Obama Announces No-Buy List for Guns

by Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman
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No Buy List
Seeks to change arbitrary “No-Fly List” into “No Buy List”. If you can't buy guns, you sure can't own guns. Democrats cheer wildly at announcement.
Alan Korwin
Alan Korwin

Arizona –   -(Ammoland.com)- The man in the White House has publicly announced his intention to summarily disarm the public based on a swiftly growing secret police list.

Right now, people on the no-fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If you're too dangerous to board a plane, you're too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun.”

That's a direct quote from Barack Hussein Obama.

Are those people charged with something? Have they been convicted of anything? That's rhetorical. No to both questions.

I asked the FBI at the SHOT Show in Jan., 2016. They are just banned from flying. Why? The FBI won't say. It's a secret. How do you get on the list? I found out that's a secret too. You lose your right to fly by secret. The list is kept secret by police. Secret police list. Those are words we're not supposed to connect in this free country.

People on this secret police list can still take Amtrak, or a bus, or drive to Cincinnati. Or anywhere. If those people are that dangerous why are they still walking around? I asked the FBI. No answer. What sense does that make? Who are these people? That's a secret too. Maybe they can down a plane with a karate chop.

Some things about this no-fly list just don't fly…

Does it mean the scanners and screening at TSA airport checkpoints don't work on those people? That's why we need the list? Those folks could board with guns and knives and bombs if we didn't ban them — with a list? The X-ray machines, wands, bomb swabs, anal probes and magnetometers work for the rest of us, but not on them? Does that make sense to you? Maybe checkpoints are just a feel-good scam to keep us in line like the skeptics say.

Well it's not a secret to (name withheld to protect the innocent). I met her at a trade show in the press office. Her toddler daughter got a flight ticket with her, but when they got to the gate, they found out her daughter's on the list, and couldn't board. Just like Senator Ted Kennedy. It turns out loads of ordinary people are on the list. The ACLU is fighting the whole concept, for a whole lot of good reasons. But not for the best reason.

“That it is insane.”

During his recent gun-control TV town hall, this man who took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” our Constitution repeated this twisted logic, and wild cheers erupted from the democrat-packed audience. It makes sense, it has a certain appeal, if you don't look at it too hard like we're doing — or if you're brain dead. If you really want guns to “just go away” this would work — until you realize it leaves guns in the hands of the agents running the list.

An arbitrary list, with no checks and balances, no functional controls or due process of any kind, will deny our fundamental constitutional civil and human rights. The man currently in the White House is calling for the list. You're insane if you object, he says.

By implication, if you can't buy a gun, you certainly aren't free to possess any of the firearms you already own, right? Someone should come and take all those dangerous guns away from you because they must be contraband. You're too dangerous to own them. How do you get off the list? You have to sue the federal government.

Mr. Obama wants to turn an arbitrary no-fly list run by the government without rules into an arbitrary no-buy list for your fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Big Obama Brother
There are no known parameters for adding people to the list. The Terrorist Screening Center, a secretive FBI branch you can't deal with, runs it.

The gloves are off, the cat is out of the bag, the lie is bald-faced. There are no known parameters for adding people to the list. The Terrorist Screening Center, a secretive FBI branch you can't deal with, runs it.

It was started by George W. Bush after the muslim jihad struck our World Trade Towers in 2001, with about 400 names. Under Obama, the list grew to 10,000 names in 2011, 21,000 in 2012, and 47,000 in 2013, according to Wikipedia. The separate Terrorism Watch List reportedly had more than one million names by 2009 — and the lists are mutually exclusive, you can be on one and not the other.

This has all the earmarks of a colored-shirt operation we witnessed in Europe that led to World War II.

Half the country, give or take, votes democrat, who cheers the plan. For shame. Hussein-Obama's proposal is a disgrace, a violation of his oath, grounds for removal from office, according to leading experts.

