Attacks on Gun Owners Backfiring as Facts on San Bernardino Shootings Emerge

By David Codrea

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It’s becoming more and more obvious that a desperate Obama is following the “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” playbook to distract Americans from the danger of policies he’s imposing on them. (CBS Los Angeles/Twitter)

USA – -( It took a while for the identity of the suspects in yesterday’s San Bernardino massacre to be identified, a fact not lost on those of us riveted by the unfolding story and wondering what was taking so long to at least provide a general description of suspects who were already taken down. With it finally coming out that they were a “devout Muslim” and his Saudi Arabian [Pakistani] wife, it makes it fair to wonder what political correctness pressure authorities were under, self-imposed or otherwise.

It’s not that unfair of a speculation.

“A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people,” CBS Los Angeles reported. In other words, he allowed fear of being branded a “racist” by “progressives” to keep him from doing what Homeland Security says we should all do when our suspicions are aroused:

If you see something, say something.

The last high-profile time someone did exactly that, Ahmed the clock boy got an invitation to the White House from Obama himself. Those who said something were subjected to media-fueled ridicule and scorn for being “bigots.” Those who responded are now being extorted to apologize or face a $15M lawsuit.

With opportunistic “progressive” politicians, with the blood-dancing totalitarian lobby and with their media cheerleaders, all too immature to wait for facts to come out and just itching to exploit the citizen disarmament potential a mass shooting presents, the gun-grabbers have once more “jumped the gun.” The only people buying into their hysterical demands for more “common sense gun safety laws” are idiots of questionable usefulness. Meanwhile, the resolve of gun rights advocates is being strengthened as more gun owners are recognizing that “progressive” policies make terrorist and other mass attacks not just easier, but inevitable.

So while all the usual suspects are screaming that “something must be done,” and proclaiming we can’t accept mass shootings as “normal” (a much-parroted talking point both Obama and Hillary are exploiting), certain inconvenient truths don’t escape notice of a growing number of Americans.

Among those truths, as much as the establishment wants everyone to deny it, is that we need to revisit the government’s push to import more Islam and to distribute it throughout the Republic. If Paris didn’t put the skids on that, San Bernardino just may cause some “officials” to reconsider their place in the political equation.

Among those truths, as much as the “progressive” smear machine points fingers and bellows to the contrary, is that white, Christian, male Constitutionalists, and especially the NRA, are a pretty peaceable lot. Does anyone care to come up with a homicide rate for its five million armed-to-the-teeth members?  No?

Among those truths, as much as the establishment wants people to believe otherwise, is that the police can’t protect you. The actual first responders aren’t the cops, and they generally respond by running or hiding in terror, or by bleeding out. Besides, ironically in this case, it wasn’t all that long ago that the San Bernardino city attorney caused quite a stir by advising residents to “‘lock their doors [and] load their guns’ because of police downsizing.”

Among those truths, as much as the establishment doesn’t want people to think about and act upon their rights, is that California is a “may issue” state for concealed carry permits, which means they generally “may not” except for the connected, and open carry is also not an option. The police can’t protect you and you can’t protect yourself.

And that brings us back to the meaningless “something must be done” complaint, which can be challenged with one word:


California is rated by the Brady Campaign as being “least friendly” (interesting choice of words) and having “the strongest gun laws” in the nation. Obviously, all those “laws” proved utterly useless in the face of reality. In spite of that, what the gun-grabbers want is more of what doesn’t work, and they want it imposed on everyone in Everytown.  They don’t call it “home rule” for nothin’.

Like the saying goes, haters gonna hate. They’re going to rage, they’re going to lie, they’re going to accuse and they’re going to demand. The less temperate and tactical among them, that is, the self-control-challenged who go nuts if they can’t control everyone else, will say some furious, ridiculous and desperate things that will both show all their cards and their impotence.

That’s because they know, deep in their cowardly and covetous hearts, that the final card is held by gun owners who, in the final analysis, will not be scapegoated and will not comply with subversive edicts that do nothing but give all advantages to the evil. That’s because they know that ultimately, they’re stopped in their tracks by one simple, defiant response:

No. Your move.

It’s up to each of us gun owners to do our part to maintain the capability to back that up, and to pass it on to our heirs as it was passed on to us.

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David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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“Still,admittedly,I don’t expect our government to have much understanding of the lives of non politicians,&even less concern for”the common man”,but I know it would be useless to defy a government agency. They make the rules,not to benefit the public,but to maintain control over it.” I am sure the Jews shot in the back and buried in ditches had the same attitude…so they did not fight back either….and they DID end up dead. Do NOT buy something “papered” and its time to start deciding between fighting or being buried in the woods. The government may not care about you but their… Read more »

Dallas Dauterman

Myself,I’m less worried(somewhat)about the day gun confiscators may show on my doorstep,than many folks are. Although if& when they would,I’d be upset as those who comment here-however,it absolutely does not enter on my radar,the least notion being confrontational with law enforcement or federal agents. I believe unless one is wealthy&equipped with super lawyers,the civilian is at the mercy of government whims,& a firefight with it is out of the realm my imagination& simply won’t happen with me.we can only hope our votes count for something & the antigun,anti self defense politicians are not re elected. Still,admittedly,I don’t expect our government… Read more »

TSgt B

This is EXACTLY why I will NOT renew my “CCW permit/license”. I have had my fill of my SERVANTS demanding that I beg “permission” to exercise a Right that they are expressly FORBIDDEN from infringing upon. I urge all other Freedom-loving Americans to do the same.

