President Obama, Governor Dayton fan Flames of Racism after Police Shootings

By Dean Weingarten

Police shot during BLM protest
Police shot during BLM protest. Image from Youtube below
Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona -( Early reports are that two officers have been shot at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas.

President Obama, once again, could not wait or ask for calm after an interracial shooting that appeared questionable on first reports. 

It is impossible to know how this one will turn out, but it is absolutely irresponsible for the President to fan the flames of racism with remarks mere hours after the shooting, before numerous questions have been answered or any serious investigation has been undertaken.

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In his comments, President Obama made a point of emphasizing that protests and outrage after that shooting and one in Baton Rouge early Tuesday morning that was captured on video, did not constitute a bias against the police, saying that, “to be concerned about these issues is not to be against law enforcement.”

“I would just ask those who question the sincerity or the legitimacy of protests and vigils and expressions of outrage, who somehow label those expressions of outrage as ‘political correctness,’ I just ask folks to step back and think,” he said. “What if this happened to somebody in your family? How would you feel?”

The point is that we do not know precisely what happened yet.  It is a rush to judgement.  It is impossible to know this early.  President Obama has a habit of rushing to judgement when  cases that might be white on black make the news.

He has been repeatedly wrong. He was wrong about the arrest of Henry Lois Gates. He was wrong about Treyvon Martin.  He was wrong about Michael Brown in Ferguson.  He was wrong about Freddie Gray.

When there are questionable shootings of white people, no remarks are forthcoming.  The president did not call for an investigation when Eric Scott was shot in Las Vegas. Scott's shooting may be remarkably similar to the recent shooting in Falcon Heights.  He did not ask people to feel what it might be like to be one of Lavoy Finicum ‘s family.

He has been all too willing to jump to racist conclusions about white police officers.  His intemperate remarks have driven the country into disparate racial groups that are more divided than at any time since the middle 1960's.

His words  have inflamed emotions and almost certainly lead to attacks on police officers.  It is breaking that two officers have been shot at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, Texas.

I wonder if President Obama will ask us all to wonder what it would be like to be a member of those officers' families.  It appears that the President does not think that police lives or white lives matter.

Governor Dayton of Minnesota has been just as bad.  Mere hours into the investigation of the Falcon Heights shooting, long before conclusions can be legitimately drawn, he is jumping to them and inflaming racial tensions.

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 ST. PAUL, Minn. — Following a fatal police shooting in a quiet suburb that rapidly rippled across the nation, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said in no uncertain terms Thursday that Philando Castile ended up dead at least in part because he was black.

These Democrat politicians do the nation a great disservice by exacerbating racial tensions instead of seeking calm and deliberate investigations.  Rushing to judgement undermines the rule of law.

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About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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    1. Yes, but then there weren’t a million UN storm troopers flooding the streets and Jihasists everywhere. Be Ready For THAT Also!

    2. Welcome back to the sixties folks!! We ve just stepped back into our parents and grand parents legacy from 50 yrs ago. Fast forward from Birmingham Selma and Montgomery to Sanford, Baltimore, NYC, St Louis, Baton Rouge and St Paul. Everything comes to full circle and we are at the crest of completion.

      1. @Mercur87,good point. I actually remember the turbulent ’60’s very well too. I really get kinda pis*sed off when some people say MLK would had been against this and that, and promoted peace and tolerance. My recollections of MLK were that he was a loud mouthed,little runt,that was an antagonist and almost always left violence in his wake wherever he went. (99% of the time with Brotha Jesse next to him)

    3. obozo is a dope smoking FOOL. The people that follow him are LOST forever. DRINK the kool-aid and stay STUPID. obozo is going to get a surprise by the ‘PEOPLE” if he keeps pushing his tripe. IT is yet to be seen. I will watch until it gets to my neighborhood.LOL all I can do.LOL

    4. “His intemperate remarks have driven the country into disparate racial groups that are more divided than at any time since the middle 1960’s.”
      Obama: “Mission accomplished”.

    5. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and Gov. Mark Dayton IS a moron. Dayton is embarrassed by having been born into great wealth, but is too cowardly to give it all away and live like normal people. Dayton just poured five gallons of gasoline on the situation in Roseville and is too stupid to know it.

      1. you SURE he’s too stupid to know it? My take is he’s smart enough to know it, and has acted out of premeditated malice. that seems to be the pattern of the “stupid” in political control. Not much is really “accidental” or “stupid”. there is a clear agenda being worked out here.

    6. I live in Minnesota and Gov Dayton is a moron. He is an extreme liberal that follows every liberal agenda piece without question. Everything that Obama says or wants, he follows. Dayton is a disgrace. We have 2 senators that are the same way as Dayton. They are both mouth pieces for the liberal agenda as well. Everything Obama says or wants, they follow.