The “news” media remained largely — and ominously — silent at the announcement. Are they afraid they might end up on the list? Did they spot any of the obvious contradictions even within the announcement? It would be easy to dismiss their inability to understand the constitutional problems. They perpetually demonstrate they are unschooled in its workings, as they run hither and yon cheering for candidates instead of reporting about them, supporting socialism instead of The American Way, arguing for the rule of no law, and now this.

If you like your guns we can take your guns, by putting you on a list. Anyone who objects is by definition insane. Have a nice day.

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  • 70 thoughts on “Obama Announces No-Buy List for Guns

    1. If they are so dangerous to be on a no fly list why are they not in court , prison or deported / exiled

    2. Bottom line, folks . . . save your pennies now and stock up. There is no prediction of who will be stripped of their rights by the new order. It could be anyone for any fabricated reason. They are going to try to ban and confiscate a wide range of guns, and make it more and more difficult to buy ammo. Maybe the people on these lists deserve to be there, and maybe they don’t. We have no way of knowing how and why they are even placed on it. All we are told is that it is for the protection of the people. That sounds ominously familiar.

    3. Whatever happened about 2 months ago to a section bringing 48 felony charges against obuma?? some cabinet was supposed to majority vote on it.. & then it would go to congress to vote & then to the supreme court for judgment … …. never heard another word about it…

    4. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Ths commiecrats are eating the elephant one little bite at a time. Look back as little as 10 years ago, do you remember any of this stuff going on then? I’m of the age where I remember WW11, and this country has gone 180 deg from the years after the war. Vets are no longer celebrated returning home, they are spit on instead. Kids used to be thrilled at the opportunity to see soldiers marching in a July 4th parade. We were safe to walk a mile to and from school. I never rode in a achool bus. There were none in the town where I grew up. Today I live in a smaller town, and the yellow bus stops at each house to pick up and drop off kids, then drives 1/2 mile to deliver them. No more walking to school with a shotgun during hunting season to be able to hunt while walking thru the woods on the way home.

      Oh yeah, we live in a much better country today. Thanx to the creeping socialism, which is now in full gallup. The elephant is now being eaten in large chunks. It’s time folks, now or never.

      1. The Socialists aren’t doing the damage to the GOP ! The mid-terms proved that,… the elitists Repugs are !!! They would rather lose to Hillary than win with Trump ! These Romney back SOB’s want a brokered convention to hand pick who they want to lose to Hillary,not who we want to win ! The Democrats don’t have shit to do with that !

    5. What is going on in the world is a lack of the understanding of what is right and wrong. It is the basis of moral relativism. Look it up on Youtube. The psycho moral relativist in the Whorehouse KNOWS that disarming people is wrong, yet he seeks to do so at every opportunity. Well, wait, maybe he DOESN’T know. He is the puppet of the international banksters who are moral relativists to the core. Think about it. How many of you really know the difference between right and wrong? I read on these lists all the time how people defend the 2nd amendment as if it is some holy writ rather than the NATURAL RIGHT to keep and bare arms which is actually a RIGHT. Not a WRONG. Test yourself. Do you believe that going to foreign nations and shooting people in them because of their religious beliefs is right or wrong? I couldn’t believe how many people supported Chris Kyle as a “hero” who was for all intents an INVADER of a foreign nation killing those who DEFENDED themselves from him. We as a nation have been dumbed down to the understanding of RIGHT and WRONG.

    6. the guy in the white house must think we are blind…he lets muslims into this country unchecked, they kill christians, hi-jacked planes on 9-11, tells the border patrol to stop holding illegals and puts us on a secret no fly list and now he wants our firearms so we cant defend ourselves. its obvious who hes tryin to protect

