COAST FDX300 Knife Includes Patent Pending Locking System

High Performance Coast Knives Set Pioneering New Knife Safety Standard.

Coast FDX300 Knife
Coast FDX300 Knife
COAST Products
COAST Products

PORTLAND, OR – Ground-breaking and innovative describe COAST’s new FDX knives that introduce hunters, military, police, tactical units and knife enthusiasts to the company’s nextgen proprietary safety features.

Unique to COAST, the FDX300 and FDX302 knives feature a patent pending locking system that combines the strength and simplicity of the Frame-Lock with the added safety of the patented, adjustable tension Double-Lock system that is also exclusive to COAST. Setting state-of-the-art engineering standards coupled with sleek styling and peak performance, COAST’s new knives are designed for critical missions on the battlefield, in the wild, or on patrol. COAST will debut the new FDX knives, and exhibit a wide variety of their acclaimed knives, LED flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and multi-tools during SHOT – at Booth 15120 from January 19-22 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

These products deliver advanced quality and innovation, the latest patented and proprietary features and technology, and are perfect for every customer, retailer or distributor in the military or police supply, sports, leisure, hunting and shooting markets.

Two-in-One Combination Locking System

Incorporating COAST’S near-100 years of knife making experience, the company is constantly in the forefront of mechanical and technological break-throughs. The FDX product line is just the latest example of that innovation and industry leadership. The new, imaginative locking systems are combined to make an adjustable locking system that is easy to use with maximized strength – and unequaled safety.

With the most stringent safety needs in mind, COAST designed the FDX knives to operate simply and effectively. When the knife blade is opened, the Frame-Lock automatically engages which locks the blade open. For added safety, the user can push the Double-Lock switch on the top of the handle forward which engages the Double-Lock system. Closing the knife is just as simple by reversing the procedure.

Patented tension control provides maximum flexibility in adjusting to just the right tension or detent action for individual needs. Simply turn the tension mechanism to the right to tighten the tension and to the left to create a lighter tension.

The FDX utility knives’ open frame construction provides a light, yet solid stainless steel frame with a unique handle pattern. Heat treated for strength and available in a glass bead finish or Titanium Nitride gray coating, the frame and handles showcase a classy-tactical look. Ergonomically designed with chamfered handle openings, the contoured shape design enables a firm, comfortable grip. Thumbnotching on the top of the blade provides a non-slip pressure point during heavy cutting. Both FDX models have a 3-inch drop-point blade that mirrors the handle finish. The tough, durable blades are rigorously tested for sharpness and are constructed of 7Cr17 stainless steel.

The blades are precision grounded, heat-treated, cryogenically treated and tempered for flexibility. These features ensure the best performance possible in demanding environments. The pocket clips have three mounting positions for increased convenience, easier carrying and a more secure attachment without movement. To reposition the pocket clip, the screws can be heated for a minute with a blow dryer. This process softens the thread locking adhesive making it easy to remove. Reinstalling and securing the pocket clip into a new mounting position is simple. Ambidextrous blade thumb studs are included to allow for right or left hand blade-opening. To prevent their loss, the screws are locked into place using the thread locking adhesive. Users can attach a lanyard via the lanyard hole, so they can be carried around the neck or over the shoulder, helping to avoid loss and keeping both hands free.

Coast FDX302 Knife
Coast FDX302 Knife

“In every perilous or inclement situation, having total reliance on the safety, quality and durability of your gear is essential,’ noted COAST President David Brands.

“COAST’S new FDX300 and FDX302 are designed and engineered with exceptional, matchless workmanship and safety – built for every hunter, police, tactical unit, or military professional – or any person who wants one of the best knives available today. With our new patent pending locking system, the FDX knives provide greater peace of mind and uncompromised high standards. Safety, strength, performance, and value are all part of the FDX knives. This new knife line packs exceptional qualities in a compact package, sure to be the go-to knives whether on the job, on the hunt, or in the field.”

Following are the specs for each knife:

FDX300 and FDX302

  • Patent pending frame and Double-Lock system for unequaled safety
  • All stainless steel frame, blade and fasteners
  • Plain and combination blade edge models
  • Brass pivot bushing for smooth operation
  • Glass bead or Titanium Nitride finishes
  • 3-inch (7.6 centimeter) drop-point blade; 7.5-inch (19.05 centimeter) overall
  • Weight 4 oz.
  • High grade 7Cr17 stainless steel
  • 3-Position pocket clip
  • Ambidextrous blade opening thumb studs
  • Lanyard hole

And, as with COAST’s entire product line, the FDX300 and FDX302 are backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

The knives will be shipping March, 2016 and the suggested retail is $23.99. Follow COAST at one of the social media channels below, or check the COAST website for the latest information.

COAST Products – A History of Innovation Well-known for their knives and multi-tools, for nearly 96 years, COAST is now a market leader in premium LED flashlights – developing innovative products trusted by everyone from the weekend warrior to the Navy Seals and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. COAST’s technologically advanced products are safer and easier to use, while at the same time being extremely functional and enjoyable to own. COAST Products was founded as COAST Cutlery Company in 1919. Originally established to provide quality knives to the farmers, ranchers and workers of the Pacific Northwest, today COAST produces premium LED lighting products, including top-rated flashlights, headlamps and EAL (emergency area lighting), as well as fine-crafted knives and world class multi-tools. Every COAST product reflects an investment in skilled craftsmanship and quality materials and is backed by a COAST guarantee. COAST products are available from leading sporting goods stores, home centers, hardware stores, professional outlets, automotive stores and supplies, and numerous online retailers. For more information, call 800-426-5858 or visit

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