Jeff Wood

James, I am sure you are correct, and only yesterday evening I saw a story which alleges that the Feds are building a register of owners and purchases. All against your laws of course, but that seems to matter less and less, at least to the Feds. My main point was that your authorities have little idea of what you have. Even before the registration process began, you in the US had a lot of weaponry, which of course you must keep off the radar. Do I recall correctly that private transfers cannot be monitored? If that is so there… Read more »


There was an interview on NPR last year and the director of the W.VA ATF repository said they were in the process of scanning all the 4473s to a digital PDF format. But he said it wasn’t a registry or database because the data could not be searched digitally because it was PDF. The Dumbass NPR reporter did not question it. PDF documents can be searched I did it all the time when I was working for DoD. There is definitely a national registry at the W VA facility, in violation of federal law.

ken schaepe

Feds Illegally Maintain Registry of Firearm Owners; Media Fails to Report It. – To be very clear, the NICS system is retaining records of legal purchases, it is sharing that information with other agencies, it is retaining and sharing information containing enough detail to match the purchaser to a government created list, and now the US government is publicizing the fact that it is doing this even though it is a violation of federal law.

The ATF is not tracking flame throwers at least.


Bravo! BRAVO! Nice work David. You captured the simmering disgust of tens of thousands of us with our current gun laws and “immigration” policies. Not to mention the self-important grand-standing politicians who have only one answer to the problem.

Our enemies must be busting a gun laughing at us.
“Look, Achmed! Our brothers slaughtered 14 of the infidels! And — haha — now their president –hahaha — wants more laws -hahaha- that will make them even MORE defenseless! Bwhahahahaha!”

James Mitchell

Jeff Wood: If you do not think you are in a list when buying a firearm in the USA, then you are very out of touch with reality! I had my FFLs up till June of 2015. I gave them up due to family obligations not allowing me to operate my business. As per rules, I sent all my form 4473s (the form you fill out to buy a firearm from dealer) & log books in to the ATF in WV at their “record keeping” warehouse. I got a call from them that by my 4473s and log book, I… Read more »


Did England have our 2nd Amendment foundation? Tyrants KNOW what the 2nd means.


Moreover, it’s not just the ‘progressives’. Bush welcomed in the Boston bomber “refugees” and a lot of other terrorists and Jihadi breeders and sympathizers. Hasan would never have been able to murder the victims of Ft Hood if Nixon hadn’t welcomed his Palestinian Muslim parents.


“The ‘progressives’ want to ignore 1,400(+) years of history. The only way we are going to defend ourselves from terrorists and other mentally imbalanced homicidal jerks is to kill them before they kill us.”

Bzzzz. Wrong. That’s not the only way, nor is it a substitute for keeping the enemy, criminals, and breeders of criminals, out of the USA in the first place.


“more gun owners are recognizing that ‘progressive’ (gun control) policies make terrorist and other mass attacks not just easier, but inevitable.” True. Unfortunately, Business-Class, Left-“Libertarian” and neo”conservative” gun group leaders are working to ensure that gun owners don’t see that “progressive” and “cheap labor” immigration policies they support also make attacks inevitable. Concealed carry can mitigate or even prevent some attacks, but far from all of them. Concealed carry would not have helped the Boston Victims, the Michigan deer hunters, the San Francisco car bowler victims, the DC sniper victims. Carrying a gun is no guarantee of survival against a… Read more »


Maybe Obama will retire with the rest of his family in Kenya?

Jeff Wood

David, you need no encouragement from me but I am going to offer it anyway. When we Brits were subject to confiscation of self-loading fullbore rifles in 1987, there was nothing we could do. We were a small number and the authorities knew what we had. Ten years later, when most handguns were confiscated, we could do nothing for the same reasons. In the US, you have the numbers both of people and weapons. Most important, your authorities have little idea of what you have. The Gun Salesman in Chief is doing what he can to keep up the number… Read more »

Woody W Woodward

The “progressives” want to ignore 1,400(+) years of history. The only way we are going to defend ourselves from terrorists and other mentally imbalanced homicidal jerks is to kill them before they kill us. The only result of confiscation and more restrictive “reasonable” gun laws is the assurance of a larger victim pool.


So the guy who blows away children and innocent civilians on a regular basis with his drone strikes is condeming murder now? The same guy who allows all sorts of actual criminal illegal immigrants to stay in the country is suddenly concerned about crime? He keeps talking about background checks, yet thinks showing an id before voting is a violation of the Constitution? His admin is also suing a company for mandating background checks. I don’t give a damn what this sociopath thinks. He needs to wory about his own inner city supporters – the black males who have a… Read more »

Steve Hoffelt

Thank you, David. Succinct and well stated.