Cops Shot, Civil Unrest, Stock Up & Hang On To Your Weapons

By Tred Law

Dallas Police Officers Shot After Downtown Rally
Dallas Police Officers Shot After Downtown Rally
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( As I write this it is still unclear how many police have been shot and killed in downtown Dallas.

Multiple attackers “ambushed” police. shooters are still on the loose. All this is on the heals of two black men shot and killed by cops, including one good-guy card-carrying Concealed Weapons Holder in Minnesota.

Already much of the MSM reporting is that the shooters / snipers were using a “high capacity magazines“, also known as a standard magazine to me and you, and rifles (type unknown).

We all know where this is going to lead, Obama is already stirring up fear and hate, rather than calling for calm. The Democrats and the Media will blame American gun owners. “BAN GUNS, BAN HIGH CAP MAGS, BAN BODY ARMOR”. will be the sit in chant of the day.  All this at a time when honest law abiding gun owners need more weapons, not less, to protect our family, friends and loved ones.  If you are smart you will buy whatever you can afford now, do not wait, do not get caught unprepared. Get what they will ban first, have it on hand now so you can train and retrain your family.

Here is my bookmarked list of great articles AmmoLand News has online to help you prepare.

I have read them all, do your homework, get ready now, while you still have time. Keep a low profile and most of all remain dangerous.

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    1. “All this is on the heals of two black men shot and killed by cops, including one good-guy card-carrying Concealed Weapons Holder in Minnesota.” Just like many of the pundits and national leadership, the author weighs in before the facts are determined. The officer that shot Philando Castile pulled him over because Mr. Castile and the female passenger matched the description of an armed robbery. The broken taillight was a pretext stop for the BOL of the suspects. Also, the news is confusing “permit to purchase” with a “concealed carry permit”. There was no evidence he had a CCW, quite the contrary, the sheriff for that county they were in stated he was NOT issued one. If he was issued one from another county, there has been zero proof of that so far. Also, if you look carefully the handgun was sitting on his thigh in the video shot by his significant other, so it is reasonable to expect the officer to keep the female away from the weapon, especially considering the officer thought she was one of the outstanding robbery suspects. I point these things out because it usually takes days if not weeks to sort these details out. And it always has a deleterious effect on an issue when emotionally charged broadcasts, columns, or tweets are sent before the facts are known.

      1. The African in MN did not have a CHL. The hood rat g/f lies and lies. The truth will come out just like it did in Ferguson.

    2. Everyone always wants to point the finger one direction or another. Its Obama, its black people, its white people, its society, its government. The truth is before we had guns we had swards and millions were killed by them. This stuff will never stop even without guns because people are vilents animals. Even on this site you all get on here to talk against what happen and in the midst of doing that you’re talking violent towards each other. Most of you are just as bad as the shooter and Obama. But learn to follow Jesus, and stop sinning and love your neighbor then this violence will end, not in the world but in you.

    3. “A well-regulated population being necessary to the security of a police state, the right of the Government to keep and destroy arms shall not be infringed.”
      Vin Suprynowicz  

    4. If pussy boy Obama could keep his mouth shut until he knew the facts most of this would not happen. But he has to weight in the moment it happens and doesn’t wait for any fact!! The blood of many police (and many others) is on his hands!!

    5. Let me get this straight: It is already against the law to murder another person, and these laws are ignored by criminals. But, if we pass another gun law, the criminals will abide by that one? Go figure!

    6. You’re all idiots.

      So people with guns are getting killed. Concealed carry people are getting killed. Police are getting killed. Good guys are getting killed.

      And you think owning a gun will protect people? That is the stupidest argument ever, especially when it is you who gets ambushed. When you don’t have a chance to fire back. When people are scared and the only thing you think is get more powerful guns. You people are ridiculous.

      1. Ridiculous is someone who thinks NOT having anything to protect yourself with is a good idea. What is your opinion regarding a discussion of winter clothing to protect you from the cold? You reckon that’s ridiculous too?

        1. Well said CV. And his argument presumes a lack of training, practice, and situational awareness.

      2. I think owning a gun is a hell of a lot smarter than the alternatives, when the sh*t hits the fan !! I guess someone like you will either beg for mercy while waiting for the police to come save you, or maybe you will do like some of the left wing liberal democRATS have suggested and just wet your pants !! If anyone on this site is stupid its you !!

    7. For those who may already be heavily vested in the AR15 platform, along with a large investment in magazines and ammo, moving to a FN PS90 platform with its 5.7 x 28mm cartridge (similar to a .22 Magnum cartridge) might not be a desirable move. Take that $1,300+ and purchase a spare parts kit, and more mags and ammo for your ARs. Having said that, I never saw the AR platform as the best choice today for a battle rifle, particularly when the M1A in 7.62 NATO is readily available to civilians. If weight, size, “hideability”, recoil aversion, or cost of ammo and mags are issues, there may be a need for an AR. Otherwise, the reliable, accurate, hard hitting M1A/M14 platform just seems the better option over the AR15 or the FN PS90. Out here in Central Texas, a small, lightweight .22 caliber rifle, isn’t necessarily the best choice for self defense or otherwise.

