Doug Koenig Brings Sportsman’s Team Challenge to Grand Island, Nebraska

2014 DK STC Targets
Doug Koenig STC Targets
Sportsman’s Team Challenge (STC)
Sportsman’s Team Challenge (STC)

Grand Island, NE -( Doug Koenig, Competition Director of the Sportsman’s Team Challenge announces online registration is now open.

The Nationals match will be held at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Alda, NE June 10-12, 2016 and will be open to the general public, industry and to all levels of shooting competitors.

“As a long-time participant of the Sportsman’s Team Challenge, I’m honored to be the Competition Director this year. The event continues to be a favorite of mine over the years especially when I’ve shot the match with my son.” Koenig added, “As this year’s Director, I look forward to continuing the Sportsman’s Team Challenge’s rich tradition of bringing shooting enthusiasts of all levels together for this fun-filled unique team competition.”

The Sportsman’s Team Challenge is a two or three person team event, which combines multi-discipline shooting competition of rifle, pistol and shotgun. Designed to be competitor and spectator friendly with colorful reactive targets and countdown times visible to onlookers, the event introduces newcomers at regional matches throughout the country.

The course of fire consists of six events, three of which involve colorful reactive steel targets that are engaged with .22 rimfire rifles, .22 rimfire pistols and centerfire pistols. These events are the Rifle, Pistol and Combo. Three shotgun events utilize aerial clay targets to round out the field of fire with the Flurry, Flush and Mixed Bag. The Flurry and Flush require teams to engage fifty targets in approximately one minute, while the Mixed Bag is similar to a five-stand course with the shooter not knowing from which of the trap machines a pair of clay targets will be released upon their call.

Chris Dolnack, SVP & CMO at NSSF commented, “NSSF created the Sportsman’s Team Challenge as the first televised shooting competition. We’re excited that Doug and his friends are bringing back this classic event in a format that provides everyone, regardless of their skill level, with an opportunity to participate in a safe, fun and friendly format.” Dolnack noted, “It’s good for the local host community, good for the shooting community and good for the industry.”

About Sportsman’s Team Challenge:

From its inception in the late 80’s, the Sportsman’s Team Challenge, now celebrating 29 years continues its popularity within the shooting sports drawing the interest of newcomers, families and competition shooters. For more information about the Sportsman’s Team Challenge and Open Registration visit A rulebook and required course of fire for each event with descriptions is available.

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