    7. That African-White-Arab IslamoMarxist mongrel wants to justify a declaration of martial law in order to remain the USSA’s dictator. I suggest he do some reading concerning the end times of Benito Mussolini, Nicolai Ceausescu and Salvador Allende.

      1. Durabo, read this book, Liberties Last Stand. Talks about what you said about martial law. It is supposed to be fiction but you get the point.

      2. I am not a into conspirocy theories but I agree fully with you, durabo. I think that has been his plan all along. It is happening faster now than in his first term.

    8. Let’s talk about Barack Obama and the Democrats for a minute.
      The Republicans are for a different time and discussion.

      But not to worry I’m just as critical of the Right as I am of the Left. I consider myself an equal opportunity offender.

      And evidently I’m one of the last voters in the United States who can connect the dots, from one point to another and come up with an original observation and personal opinion… So here goes…. Get Ready…

      The Obama/Clinton/Biden Administration. Why have they failed individually and as a collective group?

      I’ll frame the Incumbent Democrats in one phrase, “A finer group of thugs I have never met”.

      At the lead dog position is President Barack Obama. An ineffective leader, one who promised the sky, promised to “reach across the aisle in order to bring real change”.

      Barack Obama failed because he is unwilling to compromise, and is an ineffective negotiator.

      Barack is just what he was in Chicago, a neighborhood organizer, a single focus driven agitator, an instigator who riles up sympathy to meet his needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Certainly not a statesman. Certainly not one who listens to a majority. But one who will do or say anything to achieve his personal narrow-focused agenda. Certainly not a politician because a real politician knows it’s a give and take world that achieves life’s greatest accomplishments. And Barack Obama is not a person of the people just to be clear.

      Guns didn’t kill 49 and wound/injure another 53 LGBT Community Members – U.S. citizens, Barack Obama did. And Barack Obama did it knowingly and with full malice and intent. My only question is why am I the only one saying it. Out of fear of reprisal, or out of fear of complicity, the results are the same, and I believe the latter is true in the Democrats circle, and the prior is true in the Republican circle.

      “Fast & Furious”, and appropriate name for Obama’s beginning salvo on the anti-gun control, 2nd Amendment supporters as Barack Obama came into power with the entire U.S. government now under his control. An early death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, a U.S. citizen, a U.S. law enforcement officer.

      Oops, “Collateral Damage”, you can’t wage a war without loses of lives. Not even a blip on Barack Obama’s conscience, a President must be able and ready to send U.S. citizens into “Harm’s Way” knowing there will be deaths and casualties. As of today there have been possibly 100s of deaths on both sides of the border from Obama & Holder’s illegal gun scheme – but they both sleep well at night.

      Now, 10 days or more back Obama’s greatest Gun Control scam and murderous campaign against U.S. citizens. Latino & Black minority members, LGBT Community members.

      Be their hero. Grant their basic desire to be recognized at the highest level of our government. Grant LGBT Transgender members to ability to use the sex of their choice bathrooms nationwide by Executive Directive. What a stroke of genius. Create a “Conservative” uproar. Fake left, pass right. What a move of subversive splendor. But let’s truly look and see hoe premeditated the outcome and deception really was.

      1st since 2009 issue 832,000 Muslim faith specified Permanent Resident Green Cards. Muslims conditioned in the Islamic faiths “Sharia Law: teachings. So much so that many believe “Sharia Law” replace the U.S. Constitution. That the U.S. Constitution is a false document of rule. Really. Now… Force every Muslim Community in the United States to share bathrooms with members of the opposite sex, and LGBT members worse yet. Barack Obama purposely and with full malice and intent forced Muslim families to use bathrooms with members of the opposite sex, purposely breaking a doctrine of Islam’s “Sharia Law”. Unthinkable.

      Barack Obama knowingly killed those 49/50 fellow U.S. citizens and did so with full malice and intent. That Barack Obama. whether a Christian or Muslim, knew what he was doing and committed premeditated murder. And there is no limit on murder in our U.S. court system of justice.

      Barack Obama is a cold-blooded murderer just as if he stood next to Mateen and pulled the trigger of a second rifle or set of handguns. Just “Collateral Damage” – Just like the deaths from Obama’s “Fast & Furious’ campaign to meet his narrow-focused Gun Control agenda needs.

      Hillary Rodman Clinton, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and the Democratic Congressional Leaders are not idiots. They all knew or were/are aware. They are all complicit in the Orlando Florida Massacre and the Fast & Furious deaths that took place and are still taking place. And they all are pointing in the other direction shouting “Look over there – the guns killed them, the guns killed them.”

      No, Barack Obama Killed all of them, and the Democrats are all complicit of mass murder.

      1. Chicago despises Obama ironically. Instead of trying to find a solution to Black children dying in the streets of Chicago, Obama spends all of our resources on illegals.

