The HTC Low Profile System: Juggernaut Capacity without Juggernaut Size

High Threat Concealment
High Threat Concealment
High Threat Concealment
High Threat Concealment

Newport News, VA -( High Threat Concealment has once again made life a little easier for those in harms way.

Anyone who has tried to maneuver quickly through confined spaces while carrying gear for both a handgun and carbine (or tried to conceal that kit) appreciates just how much a quarter of an inch can make a difference. HTC’s Low Profile System is a scalable and fully customizable low profile rig that takes the compromise out of concealment.

By offsetting attachment points and interlocking carriers, HTC has created a system that both consumes less space and rides closer to the body. This construction makes a handgun, two spare pistol magazines, two rifle magazines, a radio, and a blowout kit all concealable under an open-front jacket or shirt. One interesting side effect of how closely the rig adheres to the body is how it reduces the lateral leverage of heavier accessories carried on the waistline. Simply put, the kit stays in place better and bounces less; moving with the user instead of against him or her. The HTC rig is not only comfortable, but also removes most of the “rattle” from “full-battle rattle”.

“When operations demanded a more discreet appearance, we often had to sacrifice what we carried in order to keep it all under a sport coat. We needed a better solution, and so began the concept of the Low Profile System. Now we are able to provide a solution to others before they even encounter the problem,” said Adam Garrison, Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of High Threat Concealment.

The standard System includes:

  • 1 dual pistol magazine holder
  • 2 rifle magazine holders
  • 1 blowout kit, reduced capacity blowout kit, or modular accessory panel and pouch
  • 1 radio holder or modular accessory panel and pouch
  • 1 holster

Each Low Profile System is made to order and built to match the customer’s individual needs. The experienced staff at HTC are ready and willing to consult with customers to ensure that every build meets the needs of each end-user, including special accommodations for magazine orientation, suppressor sights, as well as pistol-mounted lights and red dot sights. Combine the Low Profile System with HTC’s Low Profile Belt and from the front, none will be the wiser.

Complete builds start at $445 and can be found at

About High Threat Concealment:

High Threat Concealment is a veteran-owned small business specializing in the development of low profile tactical gear for close protection and/or low-visibility operations. From everyday concealment to professional use in high threat environments, High Threat Concealment offers scalable carry solutions to keep your critical equipment available and ready at all times.

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