Camping Quilt Meet Mummy Bag

Introducing NOZIPP, trading zippers for magnets to create the most versatile sleeping bag yet


Los Angeles, CA -( On Tuesday, March 8th, its 8th day on Kickstarter, NOZIPP, the sleeping bag that forgoes zippers in favor of magnetic closures, reached full funding.

Targeted towards campers who covet versatility and comfort from their gear, NOZIPP solves several issues consumers face with sleeping bags: easier entry and exit, comfort in a wider range of temperatures, and a modular design that allows for roomier sleeping.

If you’ve ever slept under a camping quilt, you know how homey they feel, but sometimes they aren’t warm enough. Mummy bags, while toasty, can be too constricting. NOZIPP’s redesign of the sleeping bag replaces easy-to-snag zippers with four rows of magnetic closures, creating a customizable sleeping bag that’s easy to get in and out of and sleeps comfortably in a wide array of temperatures.

EN-tested down to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit, the bag’s two overlapping front flaps lay across the user’s upper body creating an oversize baffle and aligning all twenty magnets for a bundled, cozy night of sleep in cold weather. In warmer temps, the inner-most fabric of the flaps can be aligned to create less insulation over the chest and a roomier area for upper body movement. Or, simply leave the two flaps completely open on nights upwards of 65 degrees. Summary? This thing is a quiver-killer.

Bonus: Because the magnets are easier to break out of than zippers, middle-of-the-night bathroom trips are a cinch. And, no zipper means you’ll be far less annoying to tent mates.


NOZIPP Features:

  • Magnetic closures for easy entry and exit
  • Modular design that offers three modes of closure for varying temperature conditions: Mummy Mode, Roomy Mode, Open Mode
  • Lofty collar for keeping the draft out and the warmth in
  • Cinchable hood for snuggling in on the coldest nights

NOZIPP Specifications:

  • EN tested comfort rating: 15°F / -10°C
  • fill power: 850+ water resistant duck down
  • fill weight: 20 oz / 567 g
  • total weight: 2lbs 6 oz / 1.085 kg
  • length: 6’0″ / 1.83 m
  • packed size: 7” x 14” / 11L
  • shoulder inner diameter – mummy mode: 60” / 152 cm
  • shoulder inner diameter – roomy mode: 78″ /198 cm
  • waist inner diameter: 54” / 137 cm
  • foot inner diameter: 40” / 102 cm
  • outer shell: 40 Denier 1.6oz Ripstop Nylon
  • inner shell: 20 Denier 1.0oz Ripstop Nylon
  • MSRP: $549

NOZIPP, which makes all of its bags in Los Angeles, California, is available on Kickstarter ( through March 30, 2016.


The NOZIPP sleeping bag was designed by Southern California-based Taylor Henderson, an avid outdoorsmen and adventurer and Registered Civil Engineer who has camped in well over a dozen countries. During a hiking trip in Mongolia in 2014, an exhausted Taylor struggled to close his zippered sleeping bag for the last time. He took design inspiration from a double-breasted coat, sourced appropriately-strong magnets (originally developed for the auto industry in the 1980’s), learned to sew on YouTube, and then leveraged his proximity to the world’s largest garment industry and hired a team to help build the NOZIPP you see today (albeit, 8 prototypes later). NOZIPP was born from a desire to make a trip to the outdoors easier and more comfortable.

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