Arsenal Firearms Announces Brand New Products for 2015

ASR .338 Lapua Magnum class modern sniper rifle
ASR .338 Lapua Magnum class modern sniper rifle
Arsenal Firearms
Arsenal Firearms

Oklahoma City, OK -( Ranging from a brand new, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy sniper rifle named ASR.338 Lapua Magnum, to the equally revolutionary AF1-R Strike Auto pistol, which becomes a unique platform when mounted and operated in the equally new LRC-2 Long Range Conversion kit, to the awesome DBDC Tactical, the very first Double Barrel Dual Caliber tactical pistol in history.

ASR .338 Lapua Magnum class modern sniper rifle:

Arsenal Firearms proudly introduces the very first .338 Lapua Magnum class modern sniper rifle entirely designed and built in Italy for industrial production.

Arsenal Firearms has designed this incredibly accurate gun from inside out: new rifling, new twist, new land-groove relationship and angles with only one goal in mind, unparalleled accuracy at long ranges, specifically with 300 grains bullets.

The new ASR by Arsenal Firearms is capable of 1/Sixth of a MOA accuracy, or half inch at 300 Metres (330 Yards). View the highlights of this unique rifle in this video teaser, with more to come soon.

AF1-R Strike AUTO and LRC-2:

AF1-R Strike AUTO and LRC-2
AF1-R Strike AUTO and LRC-2

Following the global success of the AF1 “Strike One”, Arsenal Firearms proudly presents the AF1-R Strike AUTO, a selective fire, 1200 Rpm+ capable, lowest bore axis pistol fully automatic pistol.

The introduction video shows how the AF1-R becomes the first really controllable full auto pistol on the market today, thanks to the extremely high rate of fire and the lowest, in line barrel on hand grip in history, common to the Strike One.

The flexibility and enhanced performance of the Strike Auto are also clearly seen in the LRC-2 Long Range Conversion system, offering real extended range through the implementation of a 300 mm (12 inch) barrel in the kit.
The Strike One and Strike Auto are the first semiautomatic pistol platform able to offer safe operations with a 300 mm barrel, bringing ballistic range of the pistols to the 100 metres and over.

DBDC Tactical Pistol

DBDC Tactical Pistol
DBDC Tactical Pistol

Arsenal Firearms announces the first Double Barrel Dual Caliber semiautomatic weapon in history, the DBDC Tactical (Double Barrel Dual Caliber Tactical).

Designed on the now world famous AF2011 platform, the DBDC Tactical has taken double barrel hand gunning to the next level, maximising payload flexibility and ballistic terminal performance for a typical “entry gun.” Sporting a .45 ACP and .38 Super Auto parallel barrels for the very same point of impact up to 50 yards, the DBDC Tactical offers endless payload and performance combinations, user-definable in the operation theatre.

The DBDC Tactical will soon be available with a dedicated Carbon Fiber and Alloy skeleton holster, to maximise the operability of the gun under any circumstance and operational requirements. See the new video here.

About Arsenal Firearms:

The Arsenal Firearms Group of Companies is a new born, yet comes a long way. But as a matter of fact, it truly “happened” one day of a few years ago, as the two founders of the group and creators of the line of products met on an exhibition show floor. Although not clear then, that was the start: shortly after that day, the 30 years experience as a gun writer and gun designer Nicola Bandini and the knowledge and 30 years passion of gun collector and gun miniature master Dimitry Streshinskiy merged, to vision a common path of true innovation in the gun industry. The Arsenal Firearms Group was officially founded, becoming operative and fully licensed in various Countries during 2011. But it was during a hot summer night, that a strong and encouraging call from Dimitry’s wife Suzana, made way for the true turning point of our enthralling development. And after months of intense work, the world debut of both the group of companies and product lines took to the stage on March the 9th, 2012.

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