It All Started With Lyndon B Johnson

By John Farnam

Thomas Jefferson Quote
Thomas Jefferson Quote
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” ~ Voltaire

Black Americans who show-up for work every day, are self-sustaining and contributing, who take good care of their families, and who despise government “assistance” are considered “runaway slaves” by leftist politicians.

Conversely, ones who dutifully remain in rotting, inner-city ghettos, where the Democrats and Rinos want them, on government plantations where they plant votes instead of cotton, are told by the leftist media that someone else is always responsible for their plight, that they can never amount to anything and must never try, and that they should cynically revile and despise real heroes like Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas.

When Bill Cosby came out publicly telling young black men to get jobs, be good fathers, raise good families, pay their bills, be productive citizens, and obey the law, suddenly legions of women magically appeared out of nowhere, all with astonishing “memory recall” of the terrible things he did. Up until then, they had been curiously silent!

Just a coincidence, I’m sure!

Starting with LBJ’s dubious “Great Society” and “War on Poverty,” the federal government, under firm control of liberals, has relentlessly driven fathers away from their families. No coincidence this time. Functional families have been dissolved by an insidious welfare system that encourages, indeed demands, fatherless households.

Accordingly, manufacturing and maintaining a permanent, non-productive, prideless underclass has assured liberal/leftist politicians of an ever-expanding vote-mine they can exploit at will, keeping themselves ever in luxurious positions of power, along with rich supporters, while the few that remain in the productive middle class are milked white, and the idle, dependent underclass remains “in their place.”

Proud, productive, energetic, moral, enterprising Americans are replaced with pathetically dependent welfare-junkies. Limitless opportunity has been replaced with dreary, hopeless, endless dependency.

All good for career, despotic politicians who have long-since forgotten who is working for whom. But, a bleak future for the rest of us!

“The two enemies of the People are (1) criminals and (2) government, so let's tie the second down with chains of the Constitution, so the second will not become a legalized version of the first.” ~ Jefferson

Unfortunately, they have!


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    Ron Becker
    Ron Becker

    If that 1911 you advocate for concealed care is FS ….. it is disingenuous marketing which of course nearly all marketing is.
    It’s too big, too heavy, and plays into the myth that big bullets in big pistols will do the trick. It’s just not the case. If that statement is in concealed carry instruction the speaker or his brother sell guns…… to mostly idiots. Can’t have too many of those. They are great for practice.


    Clark Kent
    Clark Kent

    Please don’t blame Cosby’s accusers. The fault lies with Cosby alone. One or two accusations could be easily dismissed, but multiple accusers over a period of many years should give one pause. Just because he has some good ideas regarding work ethics does not and should not clear past criminal misdeeds. Besides, his constant denial in answering the accusations also stinks.