Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Close Encounter with Va. News Crew Killer

Phillip Van Cleave Interviewd by Virginia Gunman Vester Flanagan
Phillip Van Cleave Interviewd by Virginia Gunman Vester Flanagan

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington, Va. -( Virginia Citizens Defense League president, Phillip Van Cleave, as well as other VCDL members were interviewed by Vester Flanagan.

The interviews with the now infamous News Crew Killer, aka, Bryce Williams, took place back in 2012 in Roanoke when Virginia Citizens Defense League held a picnic in a park to protest the misleading wording on a Roanoke park’s sign.

The picnic, including a photo of Mr. Williams, was also documented by EM John Pierce on his website:

Here is an article that Mr. Williams wrote on the event:

In a very, very strange twist of events, yesterday murders were recorded from two angles – the news crew ended up documenting their own deaths on live television and, unbelievably, Mr. Williams recorded the event himself and uploaded it to Facebook! It showed his point of view as he murdered the crew in cold blood. The three victims were all so busy with the interview that none of them saw Williams standing there with his gun out and pointing for quite a while before he finally opened fire. It appears he was waiting for the cameraman to point the camera at the reporter before Williams shot her, probably wanting to traumatize the audience.

Here’s the video our 2012 interview with Bryce Williams as taken by EM Ed Levine:

The killer Bryce Williams committed suicide when the police attempted to pull him over in Northern Virginia.


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