      1. Well, Michael, maybe you missed the news that the scumbag terrorist at Ft Hood that killed 13 soldiers and wounded 30 more was using an FN Five-seveN pistol and the 5.7x28mm ammunition that you seem to think is too similar to a .22. This cartridge can send the same diameter bullet that an AR fires downrange at a respectable 2400 fps and 45 grains in weight (solid copper projectiles are available). That FN pistol has a standard 20-round magazine and the PS90 has a VERY respectable 50 round standard magazine. Combine that with a 26-inch overall length on that PS90 and you have what central Texas needs for self-defense, I think. Soft body armor penetration is good, especially at less than 100 meters. I use both here in Central Texas

        1. Charles: Your point is well taken. And yes, I was well aware of the damage done at Fort Hood (as an aside – I was born at Fort Hood (back when it was still called “Camp Hood”) and lived there twice during my younger days) and I personally spoke with two of the investigators after that terrible crime and they also remarked on the obvious devastation caused by that round. However, that does not take away from the fact that the 5.7 is similar to a .22 Magnum – neither round would I want to be shot by. Having said all this, I again state that for someone heavily invested in AR platforms, accessories, and ammunition, unless one is very disappointed with the AR and independently wealthy- stay with it. During my career in the Marines and as a Criminal Justice practitioner (retired now) here in Texas, the M16/M16A1/M16A2 never gave me any grief in any way (other than the doggone armorers who wanted the thing spit shined when turned back in!). However, my first issue weapon was the M14 (back in 1971) and it was then, and still is, one of the best rifle platforms around. I will stay with it and it’s 7.62 mm round for reliability, longer range accuracy, and simple killing power.

          1. Yes, My first issue was an M14 as well. In 1967. I can’t consider any centerfire cartridge similar to any rim-fire cartridge though, except that the rimfire will usually go BANG once chambered successfully. Reliability of operation (especially in magazine fed weapons) and reload-ability being of high importance to me, centerfire cartridges are not really similar to rimfire. Twelve pound battle rifles have their place, so do five-ton trucks, but I think that small, easy to transport and conceal, light weight, reliable, high rounds per pound, firearms are more likely to be present (on my person or on a sling) when I actually need one. No military seriously considers the 22 magnum to be useful in a self-defense situation. Neither do I. If that’s all you can afford, fine. Something is always better than nothing. Well, something is usually better than nothing. . . . .

            1. @Charles.You’re right. The .22mag is my absolute favorite round for small game. I have had a Marlin 783 bolt rifle since ’79 that I have taken hundreds of rabbits and squirrels with,even a few turkeys. (Because I didn’t have my shotgun) As far a self defense round no. If that’s all I had in ‘a situation’ I would really focus more than ever on shot placement than with larger calibers. (Although shot placement is critical with any caliber to stop th threat ASAP)

    8. I continue to be surprised that nobody ever speaks of the FN PS90 rifle as a self defense piece. At $1,300, over a typical 20 year life span for many firearms, the extra cost seems small, about three bucks per year. This rifle weighs about the same as an AR15 but is about 14 inches shorter, much simpler to operate and easier to clean. As a testament, its automatic sister now is standard issue for the U.S. Secret Service as well as special forces in many nations. Seems to me, it represents normal improvement expected to replace a product that’s been on the market for sixty years.

      1. and it does not have that “scary look” that the stupid gummit and media harp on, which appearance makes it “high powered” (never mind the AR is not legal for the taking of deer by hunters, as the round it fires is too feeble. FN have been on the leading edge of product development for a few generations. Everything they make is good.

    9. This murdering of our police officers by a black racist is a wet dream for the anti-Constitution folks in our country and the current president. Stocking up on crap means nothing –the more real horrific decision is: “Whatcha ya gonna do—whatcha ya gonna do–whatcha ya gonna do when they come for you…”


        1. trae, your vulgar comment is unworthy of a so-called marine and is a disgrace to honorable men.

          1. trae is no more USMC retired than my 2 yo grand daughter. Just a lilly livered coward !

      1. The paradigm was set when Obama criticized police for stopping and investigating Professor Gates in Zip Code 02138.


    12. Put on a military or police uniform today and you’re a target for the ‘anarchists’ who want to destroy America. WTF?

      1. Your the same boneheads that just a few months ago were blackballing law enforcement. Talk about WTF
        You need to stop the moronic hypocrisy that comes out your ass.

        1. @superwoman – You must be mistaken, I’ve worn both, so go spout your drivel somewhere else.

    13. This was a planned coordinated attack against LEO. Yet another terrorist attack, regardless who are perpetrators. It’s a bunch of cowardly pussies attacking the innocent.

    14. This will certainly play against “us” law abiding citizens exercising our 2A RIGHTS! As the author stated, be prepared and buy anything you need or want NOW, right now. What has this country come to? “NoBoma” and the rest should be so, so proud of what they have turned this country into…..

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