    9. President Barack Obama is a whore.
      Barack Obama flamed the hatred and rubber-stamped retribution on our country’s law enforcement officers in Ferguson, in New York where the two law enforcement personnel where executed while sitting eating lunch in their car, and a host of others.
      Now Dallas, and Obama is, and has been back-pedaling positioning himself as a friend and supporter of our law enforcement personnel.
      Obama is nothing more than a back-stabbing liar.
      Law enforcement should do the country a favor and permanently silence Obama.
      Obama has done more to flame racism, hatred of law enforcement personnel by minority communities, while driving the highest unemployment in minority neighborhoods causing minority members and communities to feel even more like 2nd rate citizens rather than the proud citizens they should feel as a whole.
      President Obama slips in and out in his preposterous anti-cop and personal racial-bigot hat-filled innuendos and speeches embroiling the United States in a continuing volatile, dangerous atmosphere of fear, anger & resentment toward fellow citizens of different ethnicities.
      For shame Barack Obama, we know your deceit.
      We know your corruptive behaviors.
      We know your personal anger with America, our Constitution that you walk over, our flag that you spit on, our citizens that you care nothing about.
      Your little-mindedness that drives you.
      You are a blemish, a mutated spawn, or sad, sad, man.
      Barack Obama you are the lowest of lows, despicable, tyrannical, hate-filled, and a base human being.
      And that is with my best politeness I can call you out,

      1. You’re a moron. If anyone is inflaming racial tensions it’s all of you white people who have refused to be respectful of a black president let alone tolerant. The president is not the problem. White America is the problem. You guys, especially whites in the south, can’t seem to move past the fact that it’s the 21st century and society and American culture are have dramatically changed/shifted from the 19th and 20th centuries when this kind of shit was borderline acceptable. Just for once, try and put yourselves in a minority’s shoes. Last time I checked, no white person has ever gotten pulled over for a broken tail light and then shot to death as they’re reaching for their ID as the officer asked. At most, a white person gets off without a ticket or a ticket at most. A minority on the hand has to worry about getting killed for doing the same things as white people. It’s just not right. Get over your racial hatred. Minorities are the new majority in the US, get used to it.

        1. So now, Brian, by your implication, murdering cops is the “kind of sh*t [which is] borderline acceptable”? If you think that, you’re either a moron, an amoral swine, or both.

          And can you please tell me why anyone who just happened to be born white should be obligated to support ANY President of ANY race, color or creed who doesn’t support his/her politics? People of your ilk have the opinion that, “Sure, you can be a conservative or a libertarian, but if you’re white, you’re still a racist if you don’t support Obama, just because he’s black.” You’re the racist, Brian. We’d all feel EXACTLY the same about ANY President who advocated the same policies as Obama, regardless of color. We hate his politics, not his color.

        2. “…all of you white people…”? “White America is the problem.” No white person has ever gotten pulled over etc etc” That is the voice of inexperience. Have you ever been involved in operations where all your lives where on the line? You’d be surprised how well people of differing colors can get along.
          These words that you are repeating are the bread and butter of race hustlers that make money off of it. And as far as the last time you checked, I don’t think that you ever checked because more white people are killed by cops each year, than black people are killed by cops each year. Finally, you don’t sound like a black person. I think that you are a liberal troll, with an agenda masquerading as something that you are not, whomever you are.

          1. Yes, wild Bill, white people like you certainly can get along with other races; as long as they don’t get “uppity”. You certainly do sound like a the Man to me though, right down to your racist bones!

            Gutless wonder-you wouldn’t last one minute being a black man in this country.

            1. you’ve taken the lazy boy’s path and drunk the KoolAde supplied by the string pullers behind the scenes. You have not examined reality nor thought things through. READ Marx and Alinsky. Obama has… and so have I. Studied them extensively, in fact. The main difference between his sorry self and me is that I see through their lies, rather than blindly memorise them as truth. Their system, their world as they see it, is seriously flawed. Obama has been campaigning to effect the teachings of both of these sick men, and has done well at it. Fools such as yourself swallow his lies along with theirs. One of their main tactics, on the list of “things to do” to destroy any nation or culture: divide the people into factions (black/.white, rich/poor, old/young, Dem/Rep, liberal/conservative, working/welfare, pro/anti gun, educated/not), set those factions against one another (BLM against “whites”) provoke/promote chaos, then, when everything is falling apart after years of this destabilisation, step in with The Final SOlution to “fix” it all, and be the hero as everyone abandons their own freedom and responsibility, bows down and worships the new saviour…… and the plan is working perfectly.

              Watch what happens as the BLM destabilising forces “attend” the two political conventions coming up. It will be mayhem and chaos. It may even serve to “cancel” elections, leaving the kinyun on his perceived throne.
              Don’t be stupid and swallow more of the KoolAde.