    7. Satan(called Obama by the media) has started his own version of hitleresque Gestapo and is keeping secret lists on people including citizens who’ve done nothing wrong , it’s pure evil as he is! calling vets a worse threat to America than Muslim terrorists and treating them worse than illegals and terrorists is ndespicable . Plus the treason he’s committed he should be hung for treason along with Hillary and Kerry. Stupid and evil he needs to dissapear along with the communistic satan worshipping devilcrats they are pursuing an anti america(n) agenda with destroying the constitution a priority no people in any communist country has a shred of freedom , everything’s dictated to them- just as the devilcrats are setting us up for now never ever trust a devilcrat!!, you vote is to important to throw away on anti Americans and commies in devilcrat clothing! What’s with yhis no buy list !!? If these people re to dangerous to the public to fly why are they out in public and on the streets. It’s all commie b/s nothing is stopping them from going out and buying their own air craft to commit worse crimes !!! Look past the rhetoric and b/s at what he’s really after, which is destroying America for the radical Muslims

    8. Let’s clearify the article. It gets you scared and angry. There are no sources that it’s true. Just some lunatic says something and you believe it to be fact. You are part of the problem. Think for yourself! Check sources and information before you drink the kool aid.

      1. “Right now, people on the No-Fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If you’re too dangerous to board a plane, you’re too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun,” he said in his weekly address. “And so I’m calling on Congress to close this loophole, now.” – Obama. (Quote taken from CNN)

        Close enough?

    9. What’s rather funny is the list is bogus as there was a little girl can’t remember how old but sure she was pre-teen, was prevented from boarding a plane by the TSA because she was on the no-fly list.

    10. Just wait, when the SHTF happens and the DHS “leadership starts setting up their petty fiefdoms there will instantly pop up a “no travel” list. You will not be allowed to travel to visit family for years perhaps for the rest of your life. Complain about it and you will be put down.

      I certainly hope you realize you are on an NSA list already just for reading and posting here.

      1. DHS and all law enforcement will go YOYO. The new bolsheviks are cowards. They can’t fight their own wars, hide in secret and pass bullshit laws under bullshit authority and have dreams of acting like their savage kin who slaughtered 60 million Cristian Russians. Ted Nugent named them and spoke the truth as who is behind the suppression of OUR Rights.

    11. When will the people of this country start to understand. Every time you ask the government to enforce your will upon others it gives them more power. Why does the government control marriage? Why does the government control substances? Why does the government control anything? Every time the government tries to fix something it becomes a disaster. The war on poverty, more poor than ever. The war on terror, now terrorists have their own country. The war on drugs, holy shit what a disaster. You don’t think people should do drugs. The don’t do drugs. You think gays should not get married. Don’t marry someone of the same sex. You don’t think people should own guns. Don’t own a damn gun. You think people should help the poor. Go help the poor. Why does everyone else have to live by your moral standards. This comes from both sides by the way. It does not matter if you are Democrat or Republican.

    12. No fly list. I’d like a no fly list for screaming babies. I’d like a no fly list for 450 pound, 4 foot wide people. I’d like a no fly list for people who only bathe once a year. I’d like a no fly list for B O, not body odor but B Obama who has done terrorist acts in places around the world for 7 years.
      A terrorist is defined by the other side.

      1. I liked most of your post as satirical, however when you state a “terrorist is defined by the other side.” I feel you have no comedy here only hate.
        As terrorism is defined as using violence against others for political gain. No one needs to define violence it is patently obvious.
        Grow up the real world has smells and people who don’t agree with each other, all of these can be dealt with as rational people. But to attack innocents to demonstrate your position no matter how tenuous your situation is without a doubt terror no matter if your the attacker or attacked. Can you imagine the horror those families feel?

    13. These are some or most of the same dame thing that made us split from grate British power.. I keep herein about the same crap the TRADER of AMERICA is trying, and I feel and think of 1776 and our up rise against this same over step of power. There will be agine a grate war in our country again.. I hope that it will never happen agine in my lifetime. But I see it every day in OBAMA and his bicth Hillary. REMEMBER PEOPLE and never forget BENGAZY. I know I spelt it wrong you get the pont. And our TRADERS, who agine is the only chef to ever BOW TO A FOREIGN POWER. Ever . Got it. I love my country and my brothers and sisters that have died to give me the freedom I once HAD. This is not RUSSIA. My own babby gril is fighting for ALL OF YOU . Do her right and NOT let our four fathers look down at us in this time of underhanded tack over. Thanks for all of you and the time to bicth. And for you that have survived.

