Professional’s Guide To Pyrotechnics: Understanding & Making Exploding Fireworks

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USA –  -( This little paperback, Professional’s Guide To Pyrotechnics: Understanding & Making Exploding Fireworks, is an excellent introduction to the making of your own firecrackers.

Divided into a dozen or so chapters, each dealing with a different kind of cracker from a particular country or period in time, the descriptions of how to assemble the devices are extremely lucid with simple, well-drawn diagrams.

The book only covers firecrackers, though, so if you’re looking for a more general introduction to the multitude of different pyrotechnic devices that exist, this probably isn’t your best bet. If indeed it’s crackers specifically you want to know about, or if you’re just starting out with pyrotechny and want to experiment with a few very simple, satisfying fireworks, this is an excellent read.

Professional's GuideTo Pyrotechnics: Understanding & Making Exploding Fireworks
Professional’s GuideTo Pyrotechnics: Understanding & Making Exploding Fireworks :

This book offers a well-rounded selection of reliable, well-researched formulas for the most popular exploding fireworks, including M80s, cherry bombs, ash cans, chasers, globe torpedoes, Knallkorpers, aerial bombs, cracker balls, Flashcrackas and more.

For academic study only. Warning: If you are sucidal and want to blow yourself up, don’t read this book, you will be wasting your time.

About the Author John Donner:

John Donner, who has been honing his skills as a pyrotechnist for more than 30 years, preserves for all time the now all-but-outlawed techniques that makers of traditional fireworks have used and Americans have enjoyed for generations.


Get your copy of Professional’s Guide To Pyrotechnics: Understanding & Making Exploding Fireworks online at Amazon :

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Gregory Romeu

… As We the People, sat back on her pompous, disillusioned, entertained and complacent asses, ALLOWING the dictatorship, (Read government) to do this to us!


In High School (Bartlesville, OK) there was a fireworks warehouse in town where you could walk in and buy anything you wanted, Cherry Bombs, M80’s, 2 inchers, rockets, even them little bitty “Lady Fingers” that you could hold by the end when they went ‘PUTT” okay so it WAS a BANG but not loud or violent. What you can buy now in the “fireworks” stores in South Carolina are a JOKE; you get a louder explosion lighting off your lower orifice gas emissions.


Like G. Gordon Liddy wrote in his book…”When I Was A Kid, This Was A Free Country.” I’ve always enjoyed things that go BANG!

Gregory Romeu

I still DO!