New Jersey: Legislation that Violates Due Process Passes Legislature

New Jersey Capitol Building
New Jersey Capitol Building
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Fairfax, VA –-( Thursday, Assembly Bill 4218  passed both the New Jersey Assembly and Senate.

A.4218 passed the Assembly with a largely partisan 48-11 vote, with most Republicans either opposing or abstaining.

The Senate passed the legislation with a 29-1 vote with nine Republicans and one Democrat not voting.  This legislation will now be sent to Governor Chris Christie (R) for his consideration.

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A.4218, sponsored by Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera, seeks to expand a “prohibited” class under the guise of domestic violence.  However, this bill ignores legitimate due process concerns and does nothing to ensure a critical rights restoration process.  While this legislation was amended, it is still fraught with problems that could potentially ensnare law-abiding gun owners like what has been repeatedly witnessed in New Jersey.

This bill is unnecessary, lacks adequate due process and is laced with pitfalls for law-abiding citizens.  If lawmakers are serious about getting tough on domestic violence, they should focus on bills which enhance penalties for convicted violent offenders.

Governor Chris Christie has 45 days to act on A.4218 or this legislation automatically becomes law.  If the legislature is out of session over the summer, as it customarily is, the 45 days deadline may be extended.  Please contact Governor Christie and politely urge him to veto Assembly Bill 4218.

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hi, Gov Christie did veto that magazine capacity bill.

Gov. Chris Christie today vetoed a gun control bill that would have reduced the permitted size of ammunition magazines, saying it would do nothing to reduce gun violence.

“This is the very embodiment of reform in name only. It simply defies common sense to believe that imposing a new and entirely arbitrary number of bullets that can be lawfully loaded into a firearm will somehow eradicate, or even reduce, future instances of mass violence,” Christie said. “Nor is it sufficient to claim that a ten-round capacity might spare an eleventh victim.”


Fatso is doing damage control because he knows NRA members see him as untrustworthy. He only started being progun when his poll numbers are low nationwide. Mostly because of NJ firearm laws and cases. He has been trying to fix his image as progun to get the republican national votes nothing more.


New Jersey can stick it in their A**, if the Gov. signs this he is a usless F****ing MORON and he should be demoted to a checker at Wallmart. CALL ME GOV. I’m in OCEANSIDE, CA, I’ll talk about it for hours if needed !


Christie blames the democrat ruled senate for all the bad gun control laws the state has, yet he has never vetoed one of them.