            2. Irontiger and Brian, you both sound very much included in the group of people the Demoncrats want you to be. No work, just rely on the govt. to support you and you have become intrenched with that philosophy and can’t figure out how to get out of your hole. Most white people I know actually work and pay taxes. What a difference in opinion that brings. Whites work for what they get, but it doesn’t give them any benefits to violate laws. Laws and abiding those laws are the foundation of why we are free people.

            3. @Irontigger, “as long as they don’t get uppity” . That is not the way it works in the military. Part on one’s oath is to obey the orders of the officers appointed above you. Had you ever placed your life on the alter of freedom on behalf of your fellow Americans, you might know that. In the chain of command, color plays no part.
              Your insults ring hollow because you lack the experience of placing your life in the hands of your squad member, and the shared joy of just being alive after the operation. Your insults have no meaning to those in the brotherhood of shared sacrifice.

          2. Wild Bill
            White America is not the problem, the liberal keep this racist crap going to divide the people so we are easier to control ( by the way dividing the people with racism is one of the 8 step to socialism/communism ( slaves to the government ).If saying that only black lives matter is not racism!
            sounds like racism to me, all lives matter!

        3. Obviously you were never a cop so I will take your comments as based out of ignorance. I served for 25 years including homicide and most of the homicides were black on black. I am also fully aware that not all cops are good, both black and white. I had far more white people give me a problem than I did black but the blacks that did give me a problem refused to comply with lawful orders. Maybe that is what black lives matter; a group funded by socialist like George Soros, should be doing is educating blacks to obey orders when it is given by any officer of any color. More killings take place in black neighborhoods controlled by Democrats and those areas, cities and states have the toughest gun laws in the Country. And for your ignorant self here is another fact AR does not stand for assault rifle it stands for Armalite Rifle, the manufacturer. Also an assault rifle must be able to fire on full automatic. So take your racist, prejudiced self and crawl in a deep hole and don’t come out. And btw, that means by the way, I am married to a black woman and she and her family are strong conservatives and they all work for a living. Obama and his ilk, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Lorettta Lynch are nothing but race baiters who want to stir up hatred between the races and keep you on the public dole to keep you enslaved to welfare while giving your jobs to refugees and people coming across our borders illegally. No I am no fan of him or the lying candidate that will keep your and all blacks enslaved with welfare. Remember it was the Democrats that didn’t want to give you freedon, the right to vote and their enforcement arm was the KKK. Read the real history of this Country. Yes. Slavery was an abomination but it still is alive and well in the USA via the Democrats. Remember it was Lyndon Johnson who said after passing the Great Society Bill that he would have these N word voting Democrat for the next two hundred years. You can find that exact quote on line.

        4. The only MORON here is YOU. You are a Racist Ass. Your so called President called every middle aged White American ,more of a danger then ISIS. He is the Great Divider. And you are a Puppet. Get your tiny head out of your ass and get a job. One like the hundreds us white folk create every chance they get. Your the Problem, and Your the Racist bigoted MORON. Now get the hell out of America if you hate it so much.

          1. Right ON, Leo! A few million like you and me, and we’ll clean house of these socialist, indolent, government-dependent maggots who breed like sewer rats for more $$$ per bush baby from the “gummint.”.

        5. @Brian,fu*ck you and your POS president ! One Proud White Man is worth more than all the damn bone heads combined. Go to you blacks livz matta rally and chimp out with the gorillas. Do the knuckle drag trot with the nigs !

      2. Len, I agree with what you have written, except the permanent silence him part. If that happened, he would become a black saint. When Barry “the puppet” Soetoro is out of office the puppet masters will no longer have a need for him, and he will live the rest of his live in a kind of purgatory where no one ever listens to him again. That permanent silence awaits him, as surely as the darkness darkness follows the light.

        1. Except that Hillary is very likely to appoint him to the Supreme Court. If that happens he will be more dangerous to the future of this country than he has ever been as president.

          1. It seems the kinyun has his sights set upon a higher position of authority, with far more power to destroy humanity and civilisation: head of the UN.

          2. If the bull dyke wins the presidency she could nominate Obama for the Supreme Court. That’s as far as it would go too.

      3. What a pathetic nincompoop.
        Just wait though. When Hilary is president she’s going to cut you off at the balls; by they time Clinton is done with your sorry lot you’ll be begging to have Obama back.

        Just remember, your guns aren’t going to taken away from you idiots-you’re going to be taken away from your guns!

        1. Usual IDIOTIC troll spew from a total liberal moron and Obama PHART sniffer who has destroyed its brains and suffers from recto-cranial insertion syndrome.

    10. The only RULE OF LAW that this current “regime” has – – – is those laws that BENEFIT themselves!

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