New Jersey with 8.983 Million Residents, Only Issued 496 Concealed Carry Permits

New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit
New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit
Citizens For A Safer NJ
Citizens For A Safer NJ

New Jersey –  -( A question we hear quite often is “just how many concealed carry permits get approved in NJ?” 

Citizens For A Safer NJ submitted an Open Public Records Act request to the NJ State Police early this month. We asked for the following:

Hello, I am looking for statistics regarding the total number of NJ permits to carry a hand gun that were issued in 2014. Specifically, how many permits were issued in total, and how many issued in each county. I would like to know how many of the permits were issued to “armored car service employees”, and how many to regular citizens. I do not want the names or contact information of the permit holders. I do not want the number of permits for retired law enforcement officers. Thank you.

This was the response:

The New Jersey State Police is in receipt of your OPRA request. You seek the total number of permits to carry a handgun issued in 2014. In 2014, 266 permits were issued by New Jersey State Police and 230 permits were issued by municipalities in 2014, thus totaling 496 permits total. As to the number of permits to carry a handgun broken down by county, number of permits to carry a handgun issued to armored car service employees and to regular citizens, I must deny your request as we do not make or maintain such records.

So there you have it. In a state with 8.983 million residents, only 496 were issued concealed carry permits in 2014.

There is no mention as to how many people were denied. We also don’t know what the exact breakdown is of the permits issued. We are tired of seeing and hearing about honest law-abiding citizens having to jump through hoops to exercise their rights!

Help us get the word out! C4SNJ is preparing to announce our plan to deal with  the permitting issues related to firearms in NJ. Please encourage your friends to follow us on Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook, and sign up for our email list.

About Citizens for a Safer New Jersey
Citizens for a Safer New Jersey includes individuals from all walks of life and from all across the State of NJ pulling together to create an avenue to address a huge void whereby New Jerseyans can help themselves to feel safe and be safer in their everyday lives. Visit:

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In 2015, a woman named Carol Bowne applied for a permit to BUY a handgun. She had filed for and rec’d a restraining order against her former boyfriend who is a convicted felon for aggravated assault. She applied for the permit on April 21st, 2015. She STILL had not rec’d the permit when she was killed on June 3rd, 2015. She had inquired about the status of her permit just a few days before her death. The police told her they hadn’t rec’d the fingerprint results back. She was found stabbed to death after she had exited her car in… Read more »

Brian, the defrauded taxpayer

As bad as it looks, I have a different perspective regarding forcing NJ to accept other states’ laws and reciprocity. Since 1860 the Federal gov’t has grabbed more and more power from the individual states. NJ has the right to enact and enforce whatever ridiculous laws it wishes AND its taxbase (sovereign citizens) have the duty to move somewhere else when those laws become intolerable. But from my point of view, what job could possibly be so great that you would endanger your life and that of your loved ones to live in NJ in the first place?


I took my completed application to the State Police today. The trooper was very nice but told me, “You won’t get one.” I replied that I knew it was a challenge and he said, “No, it’s not that it’s a challenge. You just won’t get one.”


Those numbers can’t be accurate. The state police only issue to retired LEO’s. Those permits are valid for 1 year with 6 month qual date. They “allow” for one to carry a pistol in the same manner as an off-duty NJ LEO. The standard permit is issued by the county courts. Local police do not issue any permits in NJ except for FID cards. More research must be done for a more accurate number. Also, I have a feeling those numbers aren’t correct at all: the state police issued permits are probably higher and the court issued permits are most… Read more »

Edward J Mitchell Jr

The CJRP aka Central Jersey Rifle and pistol Club has been battle long the same battle within the courts for sometime now. I would suggest that anyone interesting in joining the fight contact them.


Edward, I am no just a co founder of Ammoland, I am a member of CJRPC. They do great work and its a great club.

Tom O'Rourke

ILLINOIS youtube concealed carry

This will be the NJ Democratic controlled legislature in the near future, absent tossing subjective un-constitutional “may issue” (never) for lawful concealed carry, and replacing with objective and constitutional “shall issue”.


Search bar on youtube:

IL House Concealed Carry Debate


The fact that we live near the city of Camden should serve as evidence that we are in imminent danger and therefore should be granted a concealed carry permit. Has anyone applied and used that as a reason?


This is why Chris Christie for president CANT HAPPEN he’ll take gun rights away screw that sh*t


Pennsylvania v. New Jersey
population 1.42:1
gun permits 443.10:1


I cross the bridge all the time from pa, go through camden which is in the top 3 (if not # 1) most violent cities in that country, and I have to leave my peace maker at home or risk prison time – A. For the gun and B. $5000 & more prison time for every Friggin hollow-point bullet. I hate that state with a passion. I’m waiting for the day (soon) when Jersey gets slammed and vigorously challenged to accept the laws of all the other states including concealed carry permits. I understand it will be based on the… Read more »

RetMSgt in Pa.

Meanwhile, just across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, they issued 219,782 licenses for a population of 12.787 million.

Fionn MacCumhail

I agree that the numbers is appalling, even if not surprising. However, your work is only half done. An NJ CCW permit is issued for 2 years only. Therefore to get a maximum number of NJ residences with a CCW permits at a given time, you need data for prior two years. That would avoid criticism that your data is incomplete. I will also note that this information, together with the discover obtained during the Drake litigation seems to indicate that the number of permit holders is falling. My recollection is that the total number for the last two years… Read more »