      1. Seriously? “…will never happen…” ????

        And no one in our government will ever spy on law abiding Americans without a warrant in violation of the Constitution…

        You probably don’t think Apple CEO Tim Cook standing for the people against the government overreach is important either becasue nothing “will ever happen” from that, huh?

    14. i’m curios as to the statement..if youre on the no fly list you cant own a gun….how will they know somebody owns a gun?..theyre only supposed to keep records for 24 hrs when ya buy a gun.

      1. anyone who has gone through the illegal process of getting their Mother May I Card to carry a gun, anyone who has bought one at retail, even paying in cash, has a record of that [urchase. BATF requires every FFL Dealer to maintain their gun sales register…. a written record they must keep for twenty years. At any time, BATF can walk in and demand to see it. In theory they are only supposed to be looking for specific record…. but miltuple BATF agents have been caught going through those books with small pocket scanners, recording whole pages of purchases. Take those records back to their offices, download and process, eventually a database of folks who own guns is illegelly, but effectuallly, created. They may not get everyone, in fact they won’t. But WHY do you think they’re on a big push for “universal background checks”? They want a record of every gubn sale in the country. They know there are millions of guns “off the books”, and legally so. Bought a long time ago, before the gun sales register was created, before background checks, and sometimes guns bought more than 20 years ago then resold privately (when still legal) or even guns sdold multiple times with background checks, the chain of possession has been broken on the record…. buy a gun in Texas, sell it through a legal and complaint online auction, ship it legally to an FFL in another state…. manufacturer’s trace data can only reveal who first bought it t retail…. that party can move or sell it out of state, bhain of possession is broken. Probably a quarter of the guns in private hands fall into this “not traceable” category, and the kinyun and his minions are desparately wanting to close up those gaps. The No FlyNo BUy meme is a start….. if they can pull that one off without starting a revolution, they’ve not more devilish schemes up their filthy sleeves. And “due process” will not be a part of that scheme.

    15. How long before anyone who owns a gun or holds a LTC ends up on the list ? Maybe a busy body pissed of neighbor calls and reports suspicious behavior. This is nothing short of fascism.

    16. They can make all the laws they want. But if you’re an American like I am, you will stand by the constitution, not some idiots communist law. I fought for the constitution not a communist. Thank you. God bless you.

      1. That’s the funniest thing I have read today Jimmie Martin! Funny how many of you say that very thing until the heat of the US Government is knocking on your doorstep. (Oregon-Lavoy Finicum) You did notice just how quickly the rats scattered when the sledge hammer came down- right? Gee, I remember every single one of them making the same statement as you! We are all big men when posting on a chat board in the privacy, and comfort of our home, aren’t we? Have a nice Constitutional day.

        1. We are in the middle of a bloodless revolution! If you want to make a fight… get out your check book and support the one that is not a political hack.

          1. I agree. We got stuck with an additional four years of Barry because many decided not to vote. America need your vote more than ever.

    17. What’s next? A no travel list? In the USSR, one required travel documents just to go to another city. There were checkpoints on the highways, and the highways between cities were limited access to prevent people from avoiding the checkpoints.

      Also, in the USSR, people were indoctrinated to report each other for violations (even if only suspected). Children trained to turn in even their own parents. These are the ways of progressives. Turn the young people against the older people based on false beliefs.

      In the USSR, millions of people “disappeared” after being found guilty at secret trials, and were shipped off to gulags where the majority lived out their lives as prisoner slaves.

      Today, The Donald says what the people back home are thinking and saying, and he gets condemned for it. We have a government which supports a claim that “Black Lives Matter” made by people who say others have no right to claim their lives matter just as much. We have a government which supports the idea that thugs can “Take Over…” and act lawless while condemning a Tea Party which seeks to uphold the ideals of the Founders who risked their lives to create this once great nation. We have a government which promotes the idea that those who work should pay the way of those who don’t, can’t or won’t. That more government, regulations, and laws gives people more freedom.

