Royal Canadian Mounted Police Test The Waters On The First New Firearm Prohibitions

Yugoslavian SKS 7.62x39 Rifle
The story – reported by the CBC – is the opening salvo in an attempt by the RCMP’s Firearms Program to ban the following firearms: the SKS

Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada -( As reported by Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) in the last several months, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has been eager to impose new prohibitions on semi-automatic rifles at the earliest opportunity.

Little known to most firearm owners, an unsuccessful attempt was made by the RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Program to prohibit the common-as-dirt SKS rifle, a non-restricted firearm imported into Canada by the hundreds of thousands over the last 40 years.

Its solid reliability, inexpensive ammo and very reasonable price have made it a stalwart in a large portion of Canadian gun safes. Every year, thousands of game animals are humanely harvested and millions of rounds of ammunition are sent downrange by this humble firearm.

Yet one broken gun sold by a large retail store sparked an all-out pogrom against the ubiquitous rifle by the RCMP. Some adroit stick handling prevented this from achieving fruition and while the tale is not well known by consumers, it is common knowledge in the firearm industry. As is often the case, lobbying is a prophylactic exercise where success is measured by what doesn't happen.

Full-Auto Conversion Of The SKS Rifle
Full-Auto Conversion Of The SKS Rifle

The story – reported by the CBC – is the opening salvo in an attempt by the RCMP’s Firearms Program to ban the following firearms: the SKS, the Ruger Mini-14/Mini-30, the Tavor TAR 21, the CZ-858 and the Norinco M-305 rifles.

“RCMP tests on a variety of semi-automatic weapons sold in Canada have found the guns can be converted temporarily into fully automatic firearms through an improvised technique described on the internet.

That was the conclusion of an internal report prompted by last year's shooting deaths of three Mounties in Moncton, N.B. The report was delivered to the public safety minister for possible action.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson wrote to Steven Blaney last December, detailing test results on six types of semi-automatics and recommending the government consider laws or regulations to ensure the improvisation technique is prohibited.” READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE

Do not ignore this message and do not be fooled by political rhetoric. THIS IS REAL, and the storm is only beginning.

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  • 18 thoughts on “Royal Canadian Mounted Police Test The Waters On The First New Firearm Prohibitions

    1. So if a semi truck runs over people in automatic mode…then will the truck be banned? Get a grip Canada…I immigrated here because I thought this is a cool country but I am seriously dreaming about the land of the free now. Why don’t we just ban everything? Start with driving cars – it is statistically seriously deadly and dangerous on a DAILIY basis. Oh…by the way. You can now 3D print an Ak47 fairly easy apparently. Ban printers? You bet…

    2. The RCMP no longer serve the Canadian public. The CFC techs work in a fully equipped machine shop and have unlimited time to convert anything they want in ordering to disarm Canadians.

    3. Firstly the RCMP are a police force- they have no legiislative authority to ban any guns period . Secondly, Semi-automatics are the most common rifles around – they operate the same way as any rifle,shot-gun or revolver even – one pull of the trigger expends one single round – nothing illegal about that . If someone tries to “MODIFY” a semi-automatic rifle to try to make it function in a fully-automatic manner- well that “IN ITSELF” is an “INDICTABLE OFFENCE” and Crime- you cant ban an entire populations make of rifles – simply because some BOZO decided to break the law and try to modify a rifle … punish the criminal who tried to modify the firearm instead – the stock rifle as sold is still solely semi-automatic – its the illegal action by the criminal which makes the gun illegal – not the firearm itself …The RCMP have no concept of “LAW|” or LEGAL RIGHTS it seems – which is why they need to stick to enforcing whats in the criminal code of Canada and firearms act – instead of trying to play politicians and legislative bodies – because their excuses to try to ban these firearms simply do not fly legally

      1. These same RCMP made it illegal for Ruger 22s to have mags of more than 10 rounds. If they did this, who knows what else they may do? If they tell Turdeau that the SKS is an assault rifle he and his girls may believe them and make it illegal no matter how hard we stomp our feet.

    4. That a non-elected police force as militaristic as the RCMP can at the stroke of a pen legislate laws is well and truly terrifying. This was the exact thing that happened in Germany in the 1930’s when the SA became the dreaded SS. Heinrich Himmler and his SS terrorized Germans and anyone who dared confront them. The analogy with the RCMP is fitting as it indicates what transpires when legislative power is handed carte-blanche to a police force.

