Xecutioner Ready to Cut Deep at Pape’s Annual Online Dealer Show

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Weatherford, TX -(AmmoLand.com)- Xecutioner Broadheads is proud to announce the company’s participation in Pape’s Annual Online Dealer Show, scheduled for July 5 – 12, at Papes.com.

Xecutioner Broadheads owner, Thomas Loa, conveyed the company’s excitement about Pape’s outside-the-box dealer trade show platform.

“We’ve never been a part of an event like this. We know Pape’s, we know dealers and most importantly, we know bowhunters. We think this is going to be a high-traffic event and we’re excited about kicking it off.”

The Pape’s Annual Online Dealer Show gives dealers and manufacturers alike the reach and accessibility they look for without venturing beyond their own office space. Pape’s reach is worldwide and this show allows dealers and manufacturers alike the opportunity to connect from virtually every corner of the globe. Dealers are sure to be treated to amazing show deals, especially from Xecutioner Broadheads.

If you are a dealer and plan to participate in Pape’s Annual Online Dealer Show, make sure you stop in to learn more about Xecutioner Broadheads’ cutting-edge innovation and take advantage of Special 5% Discount Dealer Pricing throughout the show.

Along with Xecutioner Broadheads’ current bone-splitting, bloodletting product line including mechanicals, fixed/mechanical hybrids and fixed blade broadheads ranging from 100 to 125 grains with O-ring positions specifically designed for low poundage and high poundage bows as well as crossbows, the company also offers the patent-pending Tim Well’s Slocker small game head.

The Tim Well’s Slocker can be used for small game or as a rear collar behind full-sized Xecutioner broadheads for insanely devastating results.

About Xecutioner Broadheads

Xecutioner Broadheads walks the leading edge of broadhead innovation with razor sharp field-point accuracy, bone splitting peace-of-mind performance and jaw-dropping penetration. With cutting diameters up to 2.5-in., and easy adjustability for low and high poundage bows, as well as crossbows, the only thing missing is a time-consuming blood-track. Xecutioner Broadheads’ lethal lineup includes fixed, mechanical and hybrid heads, and the mind-blowing Slocker small-game collar perfect as a standalone or in combination with any other Xecutioner product.

For more information about Xecutioner Broadheads, visit: www.XecutionerBroadheads.com.

About Pape’s

Founded in 1945, Pape’s Inc. is a leading worldwide distributor of archery equipment, muzzleloading, camping, and ATV accessories. Since the beginning, Pape’s has been the benchmark in service and selection within the industry. With over 1 million cubic feet of warehouse space, Pape’s provides dealers with access to over 20,000 items at all times throughout the year. Dealers have voted Pape’s “Distributor of the Year” three times!

For more information about Pape’s Inc., visit: www.PapesInc.com.