      Even the socialist nations of the EU are working away from socialism because they are learning what it took the USSR over 70 years to learn… socialism is doomed to fail as soon as people learn that they don’t have to work in order to have what those who do work have.

    18. Alan Korwin seems is doing good work and seems like an intelligent man. But I can’t understand why or how on the one hand he can be so very critical of the heavy hand of our growing batch of Federalists/Statists, while on the other hand he keeps repeating the lie told by that same heavy-handed government, namely that “muslim jihad struck our World Trade Towers in 2001.” Why would he trust those he knows to be untrustwortrhy in every other arena? Why would he repeat the lie of those he correctly does not trust?
      Where has he been, and where is his otherwise functional logic when it comes to this topic? His repetition of this government meme doesn’t admit of rational scrutiny. It doesn’t make sense.
      So, let me say this straight out, if this is a case of a deeply held prejudice, or some other kind of a psychological block, then either doesn’t really believe the Republic is in as much danger as he claims, or he is allowing his personal feelings to weaken instead of strengthen his understanding of the crisis we are in–and in the process confuse his good neighbors!
      Clearly the nation is in a crisis of great proportions and thus we don’t have time for this sort of confusion rooted in petty little personal prejudices! We need clarity and no nonsense.
      *Doesn’t he know that there are cases in the federal courts brought by Pentagon employees (against their own government and bosses) which employees saw no plane or plane parts, heard multiple explosions before the impact, and who were injured or traumatized by the events of that morning?
      *Doesn’t he know that with all the security cameras around the Pentagon there is no (zero) footage of any plane whatsoever hitting the Pentagon?
      *Doesn’t he know that Building 7 at the Twin Tower complex fell at free-fall speed later in the day and had only a couple of small office fires in it?
      Doesn’t he know that there is a group of several hundreds of architects and engineers who say that the collapse of the twin towers was not possible from the impact of an airliner and that the buildings, including Building 7, had to have come down from planned demolitions?
      I don’t get it. Unless he is otherwise conflicted, I don’t see why an intelligent man can not see this and then back of from this official government mythology?
      I would like to hear from Alan Korwin on this. My name is: Jay Warren Clark and my e-mail is listed below on this form. I will thank him in advance for addressing this for me. JWC

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    19. It’s called DUE PROCESS Hussein. America doesn’t operate with secret lists. Maybe they do where you come from, but NOT here. Pünk!

    20. The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriot and tyrants._ Thomas Jefferson And it looks like that time, for the first time, may be approaching.

    21. The results of the 2016 elections will be the deciding factor whether or not states start seceding ! And when they do start seceding they won’t be asking for permission from the federal government to do so !

    22. I have voted Democratic but I have great reverence for our Constitution and the few rights we have left after the so called “Patriot Act” and numerous other laws by both administrations. This is a problem that is being wrought on the American people by people on both sides of the aisle in Foggy Bottom and until the public wakes to the fact that it is our politicians that are the problem and we throw the bums out and start over it will be more of the same until it is to late. I love this country and it breaks my heart that we are having to think about and deal with saving our Rights. Bill Kettering

    23. What other lists can U be put on. Lets say you have been denied your 1st amendment right because U can not tolerate an overreaching federal government. How about the 8 amendment or the 5th. Anyway U get the idea. It is a slippery slope. You try to exercise a right and all of a sudden you no longer have that right and U have to petition the Feds to get it back. You can not find out why you were put on the list. You can not find out who put you on the list. What happened to due process? We live in interesting times people. The president must be impeached and impeached now. Congress and the Senate have to grow a set of balls and do what the people who put them in office want them to do.

      1. The second amendment is what protects and assures all of the other amendments. Simple as that. If they can destroy the second amendment, all others will soon follow.