    5. Not what if but when. If we don’t pay attention and try to hold our MPs responsible, you may be shocked at all guns get outlawed or severely restricted. Do not think for a minute that the liberals and the RCMP don’t already have a plan in place to get this done.

    6. There Libtards and their RCMP henchmen can suck a bit, they are not going to get a single one of my rifles, since they all fell overboard in a terrible fishin/hunting accident!

    7. were the rcmp told to destroy all gun registry records ,but did not,is this areason to trust some people with an agenda.with all the misdealing in the political arena,attacking legal licened gun owners,should not be on there list.I dont think our private info has any business being in quebec hands.or in the case of buying from an american based store like basspro,having our records in the us. info is easily hacked off these sites that will be held for 20 years.any illness mental included will be at there hands so if you had or did anything from fighting to mistamenas you may be refused a renewal of your licv no lic guns resticting guns that so many own and the money being spent 300 plus million to start over 100 million a year to enforce think about how much of your tax dollars being wasted in hoping you will forget the hundreds of millions the gov gave away,there are a lot more of c71 i dont or you wont like,but with thepen that they strike this bill the same pen will mark gun owners and there familys and friends an x on the ballot

    8. I have a mechanism that converts semi automatic firearms into full auto…
      My finger!
      Let’s criminalize fingers!

      Being human is not a crime, any public service organization that serves the public such mindless hyperbole needs to be disbanded.

    9. This is not surprising….when Trudeau was elected in I knew that we as law abiding tax paying Canadian gun owners will pay the piper. I can sit here and rant and rave about liberals and there lies and what will come, but I won’t. The real problem is that they gave the NON elected RCMP the power of selection, like that went over well last time!. The thing is its not the way a gun looks or if it was once or still is a military issued rifle or hand gun. Its not the fact that there might be a slight way to turn a rifle or hand gun into full auto for a brief period. Which is completely illegal!!..and for the fact that its virtually impossible to do unless your a Frickn rocket scientist, oh did I mention it’s ILLEGAL !. It’s the person behind the gun and the lack of gear and training to deal with situations as horrible incidents that happened in NB, Alberta,…etc. I do give the utmost respect and honor the courage of the RCMP that fell on those days. I also give the same resect to the ones who go out every day to serve and protect. The real truth is, it could of bin prevented! Yes I said it….it all could of bin but wasn’t. The fact is if RCMP would of had the training to recognize signs before this even happen, the weapons, the gear, and the communication things would of bin a lot different in all those situations. Also the knowledge in what to look for in a modified weapon so if they come across one they can identify and deal with it in a organized and legal manner. I think instead of taking what we hard working, law abiding, tax paying Canadians gun owners have in there gun safes. That maybe they should get what’s really needed.
      Just my 2 cents

    10. geez, an sks is about as scary as a deer rifle – the rcmp needs to be removed from this picture and an neutral ombudsman put in place

    11. Do the Canadians realize by their logic , they should seize all milling machines and lathes as they can be used to mass produce illegal machine guns?

    12. Under the new, very regressive regime of Canada, this is only a small bubble of the draconian regulations soon to issue from the mouth of the beast. Time to utilize that basic tool of the well armed, the shovel, to hide out from the idjits in charge.
      Good Luck my friends!

      1. It’s a shame the Canucks don’t have something comparable to the 2A ! They could always draft some legislation. I don’t know of any law that says for a 2A equivalent to be legal and binding it had to be drafted 200 years ago.

        1. In most of the countries that are former extensions of the British Empire, sovereignty is in the government. That means that the government owns the people. As long as sovereignty is in the government, the people will never have a “Bill of Rights” or a Second Amendment.

          The United States is different because we revolted against the British Crown, and made damn sure that sovereignty will never reside in the government, but rather always remain with the people. We, the people, give our power in trust to our representatives.

          Many of the founders that set up the Constitution were lawyers, and knew what giving our power, IN TRUST, to our representatives meant. In a trust, the res (latin for stuff what ever the stuff may be) is to be used not for the trustees benefit but rather exclusively for the benefit of the ones that the trust was created for. In other words there is a fiduciary responsibility on behalf of our leaders to only use the power to benefit the people.

          This trust arrangement has been violated by our political representatives almost since the beginning, and certainly since the two party system evolved. Why? Because there is no penalty for violating an oath of office, there is great gain to be realized; lots of pressure from the party that got them elected; and there is no mechanism for the people to take their sovereignty back (e.g. Senator Shummer, you are fired! Sincerely, your constituents.)

    13. Sounds like the RCMP and the politicians are getting their pantys in a wad playing, “What If ?”

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