Applied Ballistics Announces Two New Books to Popular Library

Applied Ballistics
Applied Ballistics

Cedar Springs, MI  – This fall, Applied Ballistics is proud to announce the release of two new editions of their library of popular books; Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting – 3rd Edition, and Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets – 2nd Edition.

Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting is the flagship title of Applied Ballistics’ technical library, and the latest edition brings readers content on Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) analysis (the study of hit percentage, and how it’s affected by the uncertainties in your environment). As is expected with all of Applied Ballistics’ findings, existing academic material is augmented throughout the book, with modern experimental findings. The third edition also includes the most updated version of the ballistic software on CD. This most recent installment of this title does not include the library of bullet data, as it has outgrown an appendix, and now exists as a separate reference book: Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets.

Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets contains the current library of all modern bullets tested by the Applied Ballistics Laboratory. Expanding on the first edition of this title, which had data on 400 bullets from .22 to .408 caliber, this second edition contains data on 533 bullets from .22 thru .50 caliber. In addition to the centerfire bullet data, this latest installment inclueds live fire data on 90 types of rimfire ammo which were all tested for muzzle velocity and BC thru 5 different barrels of various twist and length configurations. This library of experimental test data is the most extensive and accurate resource ever assembled for small arms bullets. Numerous modern ballistics solvers and programs draw from the library of tested BC’s that are published in this book.

Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting – 3rd Edition Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets – 2nd Edition

Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting - V3
Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting – V3

Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets - V2
Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets – 2nd Edition

Retail price is $54.95 for each title, or $94.95 if purchased together. Pre-orders are currently being accepted at an additional $5 discount thru the Applied Ballistics store and will ship by second week of December.

About Applied Ballistics, LLC:

Applied Ballistics’ mission is to be the complete and unbiased source of external ballistics information for long-range shooters.  We’re highly active in R&D, constantly testing new claims, products and ideas for potential merit and dispensing with the marketing hype, which can make it so difficult for shooters to master the challenging discipline of long range shooting.  We believe in the scientific method and promote mastery through understanding of the fundamentals. Our work is passed on to the shooting community in the form of instructional materials, which are easy to understand, and products such as ballistic software which runs on many platforms.  If you’re a long range shooter who’s eager to learn about the science of your craft, we’re here for you.