        1. the :second ammendment” does nothing… UNLESS we understand it does NOT derive from the COnstitution, but from our Creator, and that it predates and is not dependent upon the COnstitution. When we understand THAT, those words on a piece of paper can be erased, nullified, outlawed, disregarded… and we WTILL retain the right to arms. King Goerge Three learned that the hard way. Our COloian forefathers never questioined their right to arms. WHY DO WE? Stop looking to those words on the paper, being ignored by the very gommint hooh hahs who are duty bound and sworn to prtoect their meaning. Look to the God who created us…. our right to arms is from HIM. NO ONE can take it away, but take care lest you surrender it.

          1. The problem with your argument is a presumption of belief in a creator. Last check, most of those attempting to deny your right to bear arms do not believe in such and therefore your argument immediately becomes null and void to them. Unfortunately, they are the ones in power. These are the ones writing statutes… making the laws. In their eyes, without “those words on a piece of paper,” as you call them, you have no right to bear arms in your defense or in defense of others, and particularly no right to do so in defense of citizens against a tyrannical government. So they chip away at that “piece of paper”, our precious Constitution which some of us still hold dear, ever so slowly… bit by bit.

            Even though many, if not most, of the founding fathers had a strong belief in a creator, our current leadership does not, as evidenced mainly by their actions. Long term goals are what they have… and patience. Little by little, bit by bit, they transform America and slowly take away your rights. The end game is subservience of the many to a one world government run by the few, the elites, through the UN presumptively, and the only way that can happen is collapse of the United States of America. The only way that collapse will happen is by eventually disarming the American people. Testing this has already occurred with small scale events such as in the suburbs of New Orleans when martial law was declared after Katrina and the government, under force, with weapons drawn, confiscated arms of law abiding citizens by going house to house under the guise of “safety checks.” What happened there? Citizens, completely caught off guard, without any instances of physical resistance of which I am aware, had their rifles and handguns forcefully taken from them. All the while the internet tough guys, keyboard soldiers, and tacticool mall ninjas are claiming “molon labe”.

            Want to see what happens to modern disarmed citizens of an elected government when they do not agree with the course their government is taking? Check out the Maidan protests in Ukraine and the treatment by the Berkut police force, under direction from that government, of those peaceful protestors, who were simply exercising their, as you may say -“God given,” right to free speech, peaceable assembly, and redress of grievances with those in power. Death… Beatings… Kidnappings… Citizens who remain “missing” to this day… No change was made in, or by, that government until the threat of armed resistence and assault was made. When you understand that protest, the course of events throughout, and the eventual outcome, you will realize that without those “words on a piece of paper” you have no rights and you are nothing.

            Do I agree with you in principle? Yes. I do not believe the Constituion grants you any rights. I believe that all humans, no matter where their citizenry, are born with those same human, or for some “God given,” rights and the Constitution only spells those rights out for those who just don’t get it. However, as evidenced by governments across the globe, that belief is not the majority belief, particularly amongst the elites in the government at all levels whether local, state, federal, or world…

            And in spite of the constant barrage of assaults, the Constitution of the United States of America remains the most important document, in my view, spelling out your rights as a human as ever has existed on the face of this earth and stands strong still this day… Because of the Second Amendment.

      2. I will NEVER “petition” a tyrant to beg for that which he/she/it does NOT have the power to take. This is why I have decided to never apply for a “license” or “permit” to carry a firearm, concealed or otherwise, again. After judicious reflection, consideration, and deliberation, I choose to never again ask/beg MY SERVANTS for their permission to do anything.

        1. Great job my friend, I totally agree with you!! MY God, what in the world has happened to this once AMAZINGLY GREAT nation?? I feel like the vast majority of us now can barely survive for so many reasons and all we are are a tax stealing base, thats it, they don’t give 2 squirts about us anymore.

    24. Pilots regularly put passengers they do not like on the no fly list. Complain about the flight and your on it.

      1. This is false. While I agree that the no fly list is extra judicial and a violation of the due process clause, no pilot of any airline has the power to put anyone on a no fly list. I’ve been an airline pilot for many years and we barely have the power to make the flight attendants behave.

