Obama Can’t Let Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church Murders Go To Waste

By Rob Morse

President Obama with his beloved teleprompter
President Obama with his beloved teleprompter
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

California – -(Ammoland.com)- The investigations of the murders at the Emanuel AME church have only started. President Obama headed to his teleprompter and said,

“At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency. And it is in our power to do something about it.”

Joe Biden read from the same playbook.

“As a nation, we must confront the ravages of gun violence and the stain of hatred that continues to be visited on our streets, in our schools, in our houses of worship and in our communities.”

Mr. Obama made his comments moments before he flew off to attend three fundraising events in Hollywood, California.

What the president hid from reporters was this. South Carolina churches are already gun free zones. South Carolina law prohibits concealable-weapon permit holders from carrying at churches unless given “express permission by the appropriate church official.”

That law disarmed honorable gun owners but absolutely failed to prevent the murderer from walking into the church late Wednesday during a Bible study session.

We’ve seen what good people do in bad situations. Jeanne Assam walked toward the gunfire and stopped a mass murder in the attack on the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. So much for gun free zones.

Someone should introduce our president to search engines.

I only looked back a few years and found these mass murders outside the United States:

  • 68 students were shot and killed on Utoya island in Norway,
  • 1 soldier was shot to death in the attack on the Canadian parliament complex,
  • 135 people were shot in the attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya,
  • 11 people were shot to death in the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris France,
  • 385 people were shot and killed in the school massacre in Beslan, Russia,
  • 40 college students were kidnapped and killed by police in Mexico,
  • 143 people were wounded by a separatist group who stabbed railway passengers in Kunming, China,
  • 147 students were murdered at Garissa University College in Kenya,
  • This week, Mexican smuggling gangs gunned down 160 migrants who were being trafficked through mexico on their way to the United States.

Facts don’t matter when politics are in play. I wrote about The Next Mass Murder” over a year ago. I’m seeing how many of my predictions are confirmed about this murder at the AME church.



About Rob Morse: By day, Rob Morse works as a mild mannered engineer for a Southern California defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Why doesn’t obama play the malik zulu shazaam tape for a bedtime lullaby? If I had a son, he sure wouldn’t look like an out of work, disenfranchised, criminally liable (for hate speech) …. black panther clown playing dress up in the streets. Maybe al not-so-sharpton would care to join in the ruckus and make some points with the pres?


Doctors prescribing SSRIs and other psychotropic drugs should be required to notify the local police who should be required to recover all firearms from the individual. Firearms may be returned one year after drug treatment has ended. People convicted of using street drugs should have an NCIS entriy made immediately upon conviction.


Did you vote for Obama both times ? What you are saying as far as SSRI’s is unconstitutional as hell,not to mention in direct violation of privacy laws. Even people convicted of street drug crimes don’t lose their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms unless it’s a felony.


Actually, I am a Libertarian …a gun owner, prior military, and prepper. The fact that big pharma poisons certain people and makes them unstable is a crime and requires that their gun rights be withheld until they are cleared of mental problems. Besides, this is Obama -land …. who gives a shit about the Constitution?

on the right side

yes i did and would do so again so you conservative a holes ….. oh heck, what’s the use?


If churches and businesses do not allow guns on their premises where concealed carry is legal, then they should be responsible for seeing to it that guns do not come through the door by installing metal detectors and disarming any one at the door carrying a concealed firearm.. Nutballs that are hell bent on killing or robbing someone are never going to obey any sign posted at the door banning firearms.


Failure once again to enforce Federal law , Roof was under felony charges and not eligible to purchase firearms. His dad , if he knew his son was charged is guilty of the GCA of 1968. If his dad knew he used drugs he is still guilty. Another case of non-enforcement was Klebold’s girlfriend never charged giving the weapons to the shooters in Columbine ,a straw purchase. Non enforcement of Federal laws seems to be a common theme in the Obama administration , drug money laundering , drug sales , IRS regulations, Tax evader Rev Al Sharpton walks freely yet… Read more »


The African Muslim always has that Clinton mouth frown on its face. Ole Bill must have taught him that. I have never seen a firearm on trial for ‘gun violence’ ! A firearm can’t do anything by itself ! The liberals never speak of knife violence,hammer violence,automobile violence,baseball bat violence,…etc.,… just the non existent ‘gun violence ! Oh well,just consider the source. I’m going to the range tomorrow and get some trigger time in. Keep your powder dry,and your chin to the wind ! III


Never let a good opportunity go to waste when it can be politically used. Piers Morgan was at it again too, even in England there are no “gun violence”. Anybody care to know why? Here is an example; If you get robbed at gun point in London the incident will be reported as – wait for it – simple theft. After the perpetrator is convicted it will be reported as a robbery. No classification mentioning anything in regards to what was used for the robbery, so for you to name it “gun violence” you would have to dig deep into… Read more »


It makes me sick to see that African born Muslim with an American flag pinned to his suit.

L.A. Davis

I’m an American born Muslim of African descent. I served 12 years in the US Army. Would you be disgusted to see me in uniform with the USA flag patch on my right shoulder? Would you be disgusted to see the Purple Heart medal of the USA armed forces on the left breast of my dress uniform? It has been entirely and validly debunked that President Obama, who I happen to disagree with on his policies and position about gun control, was born anywhere other than Hawaii. The spurious claim that he is Muslim is just that spurious. However since… Read more »


Point being, what Tex is saying is that 0bama misrepresents himself, intentionally and willfully. He refused to wear a flag pin before he was elected, stating that it was evil to wear one. Now he wears one for political expediency. He claims to be a Christian, yet all evidence tells us that he is truly a muslim. He holds an office which is supposed to represent America and the Citizens of America, and yet EVERYTHING that he says, and EVERYTHING that he does is against America, against the Citizens of America, and benefits other nations, cultures and citizens rather than… Read more »

TSgt B

And as place of birth……..the “birth certificate” has been analyzed by many experts, and their unanimous conclusion(s) are that it is a compilation (forgery) of at least 18 separate documents. Some of the errors include: listing his race as “African-American”, when no such term existed (he would have been identified as a “negro”); the name of the hospital, which was not changed to the name on the B.C. until YEARS after his “birth”; his “father’s” nationality was listed as “Kenya”, which, at the time was known as the British African Protectorate, and not known a “Kenya” for years after his… Read more »


Wonder how long until the president cry’s on tv…. if the president wants to stop real mass murder put a end to
TA-BAC-OOO if you REALLY TRULY want to save life’s…..truth sucks doesnt it