop in Washington State if we only had “universal firearms background checks”.  Unless you’re a stupid Washington voter, it shouldn’t surprise you that armed robbery didn’t stop.  In fact, crime continued as if the new law didn’t exist.

It was a Washington fantasy to think criminals would obey the next gun law after criminals ignored the thousands of gun laws that came before.  Unfortunately, it is easy to sell fantasies at the Washington ballot box when you have tens of millions of dollars on your side.  Are stupid Washington voters surprised or embarrassed that criminals don’t obey the newest gun laws?  Those laws still leave honest gun owners as the victim of another insane firearms restriction.

That was the plan all along. We were sold peace if only we would accept one more firearms regulation. Criminals would stop using firearms if we only had better firearms registration. There would be fewer victims of violent crime if we had stricter licensing of firearms. We were promised peace with every new law. And now, 20 thousand gun laws later, there is no peace. Instead, it is harder than ever to be an honest firearms owner. It is harder than ever for the peaceable to protect themselves. Of we’ve learned anything it is that disarming honest men and women only makes it easier for criminals. Even an idiot could understand that.. if they try.

With 20 thousand gun laws in the books, it is easy for the police to assume a non-violent gun owner might have violated one of their many regulations. Oh, the horror, a gun owner somewhere might have an unregistered shell casing.

Most police don’t even know intricacies of firearms laws. Instead, the cops take the easy way out. They perform a “no-knock” raid and then let you sort the problem out with a judge.. if you survive the raid.. and after you get out of jail.

Since the last 20 thousand gun laws have not brought us peace, then let’s repeal a few thousand of these laws that criminalize non-violent behavior. Let’s try a little more freedom before we pass another gun-control law that is sure to fail. We really don’t need a gun owner strangled to death because he had an unregistered shell casing.

Let’s be clear. Gun owners are extremely honest. They have never been the source of public violence. Anti-gun groups keep selling the next gun law as if that law will stop crime.. and, unfortunately, the casual voters believes it time after time. Our rights of self-defense are being strangled. If you don’t believe me, try to buy a gun and learn to shoot in Washington State. Just don’t touch a gun as you do.

About Rob Morse: By day, Rob Morse works as a mild mannered engineer for a Southern California defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He is a combat handgun competitor and NRA basic pistol instructor.

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I”m for “reasonable gun control” … so that means we need to repeal 99.999% of the gun laws currently on the books sinc they are both unreasonable and based on false data. Given that we don’t see NRA members out shooting up shopping malls, that we don’t see CCW or open carry people re-creating the fictional “Wild West”, most every law is based on emotional rather than factual reasons. The Second says “shall not be infringed” for very good reasons. 20,000 laws is quite a bit of infringement in my opinion. Let’s work to make sure that the next Supreme… Read more »

AK Johnny1

Time to start voting with your feet if you’re serious about 2A-guaranteed gun ownership. If you cannot even defend your family in any of these God-forsaken leftist hellholes, then it’s time to make the hard choices. Further, I learned the hard way a LONG time ago…. NOTHING will make a life more miserable than being surrounded by those that you have nothing in common with politically. I’m a born and bred southerner that spent 11 years living a stone’s throw from the GW bridge in New Jersey. It’s time to move and surround yourself with folks of your OWN mindset… Read more »


Yet the feds allow violent felons who tried to buy firearms to walk free not charging them for their crime. If these felons were in jail now crime would be reduced. Another DA practice is reduced charge reduced sentence plea deals. Like the off duty drunk officer that ran me over with his vehicle . He never saw a jail cell , he was finger printed and released. He plea deal was pay a fine probation and quit his job, Which btw was community relations giving DUI talks to people. Government promises a lot and doesn’t deliver , only you… Read more »

Lee Cruse

The role of the police is exactly as you describe, to document the crime after the effect and maybe serve a warrant should the offender be identified. There is no duty or responsibility to provide protection to any individual.