        1. You can not put them on the list but you can tell and they will be put on the list
          sounds like Nazi Germany has come to America.
          No pilot is going to take the blame

    25. America is rapidly devolving into something worse then DARK AGES FEUDALISM. Secret prisons with torture and no trial, charges, and indefinite/life sentences. How long before you cannot leave your state, city, neighborhood, without a PASS? Are you Free Citizens or FEUDAL SERFS?

      1. Albert; We are already Subjects that’s what this election is all about. The D side of the country is about how can we accelerate the move to Full Socialism. The R side of the debate is about more of the same or do we tear up the progressive play house. To date I would day the latter option is looking better every day. I have my water, food and ammo. Let the deconstruction of everything that is NOT in the Constitution begin.

    26. The American people can combat this sort of thing by utilizing the ‘Don’t Vote List’. The ‘Don’t Vote List’ isn’t secret, it’s just a list of Democrats running for office in 2016.

        1. I don’t think so, Skippy. Satan isn’t waxing his snow skis yet. We, the People, have had about enough. The main difference between us and Nazi Germany is that WE ARE ARMED, RESOLUTE, AND RIGHT.

          1. TSgt B,

            Regarding your statement that the American citizenry is “RESOLUTE”, I wholeheartedly disagree.

            They are FAR from RESOLUTE otherwise we wouldn’t have soetoro-obama still occupying the West Wing.

    27. I wonder how many veterans the VA will put on this list to furather skirt due process and turning our veterans into less than convicted felons?

    28. the people that voted for and follow blindly the insane want to be king of America have no clue what any of his lies will mean for all of us not just law abiding gun owners.
      Quite sure we will all be put on some sort of “no fly list”.
      People are for the most part afraid to stand up for what’s right because they might get talked about on social media.
      Would hate to think that our forefathers that founded this great nation would be swayed by the opinions of the weak willed and non thinking part of the population.
      Looking forward to seeing who takes a stand personally and politically.
      I would rather walk with my guns than to “fly” without.

      1. see what happens when you let lunatic’s run a country ? VOTE HILLARY ! I’d rather suck Bill’s cigar….. :O

        1. Who ever thinks that Hillary won’t be twice as bad as Obama had better stop and look at her record and listen again to what she has said in interviews.

      2. Natural Born Citizen – Can just anyone be elected President of the United States? No, of course not. Foreigners for example are not eligible.

        The Kenyan American got a pass.

        And now we’re at the real reason, the ugly reason, why Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the rest will not be found ineligible to become President under Article II, the one item Tokaji omitted, even though you can see they are ineligible. Because: If current candidates are officially determined to be ineligible to be President under Article II, it would mean the person currently in the office of President is ineligible for the same reason. This would lead to a constitutional crisis and charges of misprision of treason beyond anything America could withstand.

        The reason the meaning of natural born citizen has been tortured into meaning virtually anyone is one is because this discussion is taking place after the commission of a crime “too big to prosecute,” by a lot of rich, powerful and influential people.

        Once Congress allowed and assisted the ineligible, identity fraud con artist Barack Hussein Obama to usurp the presidency there was no one complicit in Obama’s successful takeover of America’s highest office, and her military, who was not going to fight, with everything in them, to insure he remains officially a legitimate president. Anything else subjects the complicit, many at the highest possible level, to charges of treason for literally giving America’s government and her military to the enemy.

        No amount of history, common sense or anything else will ever get an admission from the media, Congress or the others involved that they were complicit in, as a minimum, misprision of a felony [18 USC §4] or misprision of treason [18 USC §2382] for their part in the biggest hoax in history. Obama must be protected from the truth about him being fully revealed and acted upon. When a regime owns the courts, Congress and the media, that job becomes doable, no matter how compelling or plentiful evidence to the contrary may be.

        1. I believe you see and describe the root of it. THIS is what comes when the rule of law is piled on the ashheap od public fervour. One of, perhaps the most, subtle coups d’etat ever carried off.

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