Recover Tactical Launches HC11 Holster for 1911

Innovative 1911 holster enables natural draw with any standard light or laser attached to the rail.

Recover Tactical -  HC11 Holster for 1911
Recover Tactical – HC11 Holster for 1911
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Recover Tactical

Los Angeles, CA -( Recover Tactical is proud to announce the release of the new Recover HC11 Tactical Holster for 1911.

The new holster is designed to fit any standard size 1911 pistol that uses Recover’s CC3H grip and rail system. The HC11 holster allows for a natural draw, comes with either a Passive or Active retention, and is compatible with most pistol rail mounted accessories (lights and lasers) on the market.

Patented Frame Locking System:

Recover’s patent pending Frame Locking System provides the option of either active or passive retention. Active retention requires the pressing of the button on the side of the holster to “unlock” and release the gun from the holster. Passive retention holds the gun in place so it will not dislodge during regular use, and will allow you to draw the firearm simply by pulling with a little extra force.

Universal Accessory Fit:

Just like Recover’s popular grip and rail systems for 1911 and Beretta, the new 1911 holster was design by world renowned Israeli weapons designer Tamir Porat (Porat also designed the IWI Tavor assault rifle).

The HC11 Holster is manufactured in Israel from the same high-grade, glass-reinforced polymer used by many polymer gun manufacturers. The holster comes with a paddle mount or can be attached to aftermarket fittings such as standard size belt loops or leg rigs.

Grip Exchange Program:

Due to design enhancements such as the Frame Locking System, the Recover HC11 holster is designed to work with Recover’s updated CC3H grip and rail system. It will not fit with Recover’s original CC3 model of grips. Therefore Recover is offering a free exchange program which allows all previous owners of the original CC3 grips to trade them in for a new set of the CC3H grips when they order the holster from or any of our other retailers.

The Recover holster for the 1911 is currently available in black with more colors to be released in the coming months, and comes with a limited 3 year warranty. Retailing for only $59.99, the HC11 is one of the most beautiful and functional holsters on the market.

According to Ron Rosenberg, President of Recover Tactical, “Of all the 1911 owners that I speak with, one of their biggest requests is for a sturdy holster that enables them to switch lights or lasers on their gun without needing to have multiple holsters. With the HC11 holster’s universal accessory fit, we think we are going to make a lot of 1911 owners very happy by offering a true 24 hour holster.”

In fact, nearly all of Recover’s first holster customers have been very happy with the design and function of the new holster. Initial reviews, as well as many photos, from actual customers on Recover’s Instagram page and on popular gun forums have also proven that the HC11 holster lives up to its hype.


  • Universal fit for standard railed accessories.
  • Patent pending Frame Locking System available with either Active or Passive retention
  • Available for standard size 1911s that use a Recover CC3H grip and rail system.
  • Right-hand or Left-hand draw
  • Includes paddle mount

Recover Tactical is also planning to release a holster for the Beretta 92/96 series and the Glock 17 later in 2015. Recover products are currently available at Cabela’s, Brownells, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Amazon and many more stores.

For dealer inquiries, contact CampCo at 323-766-2555, or visit

About Recover Tactical

Recover Tactical is a recognized leader in developing innovative firearm accessories that add both additional function and tactical beauty to your gun.

For more information, visit

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I just bought the grip and holster for my Sig 1911, the grip fits fine but I cannot get the pistol in the holster….my 1911 is too wide for the holster and will not go all the way in…..Probably something you should add to the disclaimer for the holster.


does this come with a paddle mount only or with a belt loop?


sir i want to buy this gun….can u please tell me how much will be this gun in indian rupees……..plz reply


These folks made some nice grips which I selected to get in camo for my weapon. Saw they offered the holster and of course ordered one. I had to return my grips to them in order to receive the holster. Everything went fine until I received the holster which I could holster my weapon, but could not remove it without having to unbolt the holster to remove the weapon. Contacted the support and was told the same thing over and over. I finally told them I wanted my old grips back and they could keep the holster and a refund.… Read more »

ReCover Tactical

Jim Sorry for the experience you went through, but just to clarify, it was around 5 weeks not 3 months. 5 weeks is also not acceptable, but to say 3 months is not correct. As for the gun being stuck, I don’t know what to tell you, we never saw it during testing, we have been unable to replicate it, and we have shipped a lot of these, we have also not seen that issue before or since in any of the units we have sold. Because of the unique two piece design of our holster you were able to… Read more »